Join Team ''Vliegende Hollanders'' for the Spring Clean-a-Thon 2017 ! [closed]

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Het is Lente, dus tijd voor de grote schoonmaak ! (22 April - 24 April,  2017 (inclusief maandag)

Om mee te doen: 

  1. Ga naar de: "Wilt u zich inschrijven voor de Spring Clean-a-Thonen plaats een answer (antwoord, geen comment), met het verzoek om lid te worden van Team Vliegende Hollanders - Flying Dutchmen 
  2. Keer terug naar deze thread en post een ''answer'' om  ons te laten weten dat je in, samen met welke specifieke fouten of taken die u wilt werken.
  3. Ga naar onze Team Vliegende Hollanders pagina voor meer instructies en we zullen je naam toevoegen aan de deelnemerslijst. 

It's spring, so time for cleaning ! April 22 - 24, 2017 (monday included)

Here's how to join us:

  1.  Go to the "Will you Register For the Spring Clean-a-Thon" sign-up page and leave your answer (not a comment), with the request to join Team Vliegende Hollanders - Flying Dutchmen 
  2. Come back to this thread and post an answer letting us know that you're in. 
  3. Check our Team Flying Dutchmen page for more instructions and we'll add your name to the participants list .

This G2G is closed now, during the Source-a-Thon go to our: Team Flying Dutchmen Chat G2G

Deze G2G is nu gesloten, tijdens de Source-a-Thon ga naar onze: Team Vliegende Hollanders Source-a-Thon Chat G2G

closed with the note: Last year's challenge
asked in The Tree House by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (243k points)
closed by Eowyn Langholf
I will write in english. I am preparing an error list for you. Here is my old location endings, that represent Holland. Can you confirm it. I am not sure about the last one or 2.

Dutch Republic
The Netherlands


Thanks Aleš and yes for the Netherlands or Holland endings might be :

The Netherlands

Dutch Republic

Gouda and Amsterdam are cities (so if it ends with that, the Province and Country are missing)  

Groningen, Friesland, Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Utrecht, Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland, Zeeland, Flevoland, Noord-Brabant en Limburg are Provinces, if it's ending with one of those, the Country also is missing 

Do you want the error for missing country? I could prepare one for Clean-a-Thon, or at a later time. I will add this endings to search, so those profiles are also checked for errors.

Yes it probably would be handy, especially when we are searching for Dutch profiles, but just take your time Aleš , I think you're working almost 24 hours a day now eeh, make sure you get some rest ;) Thanks for all the great work you do, it's very much appreciated by all of us !!

Bea, I ws going to ask, just out of curiosity, what vliegende meant, but I see from the post that it means flying. You learn something new every day on WT. That's what makes it so great. Good luck on the C-a-T.

Bob, Massachusetts 600 Team

Hi Bob, 

Yes same here, and perhaps you would like to know where the name of our team actually is coming from ? (if you don't know already of course) See Wikipedia: De Vliegende Hollander (Flying Dutchmen, it's in English) 

Thanks for your interest and best wishes, good luck and have fun 'cleaning up together' for Team Massachusetts 600 from all of us  ! :)

18 Answers

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Count me in! I will start by cleaning the errors with code 811 in the profiles managed by the Dutch Roots project

answered by Jan Terink G2G6 Pilot (143k points)
Thanks for joining Jan and really  sounds great !
+6 votes
I signed up for the Clean-a-thon a few days ago, and asked at the time to Join a Dutch Roots team if one formed.  Not sure if anything came of that, but I amended my original answer to call out the Flying Dutchmen..
answered by Charlie Panek G2G5 (5.7k points)
It's great to have you as a member of our team Charlie, thanks for joining !
+6 votes

Thank you, Bea Wijma! I already have my Clean-a-Thon badge. I would like to join the Team Vliegende Hollanders - Flying Dutchmen! I still have an Ancestry membership and will work on the Find A Grave errors, and working on error lists prepared by Ales would be great, too. 

answered by Anonymous Carroll G2G6 Mach 4 (42.6k points)

Thank you for joining, it's a pleasure to have you as a member of our team ! 

