Do you have an interest in New Zealand? Join us in the New Zealand Project.

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Kia ora !!

The New Zealand Project co-ordinates the contributions of WikiTreers who are from New Zealand, have New Zealand ancestry and/or are interested in the history, culture and people of NZ.

If you would like to join the New Zealand Project then we would love to have you.  Please post an answer below and follow the instructions on the project page.

asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (130k points)
edited by Maria Maxwell
Happy to join, I have been documenting lots of kiwi kin

Hi Terry and a warm welcome to the New Zealand Project.
Kia Ora I'm keen to join. :) - I'm kiwi and have been following my ancestors footsteps.
Hi Erena and welcome to the New Zealand Project.
kiaora!  Very keen to join and new to genealogy.  Dad's family are all Te Arawa and from Rotorua.  Mum's side from Invercargill.  Would love To Help and hopefully add to my tree also.
Hi Natasha, welcome to WikiTree and to the New Zealand Project.
Hi  I would like to join the project
Hi Warren, welcome to WikiTree and to the New Zealand Project.  Delighted to have you join us.
Would love to join and help out any way possible :)
Hi Tania and welcome to the New Zealand Project.
Hi! Keen to join up :)
Hi Claire and welcome to the New Zealand Project.
Hi I am very keen to get involved in the kiwi project. I am a 3rd generation kiwi and have ancestors from Arbroath Scotland and from West Morland in the lakes district in the North of England. I have been working on 2 family trees for the last 15 years just from getting information from the internet and can go right back to the 1500's.
Hi Geoff,   Looks like you were not logged into WikiTree when you made your post.   Your IP address shows up when I click on your name and not your WikiTree info.   Can I ask you to post again please.  Thanks.

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Yes.. interested in finding our family heritage.
Not sure what I'm meant to be writing here.
answered by Stef Railey G2G Crew (480 points)
Hi Stef - that's great and a warm welcome to the New Zealand Project.
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Semi new to geneology
answered by Paula Batt G2G Crew (960 points)
Hi Paula and a very warm welcome to the New Zealand Project.
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Yep, I'm a Kiwi and would love to help with this. I haven't read the link yet, but am happy to do what I can to contribute. My original roots are mainly around the Taranaki region, though the families have gradually spread themselves around the country, of course! I've been a genealogist for 30+ years but am relatively new to WikiTree.
answered by Norma Crozier G2G2 (2.3k points)
Hi Norma,  delighted to welcome you to the New Zealand Project.
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Via DNA test data (from, I found out that I have many cousins in New Zealand (I live in Hawaii).  Determining ancestors in common has been a great challenge, so I'm interested in learning more about the history, culture, and people of NZ.   Kia ora!!
answered by Dayle Turner G2G Crew (480 points)
Hi Dayle,  That was quick !!  A very warm welcome to WikiTree and to the New Zealand Project.   Fast becoming a very lively project.
Kia ora, I'm Maori ... and was completely surprised to see that I had more than 30 Hawaiians on my DNA match list.
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Hi, yes please! Happy to help :)
answered by
Hi Cassandra and a very warm welcome to the New Zealand Project.
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Greetings, I am a third generation Kiwi. My ancestors arrived in Auckland on 19 May 1859 on the ship Caduceus from Gravesend, London.

They established a business in Freemans Bay and later my Great Grandfather was a Land Agent in Queen street.

I am a comittee member of the Waitakere Branch of the NZSG and a committee member of the West Auckland Historical Society.

I have been researching on and off since 1989.
answered by John Soppet G2G Crew (650 points)
Hi John and welcome to WikiTree.   Delighted to also welcome you to the New Zealand Project.
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Hi Maria, I would be very interested in joining the New_Zealand project.


Kerry Dressler
answered by Kerry Dressler G2G Crew (870 points)
Gosh Kerry that was quick.  From Scotland to New Zealand and back again in less than 5 minutes !!  WikiTree time travel at it's best.   Delighted to welcome you to the NZ Project will sort out the badge for you now.
Actually, I'm in Costa Rica burning the 2AM oil!  Glad to know I''m not the only one awake.
Kerry - That would make it abt 08:30PM NZ time
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Yes, Kiwi chick here. Family all seemed to have moved to various parts of the South Island from various parts of the UK
answered by Sarah Watkeys G2G Crew (380 points)

Hi Sarah and a warm welcome to WikiTree and to the New Zealand Project. 

See also  for the [[Project:United Kingdom | United Kingdom Project]]

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Yes, happy to join the NZ project. I live in NZ.
answered by Susan Rine G2G1 (1.4k points)
Hi Susan welcome to WikiTree and to the New Zealand Project.
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Hello all,

I am NZ born & bred, with an extensive NZ family tree. Would love to continue to connect with other trees.

