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Become a member of FInd A Grave. It is a vast army of volunteers who collect and manage information. You can get your family transferred to you. Below are the rules:

Second, Transfer requests will be for direct relatives within four generations. This would be your siblings, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

For other entries of interest you can use the edit tab to add or correct data. The manager will evaluate and possibly fix the data, especially if it was transcribed incorrectly. Check the photo.

There is also a way to post a message to the manager of the entry. Establish a dialogue. You might meet some cousins.

This may be the best way to correct the errors from Wikitree checking. Consider Find A Grave not as a source but as a parallel genealogical site. Even though the data may be inscribed in stone, comments can be made on the profile.

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According to their rules the manager should release control to you if you are a member.


I agree that its odd....

And I do the same connecting Graves with Wikipedia articles using WIkidata...

The good thing at Wikidata is that you have support for 

  • Adding GPS coordinates for a grave
  • Specific fields for adding photo of grave
  • And adding link to sources
  • And you have a query language ==>
    • Its 403 people on Wikipedia with 
      • A WikiTree id
      • FindAGraveID
      • Picture of grave

        see link I think all grave pictures are in WikiCommon and can also be used on WikiTree...
    • its 461 more pictures of WIkiTree peoples graves that has no FindAGrave account connected see link
For the most part I have to agree with you. Although I have had good results with all but one manager.
I have been a member of FAG for quite a long time.  I often send in edit requests when I come across incorrect information and they are always accepted and corrected.  I think I have edited so many by now that they know I source my information and just hit the accept button :-)
The only issue I have with FAG is that when you do have an issue with a memorial manager there is no method of recourse or contact with a moderator.

@Michael Sabot

Have you tested the Community Forums?!?!? I have had problem with famous people graves that has been added more times and then I got advice from some manager... 

Right now I have problems adding graves for Julie Ricketts related roots as the cemetery is wrong located in FindAGrave so then I use the forums...

Forums have no control over the memorial.  I have a 3x great grandmother, wanted to add maiden name,   some confusion on the maiden name.  Manager refuses any changes,  will not converse, no email.  No way to provide sources as proof.   Just an automatic no notification to any request.  

This one manager is the reason I object to all the new FAG errors.   While WikiTree has a process to resolve issues,  FAG does not.  This can put the data doctors in a catch-22 position and unable to correct the problem.   Yes we can bypass the issue by changing the status but this just covers up the data problem.

>> Yes we can bypass the issue by changing the status but this just covers up the data problem.

If you mean hide the Project database Error then I feel people will start to read also the errors that are hidden. When I look what people hide its a little bit too much instead of asking for help in G2G you hide...

I've been a member of FAG for years. I love going to help others with their geneaology. I use this site as a reference and as a source when I put it in Wiki Tree. I have made several changes to research information for accuracy sake.

A great tip to be taken from this NEVER trust that a cemetery plot is at a FAG cemetery unless there is a photo. I learned this the hard way. I am working to add as many photos to the FAG site for this reason. Request a photo so volunteers can see them and fulfill them or you can do it yourself. I always print a fulfill order even if I'm not looking for those persons it's just nicer and easier since I'm in the same cemetery. Also if there are unresponsive members be aware that there is a link that allows them to shelve the correction until there is a document that supports the change. I have done this on a person in my care and could not corroborate my family tree with theirs and they had NO sources so I put it on the back burner for now.

Last point only we can make the information on FAG correct be brave if you have a resource that proves the relation do not be afraid to share it with the manager. There is also a community site that allows you to send an email to admin with regards to changes; they can also change the information. :)
Emma, I too have had exceptional success working with Find a Grave.