+6 votes

The link, "Wilt u zich inschrijven voor de Spring Clean-a-Thon" does not appear to work.

answered by Herman van den Berg G2G1 (1.4k points)
edited by Bea Wijma
Hallo en bedankt Herman,

Als het goed is werk hij nu wel weer, als je je daar aanmeld krijg je ook een badge voor de Spring cleaning-a-thon
+6 votes
I'm in! Time to add my paper notes to the data base!
answered by Tami Eisenga G2G3 (3.3k points)
Yes isn't it Spring is a perfect time to get some work done eeh :D Welcome to the team Tami !

Not sure, but was I to put my ID here?  If I was, Fuller-3716, if not, here it is anyway!  

Hi Tami, no for this one your you didn't have to add your ID, you only have to register here (so they can give you a badge)  and join a team, which you did already ;) 

+6 votes
Count me in. I'm already signed up for the clean-a-thon, and would love to be on the Dutch Roots team.
answered by Mary Diamante G2G6 Mach 1 (16.7k points)
Thanks for joining Mary it's great to have you as a member of our team !
+6 votes
I just signed up and asked to be added to Team Vliegende Hollanders - Flying Dutchmen

answered by Erika Ward G2G2 (2.5k points)
Thank you Erika, I'll add you to our participant list, happy to have you !
+6 votes
I just signed up for the Clean-A-Thon and am happy to be a member of the Team Flying Dutchmen again.
answered by Melissa McKay G2G6 Mach 2 (25.2k points)
Welcome back Melissa , it's great to see you again :D
+6 votes
Count me in for some serieus cleaning. If you want me to concentrate on something specific just let me know.
answered by Margreet Beers G2G6 Mach 3 (32.2k points)
Great to have you on the team Margreet!
Welkom en super dat je ons team komt versterken Margreet ! :)
+6 votes
I signed up for our Flying Dutchmen team - wahoo!

I do not have membership to any genealogy site, nor do I know Dutch, but give me specific instructions and let me lose! :D
answered by Dana Reale G2G2 (2.9k points)
Hi Dana, thanks for joining and great to have you on the team ! Just take a look at the Flying Dutchmen Team page where we have added some instructions and ...woohoo let''s all go lose and have some fun (22-24 April) :D
+6 votes
I just signed up for the Clean-a-Thon - I'd be happy to work with the Vliegende Hollanders.  Is it all right to do clean the profiles of some of my Colonial American ancestors at the same time, or should I only stick to Dutch profiles?  I have both to take care of.
answered by Bertram Sluys G2G6 Mach 1 (17.2k points)

Hi, it's a pleasure to have you as a member of our team Bertram ! 

We are all going to first work on our own personal DB error list, so yes if yours include Colonial American ancestors, it's of course ok to work on those as well, every error that's corrected is one little step closer to our accurate WT tree eeh . Just check our Team Flying Dutchmen page for the instructions ;) 

+5 votes
Hi Bea, I signed up and requested The Flying Dutchmen. Not sure how much I'll be able to help that weekend as likely in post surgery recovery mode but know I have plenty of DB errors to tackle. Glad to join this team!
answered by Cynthia Rushing G2G6 Mach 3 (31.6k points)
Hi and thanks for joining Cynthia, hope all will go really well of course and you're in my thoughts, so just take it easy and all the time you need, if you can't do much, don't worry and just enjoy the positive vibe of this great event, it's really giving everyone who's working on or watching it such a positive boost and energy, we have google hangouts as well, and they are lots of fun to watch, so if you need a positive vibe and boost, this really is the place to be !  