Kind regards

answered by Nick Holmes G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi Nick delighted to welcome you to the New Zealand Project.
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Have been doing my tree over at Ancestry and decided to start one here.

My family is of European and Maori background. Im Interested in Joining the project because of background.
answered by Andrew Chapman G2G Crew (540 points)
Hi Andrew and a very warm welcome to the New Zealand Project.
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Hi Maria

Would be happy to join as I have recently found out my ancestors were among the first settlers to Timaru. Happy to help where I can, but I am fairly new :)
answered by Kelsi England G2G Crew (480 points)
Hi Kelsi delighted to welcome you to the New Zealand Project.
Hi Kelsi,

I have an ancestor, Samuel Williams, who was apparently known as the "father of Timaru," so maybe he knew your ancestors.
Hi Sue

Oh wow! Mine (William and Sarah Double) came over on the Strathallan in 1859, so a bit after you ancestor but surely they must've known each other! Crazy to think! They must've came over after Samuel established everything in Timaru. Thanks so much for your comment

Hi Kelsi,

I wonder if you've read this? After the diary of the voyage is an account of the arrival of the Strathallan at Timaru in 1859 in which it says that a few people boarded the ship, including "old Sam Williams", who is my ancestor!! He was the Publican of the hotel that is also mentioned. I notice, in the diary, that the Doubles lost a child on the voyage.
Hi Sue


Yes I have come across that page but only had a quick look through. Oh I thought the name looked familiar but just thought I must've seen it when looking up history of Timaru... how awesome is that! I wonder if he went to England to pick them up and travel back with them? Yes, I don't know an awful lot just the name and how old etc. They did go on to have more children (including my ancestor).


Thanks so much for that, I will have a proper read soon :)


Kind regards

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I'm a 7th generation born Kiwi. I would like to join please. I have been researching my family for 17 years but I am new to Wikitree. I uploaded a gedcom to see how much of my family was already on here. I found there is not much so I have a lot of work to do :)
answered by Charlene Newport G2G5 (5.6k points)
Hi Charlene and a warm welcome to the New Zealand Project.
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Hi. New to , but have been doing genealogy for 17 years. I would definitely like to contribute to any "kiwi" project.

answered by Neil McNicol G2G5 (5.8k points)
Hi Neil,  welcome to WikiTree and to the New Zealand Project.
+4 votes

I am new to Wikitree but I have been dabbling in genealogy most of my adult life.  I am a Kiwi and would love to join in on this project!
answered by Emma Pooley G2G Crew (320 points)
Hi Emma and a warm welcome to WikiTree and to the New Zealand Project.
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Hi, Maria and NZ Project Members

I have a New Zealand resource under the Worldwide Mining Disasters project.

I have just completed New Zealand Mining and set up 7 of the worst mining disasters, completing one.

I have tried to include all the NZ categories, and I took the liberty of using your fantastic template - wonderful job on that, Ron!

So, it really isn't a NZ subproject, but I am more than happy to link it on your project page with your blessing.

Please feel free to take a look at the following and if you would like it included.

I am in the US and knew very little about NZ, although learning much about the history and people and what a beautiful country!  So if any of my content isn't "culturally correct", please let me know, or general feedback is also greatly appreciated.

New Zealand Mining:

Glen Afton Mining Disaster:

(yes, Disaster is misspelled, but in page links and on the page corrected it although it can't be changed within the system.)

I hope I am honoring miners and their families in NZ appropriately.

Have a great day.





answered by Sheryl Moore G2G6 Mach 2 (20.2k points)
Wow, what an amazing amount of work has gone into that project. Thanks so much for the work.

My husband's family originally came to NZ and worked on mines in Kawau, Great Barrier and Waikato. (the first arrived in 1840) so I appreciate  the history and the timeline, and background that you have given. Come to think of it, one of my gt gt grandfather's was also a miner in Gabriel's Gully and later in Tinkers Black.

It is great that there is room for additional projects to link in, such as Goldmining in New Zealand etc, and pages on the first mines in New Zealand, with some of the "hard yards" in terms of overview already done.

You might want to remove the date field on your page (showing unknown, unknown) as this is not applicable, and just have the location as New Zealand.


Thanks again!
I had a misnamed free-space page once. It took a while before I got that fixed, but I ended up being able to do so. I created a free-space page which had the correct name (in the Space name in the system) then merged the old one with the new one, so that it had the NEW system name for the space.
Great idea on the merge, thank you.  I was more interested in the content, but that is good  to know.

Will also check the date; I thought it was blank except for the date on the disaster page.

Worldwide Mining Disasters focus on mining tragedies, and the history and life of miners is equally instrumental in showing what a hard life it was.  The main page makes tribute to coal miners as giving us the energy to enjoy our lives, and remember what they go through to do their work, risking their lives every day.

