DB_Error 572

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Feels like a false error?!?!? Or is it the name mismatch that triggers the error



Find A Grave: Clara E. Cochoit 

WikiTree: Clair Freiburger (1879 - 1958)

WikiTree profile: Clara Cochoit
in The Tree House by C S G2G6 Pilot (274k points)
Looks like a mismatch in the equivalence comparison is tripping the system. The WikiTree and FindAGrave profiles agree on year, but the FindAGrave is missing day-month and location data. So it might be comparing the WikiTree Date and Location to an effective 0-0-1879 to 0-0-1958 NULL_LOCATION; if it is looking for a strict identity or proper equivalence then this would cause it to say "False" to the notion that they're somehow equivalent.

I think the parser for the error classifier is likely itself in error in this case. Probably should be less restrictive..

Another one with Error 572 Hirsh-87

Hirsh-87 links to her husband's memorial, Solomon Feinberg.

@Ian is that good or bad?!!?

The error report of the wife tells no problem with the FindAGrave link ;-)

That is not good. It is also not bad. If she would have a link also to her memorial, there would be no error. I found quite a few cases, where memorial for the person exists, but link is only to a relative.
Well, the error that is flagging is due to there being a findagrave citation in the sources without a memorial ID in the format the error classifier expects of FindAGrave citations.

The error classifier does not understand that the linked FindAGrave is not the memorial for that profile and not meant to be the memorial for that profile, so it is a kind of error for the error classifier itself again.

Addendum: I misunderstood the nature of the error in the Clara Freiburger example; the parser couldn't find the memorial's ID, but it could find that there was a FindAGrave link on the profile. I made a correction, so it should be cleared?
Yes and the solution is that we use a template telling that this WIkiTree profile is the same as FAQ profile xxx

but then I guess it guess to complicated.... most FAG links I guess g from one profile to the same persons profile at FAG

Another maybe better solution is that we have a field in WikItree called Find A Grave and whats in that field should be the same person at Find A Grave....

Error 571 is for not recognized FAGID. and in most cases it is import of source from ancestry. They don't give the ID or it might be skippen on GEDCOM import.

Error 572 is for linking to Memorial, that is quite different from the profile. Usually there are only links to relatives. If the person is linked to person's memorial, it is usually recognized and doesn't produce this error.

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Linking to FAG is very dependant on name, since it can be link to a sibling or similar.  In your case there is nothing common in names. Even CLN is missing on Wikitree.
by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (577k points)
selected by C S
It would make sense in this case, as the first names are different Clair vs Clara and the last names are different  Freiburger vs Cochoit.

Reviewing my sources, Clara is actually much more common and I will switch it to that.

Will this error be generated every time the CLN is not set to match the name in FAG?

This error is generated if you have at least one link to FAG and algorithm decides no link is of the person. Based on the number of errors 28639 out of 580000 profiles linked to FAG it happens on every 20th profile. But in most this cases there is some kind of error. In this case CLN was missing on wikitree profile.

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I am all of a sudden getting many of this error on profiles that are clearly the same name and even the dates match. For example https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Smart-1313&public=1
by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (147k points)
When I get this error the name on the FAG line is blank, but it not blank on FAG
I see nothing wrong.  I suspect there is something wrong in the DB_Error Report/database.  It is probably worth asking as  a separate G2G question to make sure Aleš addresses it.

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