Johannes hess family from germany to west camp tgo schoharie to mohawk valley

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my name is dan federico, this concerns the hess Family. i have articles from hubert hess 1930. he states Johannes Hess born 1692 in Duchy of Hannau in germany and was the first of my family to the US arriving 6-14-1710 in NY then to west camp where he married Anna Catherina Curring on 8-29-1711 then to schoharie county and then to mohawk Valley where he received lot 29 in the Burnettsfield patent and his father-in-law Rudolf Curring lot 31. johannes donated part of the land that the dutch reformed chruch was built on and still exists today. Hubert says that a brother Nicholas came with Johannes but settled in Columbia county NY on a lot granted in the gov george hunter tract. but no other info on Nicholas. I have found about 20 different birth and death dates for johannes hess. his first sibling Johannes died at about 1 year, another johannes 1687 and another Johannes 1692. all in the same family. can anyone shed light on this family. my grandmother was a hess from the branch that left Mohawk valley and went to deleware county, thanks
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i think that i have found the link with johannes hess sr 1692 and Nicholas. According to our family history written by Hubert W Hess in 1930 they came together to the US but Nicholas decided to stay in Columbia County when Johannes Hess decided to go to Schoharie county, Nicholas served as witness at births and marriage of Johannes hess. No other info on Nicholas. i found an article on Early settlements and improvements of columbia county from the Hudson Gazette written in 1900. It tells of the original Livingston Patent in 1794 which is same date as our history and the name Nicklas Hes was on of the 63 families to receive title to approx 100 acres of land.
so this confirms that they did come together and i hope to find out more
i will add the article if i can figure out how

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Welcome to G2G, Daniel.

You have Palatines in the family! This is an interesting immigration history, but it's confusing (one reason for this is that spellings of first and last names varied a lot). Our new Palatine Migration Project aims to help us do a better job with these ancestors. The project's research resources page lists some of the resources you can investigate. The immigrants who arrived at West Camp in 1710 are often better documented than most, since there were lists of the camp residents, and Henry Z. Jones has done some excellent genealogical research (largely not available online).

See for more information about the project.

Your immigrant Johannes Hess seems to be represented in WikiTree by profile Hess-250. There are also profiles for his siblings (but no Nicholas). His wife has two profiles (duplicates that will need to be merged once her maiden name is determined): Curring-Korsing-1 and Korsing-2. Profiles exist for 8 of their children. There's no guarantee that our content is correct, but it's a base for doing additional research.

See the "H" list in the Palatine Migrants category for more Palatine migrants named Hess.

PS - Add the palatine_migration tag to your question.

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Anna Catharina Curring
Birth Year abt 1694
Arrival Year 1710
Arrival Place New York, New York
Age 16
Source Publication Code 3620.1
Primary Immigrant Curring, Anna Catharina
Annotation Date and port of arrival or date and place of mention in the New World. A few are date of intent to emigrate. Number on the Hunter Lists, birth dates, family relationships, and places of origin may also be provided. Exhaustive information on more than 500
Source Bibliography JONES, HENRY Z., JR. The Palatine Families of New York: A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710, Volume I. Universal City, CA: Author, PO Box 8341, Universal City, CA, 1985. 624p.
Page 30
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Johannes HessArrival Year1710Arrival PlaceNew York, New YorkSource Publication Code4003Primary ImmigrantHess, JohannesAnnotationNames 847 debtors to the British Government for subsistence given them in New York City or in Hudson River settlements after their arrival there between 1710 and September 1712. From a manuscript in the Public Record Office, London. Also printed in no. 18Source BibliographyKNITTLE, WALTER ALLEN. "The New York Subsistence List." In Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration. Philadelphia: Dorrance & Co., 1937, pp. 282-291. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1982.Page285



Anna Catherina Curring




Fact Details

29 Aug 1711

West Camp, Ulster, New York, USA

Trinity Lutheran Church in Stone Arabia (Palatinate) now Montgomery County, New York. Her name is listed as Lilof in the church's marriage records. Another source has Luboson.


Johannes Hess



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Johann Henrich Hess


      Name: Johann Henrich Hess
      Gender: Male
      Baptism Date: 24 Apr 1692
      Baptism Place: Evangelisch, Selters, Oberhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt
      Father: Augustini Hess
      Mother: Kunigunda
      FHL Film Number: 1272018

      Source Information Germany, Select Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014.

      Original data: Germany, Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013.