I appreciate your feedback, thank you!
Hi, Lianne

There is not a date on the New Zealand Mining page; that is blank.  The date is on the Glen Afton Mine Disaster page; the date of the tragedy so I believe that is appropriate, agree?



Sure, I just meant you can select the option on the NZ page to indicate that it is "intentionally blank" and then it will not display "unknown unknown". Sorry I wasn't clear. It was just for tidiness, not an error at all.


Ah ha, got it!!  That makes perfect sense and appreciate the clarification.  Many thanks!

It does improve the appearance.  I got hung up in the details and really didn't notice, but since others obviously do, great tip for future pages.
Hi Sheryl ,   How can we thank you enough for creating such an amazing piece of work for the Project.  It is indeed a welcome sub project for the NZ project (as well as it's parent project)    I've added links to it from the main NZ project page.   

Would you like to join the NZ project in view of your interest in it's mining history ?  We'd be delighted to welcome you.

Hi, Maria.

Thank you for your positive words.  Please take a look at the entire mining disasters project, as I would love your feedback.

Thank you for your invitation; the entire project I am working on is a monumental task  and has a world focus.

 I am providing all info on all disasters within the scope of the mining disasters project so most of my time is devoted to setting it up and then asking for help on it. Rest assured I will give equal attention to the other 6 disasters I am highlighting as well as providing a list of  almost 1100  NZ miners who have died so that they may be honored with the memorials I have created for miners & rescuers of the world.

I do want the New Zealand portion provided to your project members and am working on it as a  resource and genealogy focus for miners and their families in NZ.  That said, it is a portion of the Worldwide Mining Disasters project, and can't be designated as a subproject of another project, but would be perfect to link as a "related" project under your NZ umbrella.  Hope that makes sense.

I have loved setting this up and the research; I have even shed a few tears as I read of those who lost their lives just trying to make a living.  I promise I will continue to work on the disasters with the highest integrity and respect for these hard working souls.

Check back, as I hope to complete the NZ portion in the next week.

If there is anything else I can do or should include, please do not hesitate to email me directly.





Hi, Maria

Thank you - I got your email and have added a return link to the New Zealand Project on the New Zealand Mining page as well as a "Proud partner of the NZ Project" section on the page.

I am excited about becoming a member of the NZ project and working with the team.

Any suggestions are welcome.


Hi Sheryl and a very warm welcome to the New Zealand Project.
Thank you, Maria.  I have linked the NZ Project on the main Worldwide Mining Disasters page under the Related Projects with a link so we are covered.

Happy to be aboard!


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Hello Maria Would love to join you. My great grand aunt Ophelia,(nee Sully) and husband George BARRELL emigrated to Canterbury South Island aboard the Geraldine Paget leaving UK 22 Sep 1874 (shortly after marriage) and arriving at Lyttleton 17 Dec 1874. I have been tracing the descendants. George & Ophelia's son George md my Grandfather's sister Lillian Nesta Westacott (his first cousin) after he met her in London. She travelled out to Wellington aboard the Arawa in 1907.
answered by Jennifer Jones G2G1 (1.4k points)
Hi Jennifer and welcome to the New Zealand Project.
+3 votes
Hi. Count me in. Very interested in my NZ forebears. Cliff
answered by Cliff Lochhead G2G Rookie (290 points)
Hello Cliff.  The good news is that you are already a member of the New Zealand Project !!
+3 votes
Kia ora koutou Kiwis!

I'm new to wiki tree and still finding my way around. I've had an interest on geanology since I was young, however recently with two boys in tow, I'm keen to get more information into my knowledge! My husband is German and his mothers family is traceable back to the 1600s!

I'm also a big scrapbooker and memory keeper through Project Life (Becky Higgins) and general diary keeping.

I've already learnt a bunch about my paternal grandmother's story thanks to one of her friends/relatives having researched our common whakapapa.

Though I can't figure out which generation kiwi I am, as my paternal grandmother's family came out 5 generations ago (Eng/Irish), my father's family was 3 generations ago (swiss) and my mother came from England!

Thank you for the invitation to join this group!

Looking forward to working with you all!

Ngā mihi Nui

Heidi :0)
answered by Heidi Wruck G2G Rookie (290 points)
Kia ora from Scotland Heidi !!   A very warm welcome to the New Zealand Project.   

Have fun !!
+5 votes
I am keen to see more New Zealand content (and consequently connections) on Wikitree. I am surprised that I am not finding any family from the well-documented branches of my family tree. With many DNA relatives in the US and Canada I am hoping to be able to find the links from NZ back to the UK and on to the Americas.
answered by Vye Perrone G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi Vye and a warm welcome to the New Zealand Project.

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