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I'm having trouble getting a link in a biography to work right.

I would appreciate it if some more experienced people would look at the last sentence in the birth and baptism section of Niels Jensen's biography.  I'm trying to pipe a link to the words Kirke of Lyngby Parish.  

I think the proper formating is [http://address|words] with no spaces on either side of the pipe symbol.  If I do that, the proper words minus the first word are underlined in the biography but the link won't work. It seems to add a couple of characters to the end of the link address that screws it up.  If I put a space after the last character of the http address and before the pipe symbol, then the link goes to the proper web page and I get back the first word of my text but the pipe symbol shows up in my bio text so it reads

in the |Kirke of Lyngby Parish

Any ideas on how I can get the link to work without the pipe symbol showing up in my text?  I tried parenthesis, extra brackets, quote marks around the http address, and even leaving the last slash off the web address.  None of that worked. It seems for this particular web page to load properly, I have to have a space after the last slash.

WikiTree profile: Nels Jensen
in Policy and Style by Mary Jensen G2G6 Mach 9 (94.7k points)
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Use a space instead of a pipe.

Thank you so much.  Worked like a charm. So now the family can see where Grandpa Nels was baptised.

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Mary, there are two kinds of links using wikicode and they have different formatting, unfortunately, which can easily confuse people.

External links are the ones that go to a page on another website.  They do not use the pipe character.  They are made by starting and ending with only 1 bracket.  Inside the brackets is the URL followed by a space and then the label, like:

      [ LABEL]

Internal links are the ones that go to another page on WikiTree.  They use the pipe character (the pipe is a vertical straight line, found on most keyboards as upper case of the backslash, above the ENTER key).  They are made by starting and ending with double brackets and separating the address part and label with a pipe, like:

   [[Doe-1|John Doe]]

Note:  Internal links are most often used to link to a profile page.  In this case, the person's WikiTree ID is the address part.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (820k points)
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Thank you Gail.

This helps a lot.  This is my first external link which was not in a citation where I wanted to show the full URL.
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The pipe character is usually on the keyboard on the same key as the backslash  \

To get it hold down  Shift  and  \    |


Hold down Alt and type 124 on your numeric pad |

by Dave Welburn G2G6 Pilot (113k points)

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