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      This is Johan's son's Will


       All Results

      Augustinus Hess

       in the New York, Wills and Probate Records, 1659-1999

      VIEWNew York, Wills and Probate Records, 1659-1999

          Name: Augustinus Hess
          Probate Date: 3 Apr 1783
          Probate Place: New York, New York, USA
          Inferred Death Year: Abt 1783
          Inferred Death Place: New York, USA
          Item Description: Wills and Administrations, Vol 0035-0039, 1782-1787

          Source Citation

          Wills and Administrations (New York County, New York), 1680-1804; Author: New York. Surrogate's Court (New York County); Probate Place: New York, New York

          Source Information

 New York, Wills and Probate Records, 1659-1999 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.

          Original data: New York County, District and Probate Courts.

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          Johannes Hess


          BIRTH 02 APR 1687 • Hesse, Stadt Kassel, Hessen, Germany

          DEATH 1749 • German Flats, Herkimer, New York, US

          Life Story Narrative

          When Johannes Hess was born on April 2, 1687, his father, Augustinus, was 29 and his mother, Kunigunda, was 27. He married Anna Catherina Curring on August 29, 1711, in West Camp, New York. They had 11 children in 17 years. He died in 1749 in Herkimer, New York, at the age of 62.



          Johannes Hess



          Augustinus Hess

          Kunigunda Emmerich

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          here is the info i have for Johann Henrich Hess and his birth date is 1692.
          Do we know why the difference?

          Name: Johann Henrich Hess
          Gender: Male
          Birth Date: 17 Apr 1692
          Baptism Date: 24 Apr 1692
          Baptism Place: Selters (Kr. Büdingen), Hessen,
          Father: Augustini Hess
          Mother: Kunigunda
          FHL Film Number: 1272018
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          Johannes HESS was born in Hessen Cassell, Germany, a small duchy along the Rhine River in 1692, to Heinrich and Anna Maria HESS.  When he was eighteen years old he joined with a company of Palatines to sail for America.  There were three thousand of them who landed at Nutten Island, now Governor’s Island, New York on July 14 and 15 in 1710.

          With some of the other Palatiners Johannes built a small village on the west shore of the Hudson River in Ulster County near the present town of Saugerties.  In 1711 he married Catherine KORSING, the daughter of Rudolph and Delia KORSING of Hellstein, Dutchy of Isenburg, Germany.

           Not long after his marriage, Johannes and his family moved on further west to the fertile soil of the Mohawk Valley.  There he took up grants and soon owned a great deal of land - some of it in the now famous Klock Patent.  

          His children with Catherine were:

          2. Fanniche HESS (b.20 May 1712-Westcamp, Ulster, New York)

          2. Anna Eva HESS (b.24 Sep 1713-Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York)

            sp: Andrew CLAPSADDLE (b.1705-Wuerttemburg,Germany)

          2. Anna Maria HESS (b.25 Mar 1715-Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York)

            sp: Gustav OSTERHOUT (b. Abt. 1711-Stone Arabia, Montgomery, NY; m. bef. 1745)

          2. Catherine HESS (b.25 Mar 1717-Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York)

          2. Augustus HESS Sr. (b.21 Dec 1718- Schoharie, Herkimer, New York; d.15 Jul 1782 - Fort Herkimer, Herkimer, New York)

            sp: Catherine KAST (b.1721-NY;m.Bef 1743; d.1754)

            sp: Anna SCHELL (b. abt. 1725-Bad Marienberg, Germany)

          2. Johannes HESS (b.2 May 1721-Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York; d.1767-Palatine, Herkimer, New York)

            sp: Ann Margaretta YOUNG/JUNG (b.24 Jan 1716-Livingston Manor, Columbia, New York;m.10 Nov 1743)

          2. Johannes Frederich HESS (b.1722-Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York)

          2. Anna Dorothea HESS (b.25 Mar 1724-Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York)

            sp: Adolph WALLRATH (b. abt. 1720-Stone Arabia, Montgomery, NY; m. bef. 1753)

          2. Johan Hendrick HESS (b.2 Feb 1730-, Montgomery, New York; d.25 Feb 1810-Canjohary, Montgomery, New York)

            sp: Maria Elizabeth GERLACH (b.16 Apr 1739-Shenandoah Vale,Page,Virgina;d.9 Jul 1822-,New York)

           Augustinus, was killed by the Indians in the Great Mohawk Valley Massacre as he was taking his family to old Fort Herkimer for safety.  He is buried under Fort Herkimer.  He had a large family and five of his sons were later to be soldiers in the Revolutionary War.  So also were other of the men in this first generation.

