Interested in Norway or have Norwegian Ancestry. Join us in the Norway project. [closed]

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One of our newer projects, the Norway project co-ordinates input and develops profiles of people originating from the lands of Norway.  If you have an interest in the history, culture and peoples of Norway, in any time period, you input will be valued.

Please post an answer below and follow the instructions on the project page at Project Norway.  We are currently building out or resource pages and our work list and if organisation is your expertise we could do with some help. 

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asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Doug Straiton G2G6 Mach 2 (20.2k points)
closed by Eva Ekeblad
Hi Lori -

  I own the local history books for Etne, the EtneSoga so will have a look in them. However all the churchbooks for Etne are online. If you know hos birth year you can probably find him in one of these parish registers:
Where do I start?  As far as what Info do I put into the search?
Sorry I've never looked into the history books for Norway, I tried searching just now but I'm not sure what to put in, so sorry for the hasle!  And thank you
Lori -

  Amos is not a Norwegian name so perhaps Aamund or ?

   The Tesdal farm (spelling not that relevant back then) is located in the Stødle local parish. Here are some of the online records for there:
I found an Aamund Tesdal born in 1844 married to a Martha - this record on GENI  which I seem to have created

birth record line 40 here

went to America in 1855

his father was Erik Sjursson b 1804 mother Barbro Amundsdotter Osvag  and they went to Amerika in 1855 also

listed here Etne-soga by Ståle Dyrvik, vol IV "Folket. Stødle sokn" p 366 Tesdal items 59e

send me a message and I can send you scans of those pages (but still under copyright so not postable online)
I would love to join the Norway Project!  I have many profiles originating in Norway.
I'm curious if I can add a profile of a child of Norwegian immigrants to the Norway project.  I only ask because I know certain profiles have Norwegian parents, but not enough sources to make separate profiles for them.
Hi Katy, I'm not sure if I understand the request.  Can you email me back with any detail and links and I'll have a look?  Drop a message to my page or use the private message off my profile please.
Grandfather from Norway and would like to join the Norway Project.  I'm a member of the Sweden Project and it was a great help with my Swedish Grandmother.
My mother’s family comes from Norway. I have a book that traces her lineage back through the Rustung and Orning line.  The book covers several different families as the family branches out.  Some of the family came from Oslo, and also from Eidfjord area.

I want have family heritage from Norway, that is why i joined Project Norway. My great great grandfather and his family go all the way back to Norway and we also have Swedish. I have studying the history of Norway and Denmark.

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I am from Norway, and I am especially working on families from Fræna, Romsdal (Malme, Holsæter, Kolnerg, Ukkelberg), from Nordmøre (Orset, Skei, Møkkelbostad, Vihals, Blakstad, Nekstad). I am also looking to find conections between my tree and my DNA matches.

answered by Trond Roger Oskars G2G Crew (580 points)
Hi Trond, great to have you on board.  I've assigned you the badge and sent you an invite to our group.  Don't have a DNA thread there yet so if this a speciality area you help will be much appreciated.
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I am a Norwegian and I have been doing Norwegian genealogy since 1997. I have my own genealogy site called [ Solumslekt], and have recorded close to 40,000 individuals, mostly from the Lower Telemark / Grenland area, in my own, self-developed database. For some years I have been looking for some way to share my data permanently on a collaborative basis, as the Solumslekt site probably will be discontinued when I'm gone. The WikiTree project seems to fit the bill well, as the focus appears to be on quality research.
answered by Leif Biberg Kristensen G2G6 (8.4k points)
Hi Leif, great news.  Welcome to the project.  I did exactly the same a while back and now use Wikitree and shut down my old portal.  Can I get you to drop onto the project page and then ask to join our forum.  You will have plenty of help and assistance for our group I feel sure.
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I'm an American Norwegian. Born in the USA (both my parents are Norwegian). Mainly with Norwegian ancestor, some Swedes and far back German/polish Nobility (Pommeren-Meckelburg). Currently living in Norway. Done genealogy 25+ years. ComputerGeek - IT Archivist @ Vestfoldarkivet. Member of The Genealogy Society of Norway (Slekt og Data).