Love from the Netherlands and I'll add you to the list !
Thanks Bea, I just did a peek at my DB errors list and know where to begin.  Also thanks for the positive vibes idea- nice to know about google hangouts.
+7 votes
Hoi Bea you can count me in , what can i do

answered by Enoch Stuivenberg G2G6 Mach 2 (27.5k points)

Hoi Enoch super dat je ook weer van de partij bent en op onze team Vliegende Hollanders  pagina hebben we instructies geplaatst, maar zal het hier ook een beetje uitleggen we gaan allemaal beginnen en werken aan onze eigen error llijst of error report (die kun je vinden door op je eigen profiel met de muis boven je ID te gaan 'hangen' in het keuzemenu dat zich dan ontvouwt zie je staan Error Report als je daarop klikt zie je alle dingen die misschien gecorrigeerd moeten worden in jou stamboom) Niet al die error meldingen zullen ook echt Fouten/errors zijn, bij status kun je ze dan zeggen false error (hide forever) ..voorbeeld: de error Unique names of more than one name in name field,  is voor ons meestal geen error, Nederlanders kennen geen middle name en zullen dus heel vaak een of meerdere namen in het first name field hebben of bijvoorbeeld een voornaam + patroniem, die errors mag je dan dus bij status als false error melden zodat ze verdwijnen van de lijst . :)

Hoop dat het een beetje duidelijk is, zo niet ff zeggen he !

ik heb er zin in ! we gaan ervoor
Zeker weten, altijd leuk zulke met zoveel enthousiaste mensen he ! :)
+5 votes
Ik doe ook mee.

Ben bang dat ik wel heel wat foutjes in mijn eigen gegevens zal tegenkomen .... ;-)
answered by Johan Boonstra G2G4 (4.4k points)
Super Johan ik zal je toevoegen ! Dan heb je mijn mega error waslijst nog niet gezien :P

Goed nieuws dat jij er ook bij bent Johan! 

En die foutjes, het zijn er maar tachtig. 

En heel veel waar jij als Fries ook niets aan kunt doen: Unique names. Je verzint het toch ook niet, namen als Simkje, Joeke, Nammen....

+5 votes
I am sooooo sorry. I can t even find MY errors back........ Been away too long........ Give me a day to find things back. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..................... Missed you all!
answered by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (158k points)

Astrid there you are, girl we've missed you terribly...hahaha.. well don't worry about that, we'll show you the way eeh. Soo really happy to see you, we've really missed your happy head around here ! You can register Here so you'll get a badge and I'll add you to the list of course !

Welcome to the Team ! :D 

Hi Astrid,

Good to see you back again! 

You can find the error list for your own tree by clicking "Error Report" in the "Schellenberger-149" drop down menu.

Other error lists can be produced by entering parameters on WikiTree+. Example: Errors for all profiles managed by you.


Thank you both. Found it at the info site. And now also at the dropdown menu Jan. Thank you.



+3 votes
I'm in! I feel like I should know at this point but how do I see my error list?
answered by Andrew Van Duyn G2G6 (6.8k points)
Hi and welcome to the Flying Dutchmen Andrew !

It's (one way) explained at our team page, but you can also find it at the top of your own profile, next to My WIkiTree is your ID, 'hover' above it and in the dropdown menu you'll see : Error report (click on it and of you go :D )

Glad you joined us here !

And just in case, you also need to register and add an answer here to make sure you get a badge ! :)

+3 votes
Just registered myself for the coming weekend Spring Clean-A-Thon and wish to be a member of the Flying Dutchmen Team. Will concentrate on making the birth/death/marriage place names to be correct. Cheers Ludwig
answered by Ludwig Kraayenbrink G2G4 (4.9k points)
Hi Ludwig ,

Great to see you here as well and sounds wonderful,  I'll add you name to the list ! :)
+1 vote
Just enrolled with you guys. I have 'met' a lot of profiles in Limburg during the quest to connect the Prompers and Lousberg branches,so I will be cleaning in that corner of our flat country :D
answered by B. W. J. Molier G2G6 Mach 3 (36.9k points)
Woohoo B W J welcome to the team, I think I maybe should open the Clean-a-Thon 2018 chat eeh, this is the old one from last year ;) (I have a new chat G2G ready, but we are not supposed to open it to soon to prevent people are confused about where they should register)

Hier is de Flying Dutchmen Clean-a-Thon Team pagina ik zal je wel even toevoegen hoor :) 

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