           Catherine, Johannes' first wife, died in the Valley and story has it that Johannes returned to Germany where he married a second wife whose name was Margaretta, a second name unknown.  He brought her back with him to America.  Perhaps a brother also returned with him.

           Johannes helped to build the old Palatine Stone Church in the Valley.  This Church is still a national landmark and shrine.  His name is on old church records as having contributed some sixty pounds toward its erection.  Johannes died in the spring of 1771 and is buried at Stone Arabia in the old church yard.

           His son, Johannes (II), our ancestor was born in Palatine, New York in 1721. (d. 1767)  He was married to Ann Margaretta YOUNG.

          Ann Margaretta YOUNG (b.24 Jan 1716-Livingston Manor,Columbia, New York), was the daughter of

          Henry JUNGST (b.1690-, Hessen, Germany), the son of Henrig JUNGST (b.1645-, Hessen, Germany; m. 1668) and Mrs. JUNGST (b.1648-, Hessen, Germany; d. Bef. 1744-, Hessen, Germany)

          And Anna Margaretha FREYMAUER (b. Abt. 1690-,Germany; d. bef. 1790, Hessen, Germany)

          Joannes (II) and Margaretta had the following nine children:
          3. Catherine HESS (b.16 Jul 1744-Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York; d.22 Nov 1821)
          3. Johannes HESS (b.27 Oct 1745-Palatine, Montgomery, New York)
          3. Elizabeth HESS (b.12 Aug 1747-Palatine, Montgomery, New York
          3. Anna HESS (b.25 Mar 1749-St Johnsville, Montgomery, New York)
            sp: Jacob KLOCK (b.1749-St Johnsville, Montgomery, New York; m.27 Sep 1770; d. bef. 1792-St
          3. John Frederick HESS (b.10 May 1751- Palatine, Montgomery, New York; d.1806)
            sp: Catharine Catherine NELLIS (b.1 Jun 1748- Palatine, Montgomery, New York; m.1772)
          3. Dewalt David HESS (b.22 Sep 1753-Palatine, Montgomery, New York
          3. Daniel HESS (b.16 Mar 1756-Palatine, Montgomery, New York; d.11 Apr 1758)
          3. Daniel HESS (b.13 Nov 1758-Palatine, Montgomery, New York; d.2 Nov 1842)
          3. Augustus John HESS (b.1760-Palatine, Montgomery, New York)
          His son John Frederick, who was born in 1751 at Palatine, married Catherine NELLIS, the daughter of Andrew NELLES and Catherine FOX.
          John Frederick served in the Revolution.
          His children with Catherine were:
          4. Catherine HESS (b.16 Oct 1773-Otsega, New York; d.1804)
          4. John Frederick HESS (b.12 Apr 1778-German Flats, Herkimer, New York; d.14 Oct 1861-,Oneida,NY)
          4. Anna HESS (b.23 Oct 1781-Otsega, NY)
          4. Frederick HESS (b.29 Nov 1784-Otsega, NY;d.1 Sep 1870-Lyons,Clinton,Iowa)

          sp: Mary (Maria) MCDOUGALL (b.30 Oct 1782-German Flats, Herkimer, New York;m.2 Sep 1804; d.17 Feb 1852-Lyons,Clinton,IA)

          4. David HESS (b. Abt 1785-, Otsego, New York)
          4. Jacob HESS (b.24 Feb 1787-, Otsego, New York)
            sp: Elizabeth SCRAMLIN  (b. Abt 1797-Mohawk Valley, New York; d. aft. 1828-South Dumfries, Ontario)
            sp: Rhoda PELTON (b. Abt 1791-, Canada)R
          4. Frederick HESS (b.Abt 1789-, Otsego, New York)
          4. Margaret HESS (b.8 Jun 1790-Otsego, NY)
          4. Mariah HESS (b.Abt 1791-, Otsego, New York)
          4. David HESS (b.28 Nov 1791-Otsego, NY)
          4. Elizabeth HESS (b.6 Mar 1794-Otsego, NY)
          4. Maich HESS (b.7 Oct 1797)  

          His son Jacob, great grand-son of the first Johannes, was the father of the three men whose names are on the stone memorial at Momence.

          It was in John Frederick's family that the move toward the farther west began.

          One son, Frederick, took his family to Iowa; another, David, to Michigan, and a daughter Mariah also went to Michigan and were among that State's early settlers.

          Others of the family went up into Canada - among them the son, Jacob, from whom we are descended.




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