How are double dates recorded?

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How are double dates, normally with the 1752 cutoff year, recorded?
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Assuming you mean "in date fields on profiles" - from : Date Fields

"If you see a date from the 1600s or 1700s that has a slash in it, e.g. 1718/19, use the later of the two dates, e.g. 1719."

Full double-dating can then be used in Biography section.

EDIT - though the reason for selecting the second of the two years indicated in a double-date isn't indicated, that (perhaps among other reasons) permits direct comparison of dates. E.g., colonial records may indicate that a child was born April, 1701, and another child Feb, 1701. Those are both Julian dates, and, because March was the first month of the year in England and her colonies until (as Larry mentions) ~1752, the child born Feb, 1701, was born after April, 1701, some 10 months after April of the same (Julian calendar) year. In their profiles, the birthdates should be recorded as April, 1701, and February, 1702, clearly indicating (by comparison) the order of their birth. The biography for the latter could then indicate that the child was born "February, 1701/2" or "February, 1701/02."

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How are GEDCOM dates converted?

For the actual wikitree code process used to import GEDCOMs, you may have to make contact with someone from the wikitree staff.

GEDCOM FAQ, however, references GEDCOM (standard) 5.5 and provides some information on date format.

If desired, you can look at the standard itself.

For a specific example of a GEDCOM imported with a double-date, the GEDCOM-created profile noted:

Date: 2 JAN 1573/74
Place: Ipswich, England

Could not parse date out of Birth Date (2 JAN 1573/74)."

The birthdate field in the generated profile was not filled in.

My experience during the past few days is that the date is "parsed" with the earlier date as opposed to the later date.  I have never had problems with cutoff dates at other online locations including mine, with thousands of cutoff dates.  I am finding many one-year discrepancies during GEDCOM merges apparently caused by some believing it is herein recorded in either one or the other date!

Hi Larry. You're right. I think there is an inconsistency between the style rule and what the GEDCOM import program does. The GEDCOM import process will try to parse a date if it can. I believe we made it smart enough to take 1573 out of "1573/74." We did not (yet) make it smart enough to take 1574 from that.
Thanks Chris,  I am pleased to get a short and correct response to my rather specific question :-)

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