Are Tags making it hard for you to volunteer?

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This is a rewording of a question I asked a couple of days ago: Tag Problems Making it Hard for Guests to Volunteer?‚Äč

As a Greeter and Mentor, I sometimes hear about guests who try to volunteer, but their tags aren't accepted by the system. 

This glitch may be more common when people are accessing WikiTree from phones and tablets, but it can also happen with laptops and desk computers.

If this happens to you, here are some ideas:

  1. Try logging out of WikiTree, and then logging back in.
  2. If that doesn't work, contact the WikiTree greeter who sent your welcome message, or
  3. Post an answer on this G2G thread. 

Then someone will help you volunteer. We don't want you to be left out in the cold!

Carole Partridge, Greeters Project Co-Leader

in WikiTree Tech by Carole Partridge G2G6 Mach 7 (70.8k points)

I've suspected that new members must find the "tags" request confusing, largely because my daily feed almost always includes several new members who listed the "dna" tag and associated it with a comment about the surnames or places they are researching.

Does the Guest page include a short list of suggestions of "popular tags"? Something like that would be helpful, methinks. After skimming the list of the most-used g2g tags, I suggest the following as some good examples to suggest (I'm deliberately avoiding most Project tags because I don't think their names would be meaningful for most new members):

  • cemeteries
  • dna
  • native_americans
  • quebecois
  • military_and_war
  • parker
  • wilson
  • davis
  • sweden
  • england
  • north_carolina
  • australia
Right now, WikiTree's new-guest email includes examples of surname, location, and project tags, but there is obviously still confusion. The project tag list is very similar to yours. Most new members don't know what WikiTree projects are, so they may be referring to their own recent projects.

Over the past couple of days, the Greeters group has been brainstorming ways to make the examples clearer.

Many new members aren't aware of how tags work, so we need to find a way to make that clearer, also.

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Tags are incredibly confusing to me as a new member.
I have no idea how to navigate the maze.
On joining I entered something like COOPER_DORSET or COOPER_SHERBORNE as I've researched COOPERs in this area and am happy to share that.
That tag was changed to just COOPER. Being a common name that's useless so I've deleted it from my profile.
I was alerted to the change by an email Wiki Genealogy Feed full of information about changes to Coopers that I'll never be interested in.
Most of my main surnames are common surnames so it seems that WikiTree Surname tags are useless to me because they can't be qualified with locations.
What it means to volunteer or show interest in a project is also still a mystery but I think my project for some time and perhaps forever will be to add profiles in my tree. I added a small gedcom of myself and 3 generations of direct ancestors. None were already in the WikiTree and none of earlier generations that I've searched for are there either.
by Cathy Pinner G2G Crew (890 points)
selected by Emma MacBeath
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Very confusing. Not sure if one should use tags or just post a comment.  Pretty sure that I should use the computer rather than this tablet.
by Joy Amundson G2G Crew (860 points)
Looks like you were able to post a tag, and Debi has confirmed your membership. Thanks, Joy!
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When I started on WT, tags were not a criteria. I just had to put in a comment about what I was researching. The necessity to set tags must have come after. ( I do now have several tags)

Maybe on the volunteer page it should be explained that the tags should simply be 3 surnames you are interested in, with a comment as to their relevance to your tree.
by Dave Welburn G2G6 Pilot (124k points)

David, we started using tags for people to volunteer sometime last year. The guest page has big boxes for tags and comments. It says something like: 

Enter one or more topic tags for surnames, locations or projects that interest you. Use the comments space to introduce yourself to other genealogists who share the same interests.

Thanks for that Carole. As I said, as I am a full member, I haven't seen the volunteer page recently.
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I cannot get past the tags.
by Robert Carl Demler G2G Crew (570 points)
Hi Robert, I just confirmed you. You should be receiving a couple of messages via email. If they don't come in, you can also find them in the public comments on your profile.
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This has come up before in G2G, but it would be helpful if we had a choice to alphabetize tags from the Tags page so it would be easier to find those that we are interested in. I know at least one member has provided an alphabetized list, but I can never remember where it is. Logically, an alphabetized list might reduce some of the mystery in choosing tags because we might actually know what was available. Right now it is just a mass of unrelated, unrelateable words that is hard to comprehend.
by Edie Kohutek G2G6 Mach 8 (82.8k points)

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