Never perfect, never finished. 3 colonial-era Mary Fairchilds in CT.

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I've been working on cemetery pictures from colonial-era CT. In order to connect Hamlet Fairchild (1756-1773), buried at Stratford, I need to find where he fits into the Fairchild family, which has necessitated some basic review of pre-revolutionary Fairchilds. And so the problem of 3 Mary Fairchilds all born between 1690-1710 came to light. I was following Orcutt, and he got it wrong! I think I've got it straightened out now. But I'd sure appreciate others taking a look to check my work. I posted the following on a dozen or so profiles involved in the cleanup:

Quote from Orcutt (1886) vol. 2, page 1198, children of Zechariah Fairchild:

No. 25: Mary, b. May 7, 1698; m. Samuel Adams (prob. son of Edward of New Haven, Milford and Fairfield.) They had 6 children ... The family removed to Litchfield not long before Mr. Adams’ death in 1788, ae 85. Mrs. Adms lived until August 29th, 1803; in her 106th year. She lived in three centuries.

Jacobus (1930) vol. 1, page 718 has a special appendix note on this problem, rejecting Orcutt’s conclusions:

*[[Booth-1592|Mary Fairchild]] m. 12 Mar 1712/3, [[Brooks-10208|Benjamin Brooks]]
*[[Fairchild-351|Mary Fairchild]] m. 14 Feb 1721/2, [[Burritt-85|Ephraim Burritt.
*[[Fairchild-35|Mary Fairchild]] m. 7 Mar 1728/9, [[Adams-16047|Samuel Adams.]]
To answer the requirements of these three marriages, just three Mary Fairchilds were found in records sources. One was Mary, dau. of Zechariah, b. 1698. The second was Mary (Booth) Fairchild, left a widow by Zechariah’s son Agur in 1712. The third was Mary, b. 1708, dau. of Samuel, a cousin of the above Mary and Agur.
        If Orcutt can be believed, both Mary (b. 1698) and Mary (b. 1708) married Samuel Adams in 1729. Most accounts make her dau. of Zechariah b. 1698, but this would make her 31 at first marriage, and 53 when her first child was born, and 105 at death. Actually, the Conn. Herald at the time of her death in 1803 stated her age was 105. Despite this, Samuel Fairchild’s dau. was called Mary Adams in the probate records, and wife of Samuel Adams in Fairfield Land Records when she conveyed inherited property with other children of Samuel Fairchild. We are therefore correct in calling this Mary dau. of Samuel b. 1708.
        The deed recently discovered in Stratford by Mrs. Katharine H. Fogarty, in which Benjamin Brooks and Mary his wife joined with other heirs of John Booth, identifies this Mary with the widow Mary (Booth) Fairchild. This leaves Mary dau. of Zechariah (b. 1698) free for the marriage to Ephraim Burritt in 1722, when she was nearly 24 years old. Thus all three Marys are accounted for, with record evidence for the history of two of them. Orcutt’s account of them was inherently improbable, and is proved incorrect.

Like I said, I'd appreciate someone else take a look at this work, as I've made numerous changes. I think I've made some good improvements, but certainly might have missed something or gone astray somehow.

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Hi Elizabeth, believe it or not, I've had this on my todo list since March. This looks good. I reformatted the note, to make it easier to read and to make it more clear that it was a quote. I also think maybe it belongs above the Sources heading, but that may just be my personal opinion.
On formatting: I have my druthers when I work on a profile. I can't wholly decipher the various guidance. And looking at other people's work, there's so much variation. I just figure if I improve a profile somehow, that's good enough for me. Once I'm done, except for a small number of profiles, I let them go.

Lately, I noticed someone taking periods off middle initials on some profiles I created. Wow! Of all the things to be interested in, that seems so small!

Which is to say: Format however you like. No problem for me. So long as the connections are good, that's what really matters to me.

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