Ancestors mainly in Telemark, Vestfold, Oslo, Akershus. My kids also have ancestors from Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag and Nordland
answered by Rolf Holte G2G Crew (670 points)
edited by Rolf Holte
Hi Rolf, thanks for the offer and welcome to our project.  Your expertise will be very welcome on the project.  Can I get you to drop onto the project page and join our forum.  There are a couple of threads in the group that you might be well placed to contribute.
Sure, go ahead
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My maternal great-grandparents immigrated to St. Croix County, Wisconsin from Leikanger, Sogn og Fjordane.  I have used and have some familiarity with Norwegian (and Swedish) parish records.  Also, I am trying to document my wife's Norwegian ancestry.
answered by Curt Carlson G2G Crew (730 points)
Hi Curt, welcome to the project.  Please join our community group and we can see where we can help.
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Doug Straiton

Thanks for asking, but for the time being I have more than enough with my Dutch genealogy.

answered by W B G2G Crew (470 points)
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If I may ask, why is google groups participation required?
answered by R Teschner G2G6 Mach 1 (15.8k points)

It's not required, per se, but it is where we bat ideas around before presenting them here on G2G. G2G is fine for a Q&A format, but it gets clunky for organizing ongoing conversations.

You would not be required to participate on the Google Groups side, but all ideas are welcome, and at the very least you can see what sort of conversations are going on. You can participate in the project without ever getting on Groups if that's what you prefer.

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( never mind )
answered by R Teschner G2G6 Mach 1 (15.8k points)
edited by R Teschner
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Very interested in this project as I have numerous family members from Norway and have actually discovered a 4th cousin through Wikitree.

Count me in


Randy Haugen
answered by Randy Haugen G2G Crew (320 points)
It's great to have you with us!

Incidentally, my great-grandfather emigrated from Norway and also took the name Haugen when he got to America--but I don't think we're related ;)

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I am new to WiKi Tree and am interested in becoming a member of this project.  My maternal grandmother, Gjertrud Saether (12/18,1880) immigrated to Michigan from Surnadal, Norway where her family had a farm.  She married Emit Tobias Vigland (7/13/1878) whose parents were from Vigeland Farm in Vest-Agder.  Our family has been to Surnadal, and kept in touch with relatives there over the years.  I am trying to get more information on the Vigeland side of the family as we do not know much about them.  Brick wall on that side of the family is Eilert Tobias Rasmussen (Aug 1757-17 Jan 1830 Vest-Agder, and Berthe Johanne Nicolaisdatter Vest-Agder.  I am in the process of figuring out how to upload my public family tree, Vigland, Sather, Stover.Haslinger to my WiKiTree.
answered by David Stover G2G Crew (350 points)
Welcome! Wikitree has changed their import process, so now it's much more labor-intensive, but it's totally worth it when you end up with a well-sourced family tree. I was one of the last ones under the "old" method and I still have a mess to clean up that I pick away at as I can.
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My mother's family was originally from Norway.  I am new to Wikitree and have only entered my Norwegians ancestors when they are in America onto my tree.  I would like to help or be helped.  How best to enter their names for example?  My mother's family settled in central Iowa from roughly 1850-1870.  Names include Sheldahl, Tesdahl, Anfinson, Fatland, Brown/Bryne/Johnson, Roe, and Britson.
answered by Lisa Trimble G2G Crew (320 points)

Funny you should ask about names. We recently changed the paradigm to "Patronymic as LNAB" (to the understandable consternation of some). You can read about the details in the Names section of the Project Norway FAQ.

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Ancestral lines from Norway:

  • Hagen from Trondheim, immigrated to USA 1893
  • Sperley from Sperle, immigrated 1883
  • Larson from Lier farm, Hedmark, immigrated 1882
  • Mathre from Skånevik, immigrated early 1800s
  • Larson from Holmedal, immigrated 1847
  • Rullestad from Skånevik, immigrated early 1800s
  • Skoga from Aksland, immigrated early/mid 1800s
  • Berg from ???, immigrated mid 1800s
and probably more. I've just started digging in.
answered by Elise Falk G2G Crew (730 points)
Hi Elise, great.  Welcome to the project.
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Hello,  I have some norwegian heritage through my paternal grandmother.  I've already edited and added some sources to profiles already made.  Thank you.
answered by Eric McDaniel G2G6 (6.1k points)
Thanks, and welcome to the project! We always have room for people who understand how to use the Norwegian digital archives.
Hi Eric!