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I am one of these nerdy people, who goes around photographing cemetaries. I tend to find a small countryside church and then do a full photographic coverage of all the grave stones, often adding extra information, when I find a stone is particularly interesting. I  ALWAYS  put the full transcriptions of the stones on the profiles. There is nothing I loath more, than lazy contributors that just bomb the site with photos but can't be asked to do a transcription. It then becomes rediculous when the photos are too small or of such bad quality that reading the inscription isn't possible. Those lacking profiles should be freely available for anyone to take over, if someone wanted to do some work on them. However, as I put a lot of time and effort (and miles) into my profiles, I wouldn't be too happy if someone was taking over just because they happened to have that surname. I would always be happy to edit and add information and scources to my profiles, should anyone ever e-mail me. For me it is about getting all the information of the grave memorised for the future, the last way to honour the dead before everything disappear. If any relatives or others who might have an interest, find my work helpful, that would be a real pleasure, and I am always happy for people to copy and use my photographs. But as I said, I wouldn't be best pleased if someone were to take over the profiles I created. I do however agree, that if a profile is lacking in text or photo, it should be possible for anyone who feel they can contribute in a better way, to take over.

If anyone want to see one of my project cemetaries on FAG:,-llanhamlach
by Joann Hanmer G2G6 (8.5k points)
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Agreed, Sue. I've found most memorial managers responsive if a source for different information is provided.

Thank goodness, because my poor grandfather's stone is all wrong. I sent the correct information with my sources and an explanation as to why the stone was created incorrectly. The memorial stayed the way it is (an exact transcription of the stone as it should be) but the manager added the correct info and sources to the notes section. Edward/Edgbert Swilley/Swillie McGee (8 Feb 1897/1899 - 26/27 May 1947/1948)

by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (309k points)
You can also submit an edit to add the places of birth and death.
Why didn't you request transfer if it is your grandfather? (I know, I don't even manage one of my grandmothers because a 2nd cousin created it, and I don't feel like wrangling over it. She made every edit I requested.) If Susan is not related, you can ask for the transfer.

On a side note, I am someone who will transfer outside the official FAG guidelines, even though my profile states otherwise. I put that in after one person kept insisting that I transfer anyone with a certain surname to him. (There were over 50 from one cemetery.) He emailed me and told me that he was going to "report" me to FAG if I didn't comply. So, that is just there to keep the small number of jerks at bay.
Natalie, I've not requested transfer because I don't manage any profiles at FindAGrave. Maybe after I finish the edit to all of my *sigh* overly large GEDCOM import ... someday. At this point, I only have a membership at FindAGrave to be able to request edits.
Oh, ok!
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I've been a member for quite some time, something I didn't realize until I tried to contact a contributor about my family name. Definitely going to try to be more involved, now that we have a difference error for the DB. One FAG page I looked at has an image of a detailed obit for the person. Got dates and places for birth, marriage, and death, plus a list of living siblings and children. So much better than a lot of pages with no headstone photo or any other item to confirm people or events listed on the page.
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I'm a member as well - did some photo documenting for a short time, still do when I think about it. It's nice when the weather's good and I just want to go cemetery visiting. But most of the cemeteries missing photos these days of older graves are for unmarked graves or tombstones that have sunk into the ground and may never be found again.

As far as the data goes, most of the profile managers who handle significant numbers of memorials post their rules on what they will and won't edit - and in most cases you can work with them. The one-off's who tried it out and never returned can be a problem, but I think they have a unresponsive process you can follow, even if it used to be a bit cumbersome.
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I am working with a group in Central Wisconsin to digitize our cemetery records and place them on line. The Church cemetery has about 1300 souls. We have taken pictures of each grave, whether a marker is there or not. This is a conservative Lutheran Church so we want to make the information freely available online. Any suggestions? We're also looking at renovation and Wiki How To has some great suggestions.
by Bev Spreeman G2G6 (9.5k points)
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I, too, have been a member of FAG for a while, but I only learned of some of the benefits of that membership from the answers above. It appears it's time to get more involved. I've almost always had a good response from the managers when I have suggested a change. But I do want to check into "transfer requests". Thanks for all the above input.
by Robin Shaules G2G6 Pilot (978k points)

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