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Is there any reason I shouldn't add Edward's second wife, Abigail (Craft)(Ruggles)Day? Her profile is currently pretty self-explanatory: Abigail Crafts b. 1634, Crafts-32
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N.B. I'm not associated with the Euro-Aristocrat project so I can't speak to their desires to discuss profile changes. However, I think you should add a tag to your question - see tags index above - probably "euroaristo."

Do you have references/sources indicating the Edward Adams that Abigail married is the one in Edward's profile you mention? Maybe an Adam's will that mentions an appropriate Ruggles or Day, a Ruggles or Day will that mentions an appropriate Adams (like a known child of Edward and Abigail), that sort of thing. Would suggest you add a discussion of that to Abigail's profile.

EDIT: Added a couple refs to Abigail
Actually, this is a Puritan Great Migration (PGM) question. I'm not up on the sources for Ensign Edward. Maybe Bob Fields would be a better correspondent on this. I'd say go ahead, if you're happy with your sources, but Adams genealogy is a kind of mystical art, and it may turn out that there were five brothers named Edward, all of them ensigns.

Edward Adams' second wife, Abigail died before he did so she would not be mentioned by name, anyway, in his will.  His will does make reference to his current wife, indicating he did indeed marry a third time after Abigail died. And indeed, in the Medfield Vital Records (p. 111), we find:

ADAMS, Edward, Ens., and Sarah Taylor, Jan. 6, 1709-10.


Vital records of Medfield, Massachusetts, to the year 1850, 
Boston, MA: New-England Historic Genealogical Society: 1903

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They are in the  Robert Charles Anderson. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633. which is our main source for the project. Abigail Craft, dau. of Griffin Craft , & Alice Unknown . Abigail did  marry three times , the last husband being Edward Adams ( No Ensign mentioned in this source) . Their marriage recorded in : 

  The Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths... in the Town of Dedham, Volumes 1 & 2..., Don Gleason Hill, ed. (Dedham 1886)


answered by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (583k points)
I think the point is more to reference something that associates Abigail's 3d husb "Edward Adams" to the Edward Adams in the profile. I didn't find that in GMB. Did I miss it??

In any case, I added a couple refs (Adams Geneal. and Torrey) to Abigail's profile.
I see what you mean so it's like Roger says about Adams genealogy . It could be another one named Edward .

There seems to be no tie between the two Edward Adams in PGM  book( even in the James Pennimen section).
Yeah. I added a ref to Abigail for Torrey's NE Marriages. Torrey lists Edward's birth/death dates so he (Torrey) apparently concluded that Abigail's husband is the one in the ref'd profile Looked through some of Torrey's refs but couldn't find all of them.
Is it of any help that Abigail's death record mentions him as being an Ensign? "ADAMS, Abigail, w. Ens. Edward, Jan. 19, 1706-7" cite: Vital Records of Medfield, MA, to the Year 1850, Vol. 1, p. 189
Not really any help.

"Ensign" was an elected rank in colonial town and militia organizations. You may also see people with the rank "Lt." Churches also elected individuals to serve such as Deacon and Elder.

Those prefixes don't uniquely identify the individuals

The Dedham vital records, partially cited above read this way:


Edward Adams & Abigail Day marryed 7th of 10th. 78.

The record of births, marriages and deaths, and intentions of marriage, in the town of Dedham : 1635-1845. unknown: unknown, 1886; p 17.

Regarding the "Ensign Edward Adams" referenced above, was there any other man in Medfield who went by Ensign Edward Adams?


The full citation is in Abigail's profile.
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I went ahead and added her.


The record of births, marriages and deaths, and intentions of marriage, in the town of Dedham : 1635-1845. unknown: unknown, 1886; p 17.
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Thanks Jullaine, and the full citation for their marriage record is in her profile.
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This is what I have Ensign Edward, married first Lydia daughter of Richard and Agnes((Bricknell) Rockwood; married second Widow Abigail(Craft) Ruggles of Roxbury, Ma. He was of Medfield, Ma, Also a Selctman and Representative for the Medfield Court 1689-92 and 1702
answered by Al Adams G2G5 (5.4k points)

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