I have awarded you the Norway badge - thanks for your patience.
Thanks Eva!
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I would so love to join this project.  My partner's surname is Ellefson, and I have traced his line back to Norway with Janida Thoresdatter Born  in Bergens, Prgj

My paternal line also goes back to Norway from the Hadsell (Hodsel) line

I am interested in delving deeper into those lines but would love to find some online resources that aren't based.

answered by Staci Golladay G2G4 (4.4k points)
Try It is open and free.

Welcome! I recommend Norway's Digital Archives for anyone researching their Norwegian relatives.

Hi Staci!

Thanks for your patience - you have the Norway badge now.
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My maternal grandparents came from Vestre Slidre, Oppland, Norway and I would like to join.
answered by Michael Stuhr G2G Rookie (290 points)

Welcome! See our project page for information on how to become part of the Project.

Hi Michael!

You have the Norway Badge now - thanks for your patience!
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I would like to join your project and love to volunteer for this one except I just started a new one alone.. Rowley Name Study.  Rowley was my mother's mother's maiden name.

On the other hand my father's father was Erik Paulsen Flamer from Norway. Before two generations in Bergen, they were all from Sogn og Fjordane, Norway and I too have the first 5 of the 10 local farm books, so can do look ups.

I was lucky in that my grandfather's brother brought him over a family tree back to 1602 or so. I also verified it with the Farm Books. Now I need to look at the people that were outside Sogn og Fjordane.

For ideas for the first page, you might look at or the page I just did at

I would especially like to see a Norway Researchers page.

answered by Judy Bramlage G2G6 Mach 2 (23.4k points)

Projects can be time-consuming, but you can also join if you'd just like to stay connected to the community here, and you can just volunteer for tasks as you are able.

And you can always tag your G2G questions here with the Norway tag and we'd be glad to lend a hand!

I will add norway to my list of tags to follow also. Yes, I do want to join.  Have you see the Smith_Research space? It is a great way to show end-of line ancestors with Resercher's names, though that might not apply hear with so many end-of-lines. Maybe just a list of researchers on a category page, like: Researchers,Norway_Place_Study (or whatever the study is called.  that makes it a subcategory. After you add the explanation of the page and tell people how to create in their own profile, it creates itself (See Researchers,Rowley_Name_Study). We could also use a Resources list on the main page or on another category page so that we can collect and not loose these good resources.  I have all sorts of good ideas.  Would you like me to try to implement any?

Sorry about the delay. While the list of researchers looks like a great way to organize a smaller group, I'm wondering if it might become unwieldy with a group working on an entire country. Also, since we're talking countries, the number of "terminal" ends (some of which are brick walls, some just haven't been researched further) far exceeds what happens when you're only chasing a single patrilineal line like Smith. I'm only half-Norwegian and I have 16 of 'em ;)

It's definitely an idea to keep in our back pocket, but for now, you can always tag any questions with "Norway" and we'll all be notified. We have a handful of members that are great about diving into research and translation when others have questions (and the others kick in quite a bit too!).

Oh, I know what you mean about having a lot of lines in Norway; I just haven't reviewed mine recently to see which I need to do more research on. My sister promised me $100 towards one of the Sogn Og Fjodane books I don't have, so my next problem is deciding which I get next. It's a gift for my 75th birthday and I'm hoping some others can add to it, so I can get the $200 necessary.  If not, I'll save slowly.

Would my building the Researchers page help? I can at least step up to what I suggest.  I could also build a BrickWall page and differentiate it from a page Needs Research. How does that sound?

