LivingDNA. Is it worth it?

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I have heard a lot lately about LivingDNA.  I was wondering what your thoughts are?  It is priced at $159, which includes more detailed regions of the UK, auDNA, mtDNA and Y-DNA.  I have already tested with AncestryDNA, FTDNA (both mtDNA and Y-DNA, and the BigY).  Would there be a benefit testing with LivingDNA?

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Actually, after reading more, especially from CeCe I think I will hold off from ordering this. It is  not as accurate as I had hoped.

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"Accuracy" of the heritage population results will depend on the basis data and how that data is grouped. If they don't have good data from Finland, and have grouped Finland inappropriately with other regions, the results will be different from your expectations. This doesn't represent "testing accuracy", but "heritage analysis accuracy", which is an inherently inexact process.

For heritage analysis, I much prefer the admixture utilities at to the results I've received directly from testing labs. The admixture projects disclose details about their basis populations, and allow results to be calculated using different groupings. When the labs tests for heritage they give much less information about their process and no options. They infer their basis data is perfectly representative and grouped in the only possible manner.

I might be interesting in using their services, because the price for what this lab seems to offer is amazingly low. However, before testing with this lab I would be need to know:

1) That their raw data results are accurate.

2) That their auDNA results could uploaded to

3) How many SNPs (for auDNA, y-DNA, and mtDNA) they analyze and which Autosomal SNPs are excluded.

The company website gives very few details about the actual results they provide. Before I would use this lab, I would want to have their testing metrics, such as those shown in the tabulation linked below:

Data analysis can change and be improved over time. The basic quality and quantity of the raw data must be acceptable from the start.
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Great answer Bill, I appreciate your response.  The quality of data, the amount of SNPs and ability to upload to GEDmatch are all essential.   I will definitely hold off until more answers are forthcoming.
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I have had my auDNA and mtDNA tested with Living DNA.  I could say more about it but at this stage my main concerns are that

-mtDNA raw data is given solely as haplogroup and positive SNPs.  I have no idea how to make sense of this or to use it anywhere; and

-auDNA can only be uploaded to Gedmatch Genesis for matching.  It can also be uploaded to basic Genesis for features like eye colour prediction etc but you will not be able to match with basic files.  Also Wikitree does not provide a matching function for Genesis files.  There is currently nowhere on Genesis to upload a Gedcom and therefore it seems rather difficult to sort through matches - does anyone know how to navigate this?  If I upload a Gedcom to the basic site will it appear on the Genesis matches?
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I have signed up for LivingDNA today. It will probably take several months to start receiving my results. I know LivingDNA has its limitations, ie. sharing matches and a much smaller database of users.  My main reason for signing up with LivingDNA was its emphasis on British ancestry.  I have a large percentage of auDNA that is from the British Isles on my maternal side.  I wanted to explore this in more detail.  Also, LivingDNA is now at a reduced price of $99, down from $119. When I first posted this back in March it was priced at $159.  I have also tested with both AncestryDNA and FTDNA in the past, including Y-Full.
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