PGM: Ursula (Adams) Streeter needs attention

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Need help with sorting out a "Great Migtration Begins" source for  Ursula (Adams) Crafts (1619-1679). 

[NEHGR 85:382-85].

Thank you!

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Anonymous, would you please change the title of your question to be more descriptive of the problem? It will help us (PGM project) and others interested in the line find and track this matter.  Perhaps something like:

PGM: Ursula (Adams) Streeter needs attention

And also include link to the profile in the appropriate field so that visitors to the profile will see the link to this discussion? Thanks so much.

Thank you  Jillaine Smith for your interest and help with this question! 

I changed the title of the question, and added a link to this discussion in the biography of  Ursula (Adams) Crafts (1619-1679).

Ursula (Adams) Crafts (1619-1679) is my ninth great grandmother, My relationship is with  Nathaniel Holland, son/husband of Ursula's daughter, Sarah (Streeter) Gleason

Thank you for your help with this question!

Thanks, Anon. Actually, when you edit (or add) a question in g2g, there is a field underneath the text box for adding a link to the profile. This results in a link in the upper right corner of the profile to this g2g link.

Linking from the biography will work, too, but if the bio is edited, the link may disappear.

Thank you,  Jillaine Smith , added, and it is there now! Never to old to learn! 


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Hmm... This profile currently violates copyright by displaying a page image from GMB. GMB is copyright-protected, so we can report information from it, but we should not reproduce text or images from it.

Having said that, the citation to NEHGR is a reference to an article (by Milford B. Streeter) called "Streeter-Adams Records from a Streeter Family Bible," published in 1931.

This Bible indicated that Ursula Adams was born (not baptized) on July 19, 1619 and that she married Stephn Streeter on Oct. 5, 1640. It also had her date of death as Feb. 20, 1649, but a footnote states that this years was "certainly" an error, either by the creator of the record or by the person who transcribed the information from the Bible (which could not be found).
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
edited by Ellen Smith

Thank you, Ellen Smith, for your comment! Hit the 'Remove' button on the image, and removed the snippet I had typed. Hope that takes care of the copyright. 

Thank you, for taking your time to look up the reference! So, where does this leave us, as far as The GMB being a source record for  Ursula (Adams) Crafts (1619-1679)?

Appreciate your help!


Hi A,

She is definitely mentioned by Anderson in the profile for her 2nd husband, Samuel Hosier.  Her father was not profiled, but there is no doubt that he was in Massachusetts before 1640 (which is the cut off for our PGM project).  She qualifies.
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After making edits to the profiles of Ursula and others, (sigh) I have now found an article written by Helen Ullman which argues that the dates in the Bible (NEHGR 85:382) may not be genuine (and therefore not accurate).

Added this in a section for Research Notes. (double sigh)  A lot of the dates apparently are not verifiable, as they are found nowhere else.

Just hope I haven't caused problems.  I think the most worrysome are the birth dates (the children, etc.) and the specific marriage dates for Ursula to her 4 husbands.  Now I am not sure whether to remove the dates, or not.
by Cynthia B G2G6 Pilot (127k points)

Thank you, Cynthia B, for your work helping with this profile! 

As I understand, after hitting the 'Remove' button, for an image, it may take up to 30 days for the image to go away. 

Thank you, too, for the research you have done! Please keep your dates as they are, as you say, 'A lot of the dates apparently are not verifiable, as they are found nowhere else.' If new information/sources are found, dates can be amended. 

Thank you, and appreciate you help so much! 

Interesting. Anderson seems to have relied on that article about the Streeter Bible, so Ullman's analysis that discredits that article will also discredit any facts that Anderson got from the Streeter bible article. It appears to me that the details about Ursula that came from this bible are her birthdate and date of her marriage to Stephen Streeter, so (at a minimum) those two dates should be clearly indicated as "uncertain" because they come from Milford Streeter's  description of a family bible that may not have existed.

Hi Ellen,

Good idea!  Have strengthened the caution about the "Streeter Bible" dates - a lot.  See what you think?

It looks to me as if Anderson did not use the dates from the Streeter Bible.  He calls Samuel Hosiers birth date "by about 1610 based on freemanship." and then says, "(The "Streeter Bible" gives his birth as 1 June 1614, which seems too late NEHGR 85:383)." 

The way Anderson put "Streeter Bible" in quotation marks, and uses "about 1610" seems to agree with Ullman.

Ursula's marriage date to Samuel Hosier was recorded in the Charlestown Vital Record (according to Anderson - have not seen it myself), and he does use that date, of course.

I haven't double-checked every date.  My impression is that most of the Streeter childrens' birth dates are from the "Bible" and a couple of Ursula's marriage dates.  I added notes of uncertainty to all (poss. over-kill?)

There is a a pdf online which is excerpts from both the Ullman article (the part about the Bible) and the original Streeter Bible article.  I hesitate to add the url to the profile for reasons of copyright.  Opinion on that?

Thank you!

Not a copyright violation to include a link.




We need to look at Ullman's analysis before you discredit Anderson. If a source is a family Bible and Anderson used this...Ok. Let not pick apart Anderson.




Books: We use these to draw our own Educated conclusions.

Family Records: Family Bibles, vital records, correspondence (letters), memoirs, journals, diaries, unrecorded deeds and wills, diplomas, certificates, and testimonials.

Public Records: Censuses, government records, military, pensions, land bounty records, passport applications, passenger lists, original grants, naturalization or immigration records, records of entry, state, province and local records.

Institutional Records: Church records, cemetery records and inscriptions, educational institutions, societies and fraternal organizations.



We're not talking about discrediting Anderson. Anderson doesn't say much  about Ursula. Mostly GMB says that she married Samuel Hosier, was the widow of Stephen Streeter, and had the two husbands after Streeter. Anderson cited the NEHGR article about the Streeter bible, but didn't rely on it for anything.

And nobody ever located the actual bible that is described in the Streeter bible article.
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 Ursula (Adams) Crafts has a daughter Sarah (Streeter) Gleason, who has son/husband  Nathaniel Holland . 

Have you seen any connection to this daughter, and her son? 

Thank you All, for the work you are doing on this line!

by Bettye Carroll G2G6 Mach 4 (46.2k points)
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Dorchester Marriages: City Document 59:  A Report of the Record Commissioners of the City Boston, containing Dorchester Births, Marriages and Deaths to the End of 1825. Rockwell and Churchill, Boston, Massachusetts, 1891 p. 22

Widow Robison Married to Griffin Craft of Roxbury by Mr. Stoughton the 15th. (mo: 5) 1673.
by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (728k points)
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Charletown Marriages: Charlestown Vol. 1 p 22  Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 (Online Database:, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2001-2016).

Samuel Hossier & Urslin Streeter, m. by Mr. Ri. Russell, Commr., Oct. 13, [16]57

Roxbury: Roxbury Marriages: Vol. 2 p. 91 Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 (Online Database:, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2001-2016).

Crafts, Griffin, and wid. --- Robison, at Dorchester, 15 :5m : 1673.

And reported in Marriages, Births and Deaths in Dorchester, Mass., 1648-1683: NEHGR, Vol. 16 April, 1862 p. 155

by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (728k points)
These are great, Chris.  Thank you!  Added them to the profile

Also added a link to the pdf of both the Ullman and "Streeter Bible" articles. Thank you, Jillaine.

So, it is only the baptism (or birth) date for Ursula, and the childrens' birth dates, and all the death dates, and the marriage dates to Stephen Streeter and to William Robinson ... which are in question. (sigh)

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