I noticed that you are looking for a Biography page. Don''t you mean Bibliography page? And what is the difference between that and Resources page? I added Category:Norway_Farm_&_Family_Books to Category: Norway Genealogy Resources, but it came out as a subcategory rather than a page.How can I change it?


I looked at Birth, Death and Marriage Records; Norway, but I don't see any way to either correct the page or add to it, which I would want to do with the Farm and Family Books page. Also I have one to add to Birth, Death, and Marriage Records. How about

I'd hold off on the Researchers and Brick Walls pages for now. Doug will see your addition here and add you to the project and get you started with the Google Group we use. Once that's done, you can pitch the idea to the group.

On the Farm & Family Books list: You created a category, not a Space page, so that's how it became a subcategory. If you wanted something you create a list in, then you want to create a Free-Space Profile page.

I just looked at the Task list on the Norway Project page, and it does say bibliography, so I think we're fine there.

On the Birth, Death and Marriage Records; Norway page, I don't have privileges to edit it, and unfortunately we can't see who does. It was last modified in 2013 and is neither a Space nor a Category page. I suspect it predates any style guidance that it should be a Free-Space page, and is thus "owned" by WikiTree itself. I put in a G2G query for it--thanks for pointing it out!

I made it a category page because I knew other would be able to edit it. Is that true also of a Space page?

Correct--you can set the Privacy level for a Free-Space Page you create. I'd suggest Open Privacy--if for some reason a problem surfaces later with bad edits (not likely to for this subject matter), you can always switch it to Public.

The 4 privacy choices are:

  • Unlisted = doesn't even show up in searches
  • Private = can only be viewed & edited by members of the Trusted List
  • Public = anyone can view, but only the Trusted List can edit
  • Open = anyone can view, and anyone (who has signed the Honor Code) can edit.
Hi Judy!

Thanks for your patience. You have the Norway badge now.
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One of my great way up grandfathers was a prominent person in New Netherland in the early 1600s - Albert Andriessen Bradt from Fredrickstad Norway - facinating era - and he had a creek that goes into the Hudson somewhere below Albany named for him - the Dutch called him The Norman - and they called creeks "kills" so this creek was called Norman's Kill and it is still called that

answered by Navarro Mariott G2G6 Mach 6 (60.1k points)
That's pretty nifty! I noticed your other posts on the subject of their names & WikiTree conventions & project overlaps--hopefully that got answered to your satisfaction!
Hi Navarro! Thanks for your patience in waiting for the Norway badge - it's yours now.
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I would like to join the Norway project, I have Milzow-1 which I think came from from Iceland or Norway in my tree, also the Maynards became norsemen and settled in Normandy.
answered by Timøthy Broyles G2G2 (2.2k points)
Thanks for your long patience! You have the Norway badge now.
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I would like to help with Norway history and the early people of Norway, so I can learn more history about Norway. We have many people in our family from Norway and some of them are historical figure or nobility of Norway.
answered by Jennifer Brayton G2G3 (3.1k points)
Thanks for your patience! You have the Norway badge now.

There is currently a bit of a problem with the Google group for the project - but G2G is always fine for questions.
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I would like to help. I am particularly interested in Hallingdal and Rollag in Buskerud, where my paternal grandparents' ancestors hail from. Having said that, I still have a lot of work to do to bring the profiles I currently manage into style compliance! I'm on track now though, I believe, and see how much we can learn, benefit  and achieve by working together.
answered by Linda Rosendahl G2G5 (5.4k points)
Thanks for your patience! You have the Norway badge now.
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Hello. I am relatively new to WikiTree as a member and new to projects. I have a long line of Norwegian ancestors on my paternal grandmother's branch of my tree. I am familiar with using the parish registers and census records available online through the National Archives. I have ancestors in the Tingvoll, More og Romsdal area as well as the Horg and Støren, Sør-Trøndelag areas. I look forward to learning more through this group! Thanks!! Cory
answered by Cory Fulmer G2G1 (1.1k points)
Welcome to the project, Cory!

I have given you the badge.
There's a bit of a problem with the project discussion group at the moment, since there does not seem to be an active administrator to let us in.
Thank you, Eva! :)

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