I have an unconnected "notable" with a 568 wikidata error...and I need help.

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I don't understand the 568 wikidata error. How do I go about correcting it. Plus poor Charles Lamb is unconnected if anyone can help there that would be appreciated as well.
WikiTree profile: Charles Lamb
in WikiTree Tech by Brett Rutherford G2G6 Pilot (120k points)

Its just that in WikiTree he is not research so he is part of the common tree....

Instead of Error I would say research in progress...

See Space:DBE_568

To correct this error you will need to connect him to the Global Tree. :)
So it's an error but not a mistake on my part. Thanks Scott & Magnus I think I get it now...so my secondary request for help to connect him was a good idea then.

His sister stabbed their mother to death with a kitchen knife.


Not seeing anything that helps with a connection.  There's a family tree, but it's the family his mother worked for.

An IGI contrib says he married Sophie Pemberton.  Apparently he was fond of her, but she married his best friend, Charles Lloyd.


Thanks RJ I do have that info...and I agree that he didn't marry Sophie Pemberton. He was also  very close to my 4x great grandmother, but she married William Rutherford instead. I don't think he ever did marry. He also had bouts of insanity just like his sister...but on a gentler scale.
The only clue I found so far was that his brother John married a "Mrs. Isaac Dowden"? - no references to potential children.

I haven't found much on grandparents, or uncles or aunts, other than several references to an Aunt Hetty (John's sister) that I haven't been able to follow up on. And an "Great Aunt Gladman" who appears to have been Elizabeth Field's sister (not sure why she should be a "great" aunt, but will have to follow up).
OK - Geni says John and "Mrs. Dowden" had a son Charles Lamb, born 1807, who had at least 5 children. If I can find some real sources for this information, we might be onto something.

OK - so another clue. Apparently John married a widow. She was formerly married to Isaac Dowden, who apparently passed away. Charles references her in some of his correspondences as "Mrs. John Lamb" or the "widow of Isaac Dowden". I'm still hunting to see if he ever references her by name. Either way, I'm more interested in their children, as that would open the door for a potential connection.

Aha - her name is probably Mary...


And I spoke too soon (location, Anne Arundel County... that's Maryland *sigh*)
The link RJ provided had a family tree buried in there - it's sideways so it's hard to read. I'll try to translate:

The Lamb Family (Lincolnshire)

Lamb, a cobbler - his son - John Lamb - his children:

Sarah ("Hetty") about 1715 - 1797, John Lamb - 1725 - 1799 - married in 1761 to Elizabeth Field - 1737 - 1796, and it says at least one more sister, possibly two

John and Elizabeth's children:

Elizabeth - 1762 - died in infancy, John Lamb 1763 - 1821 - married Mrs. Isaac Dowden (says "no issue"), Mary Anne 1764 - 1847, Samuel 1765 - died in infancy, Elizabeth 1768 - died in infancy, Edward 1770 - died in infancy, William 1772 - died in infancy, Charles 1775 - 1834.

There's also a Fields, Brutons, Gladmans (Hertfordshire) Family Tree

Francis Field? - his children: Deborah - married William Dorrell in 1746, and Edward Field - died 1766 - married Mary Bruton (1713-1792) in 1736.

Edward and Mary were the parents of Elizabeth Field (wife of John Lamb)

There is more on the Brutons, but they might be a potential connection point...
OK - Brutons:

Mary Bruton's parents were Edward Bruton - died 1726 - and Elizabeth Tyrell - died 1745. Her siblings were Ann (died 1779), who married James Gladman (died 1769), and Lucy/Lucey, who married "Crew".

James Gladman and Ann had children: Edward (died 1801) who married Sarah (and Edward had 2 brothers and 2 sisters).

Edward and Sarah had children: Maria, Sophia, Penelope (who married Edward Bruton), and Ann (who married Henry Sibley).

Apparently this information comes from a long-time Lamb researcher by the name of Phyllis G. Mann.

FamilyTree linked above page XV

OK - I've created the skeleton of the Bruton tree - appears there are LOTS of Brutons out there that could lead to a potential connection. I'll have to poke around with this later.
Nice to see collaboration in action.

Magnus, You are right. Those help pages needs to be updated. Will you do it? Maybe to sync it with error colors. Red - error, Yellow - warning, Blue - hint. I can also change color of specific error, if I set it wrong. Or if you have some other group in mind, let me know.

See example Space:DBE_568 of different color banners

  1. I steal whats is in current WikiTree CSS 

Suggestion add a parameters to Space:DBE_Header 

para 1 = E/W/I to set the color
para 2 = Text to display ==>

  1. {{Space:DBE_Header
    |Error must be fixed}}
    1. Generates red banner with must be fixed as text
  2. {{Space:DBE_Header
    |We have a mismatch}}
    1. Generates yellow banner and text We have a mismatch
  3. {{Space:DBE_Header
    |More genealogy research is needed to connect this profile}}
    1. Generate a green banner

To add other colors we need to touch the server based CSS (something that should be used more so templates dont have css in them)

.status {background-color:#fcb815;}
.green {background-color:#8fc641;}
.red {background-color:#e22a40;}

I am on my way out kayaking but can do something tonight....



Magnus, I will open new G2G for help updates. Maybe others will join.
Thanks everyone for all your colaboration! This is what WikiTree is all about.

1 Answer

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We have some tips on connecting people to the main tree on the Connectors Chat page.

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (317k points)
Thanks Greg.

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