Rename Errors to Alerts?

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I'm sort of into the concept of the emotional impact and other connotations of words. So take that into consideration.

I just finished e filing taxes this morning and went through an automated alerts section before I got to the submit part. The alerts are divided into red, orange and yellow.

Maybe we should consider renaming the Error Report to an Alerts Report or divide it into sections so the serious things that really need correcting would be easy to spot and those that just alert us to something we might want to consider (or not) that might be inconsistent.

I don't want to be the judge of what goes where, but some of the most annoying ones that often are not errors like separators in name fields could go in the alerts section.
in Policy and Style by Mary Jensen G2G6 Mach 9 (97.9k points)
edited by Dorothy Barry

I am thinking about few solutions to this.

I think DB_Errors and Database Errors Project is impossible to rename. There are thousands of links with errors in names.

A few month ago, I decided to name errors as Errors, warnings and connection hints.

After that I also added color coding of errors, so it is easyer to spot important ones.

These days I am updating help pages to use that notation.

But I am not satisfied with such division. So I am thinking of other approaches.

At the moment most interesting is the one, where I would split errors in 5-10 logical groups

  • Date
  • Relation
  • Gender
  • Location
  • WikiData
  • FindAGrave
  • or maybe External sources to put all future external sources in one bucket.
  • Privacy
  • Cosmetic
  • ...

I would also add importance of error on scale 1-10

That way User could check his error report just to level 5. Or I could automatically increase level to show up to 50 or 100 errors.

Errors could be also filtered by groups


I don't like splitting a project to few subprojects idea. It would mean a lot of additional work for me and I am not prepared to do it.


That is it for now.



Aleš, what I think would be useful, would be to differentiate between errors that are really errors -- marriage date after death date, etc. -- and reports that are really just comparisons, like the findagrave list.  We've seen before that there are those who assume that if something is on the error list, it's wrong and must be fixed.  In the case of the findagrave comparisons, that's very misleading.

I like the divisions Aleš is thinking about here. This gives me some idea of whether I'm heading into some proofreading or something that is likely to need research or something I'd just rather not work on.

But what do you mean by filtering errors by groups? Filtering and sorting the report would be useful, but what are you including in groups?  Do you mean the areas you listed as ones you were thinking about?

You might set you are interested in date and connection errors and only those woulld be displayed to you.
I think these are great ideas!!
I like the idea of separating the errors report into types of errors & discrepancies. I also agree with Nan; it makes sense to separate definite errors (e.g. WT says a person died twenty years before their child was born) from discrepancies that might or might not indicate a WikiTree error (e.g. WT and FaG have different death date).

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Nice idea! How about 'Alert Bulletin'?
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

Aleš just explained why we can't rename the Database Errors Project and DB_Errors and it sounds like he has already done some of what I asked with color coding.  I guess I need to explore my own error report more carefully before I go making suggestions.

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