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The Quakers Project exists to bring together WikiTreers interested in the Religious Society of Friends - the Quakers. The Quakers can be a very rewarding group to work with because they kept meticulous records and generally married within the community.  Project members work to identify repositories and other sources for Quaker records, manage profiles for historically significant Quakers and link individuals with Meetings to which they belonged.  If you would like to help build a collaborative environment for researching your Quaker ancestors, just Answer this question below and we will get you a badge.

in Requests for Project Volunteers by Andrea Powell G2G6 Mach 4 (42.3k points)
closed by Isabelle Martin
I descend from William and Sarah ( Shephard) Brazelton.
I just found this line a few days ago and have not had any more time to research just yet. This is the first I have see of my family in TN. Most were VA,KY,AL GA LA and TX

I will be sure to let you know if I find anything


I have a few in my line. If you need their names let me know
William Clayton sailed BEFORE William Penn.  He was the advanced scout for Penn & arranged land purchases from Native Americans and helped get things ready before the fleet arrived.

Currently on Wikitree, the ancestry for William Clayton connects to the de Clayton family.  This is erroneous and has been disproven by other researchers.  The ancestors of William Clayton were Quaker agitators and were imprisoned by the crown whereas the de Clayton family where nobles and supported the crown and Church of England.
Yes, MY Pierce/Peace family is from Pennsylvania.
You are correct.  The Claytons came to America in 1677 on the ship "Kent".  Wm. Penn arrived in 1682, on the ship "Welcome".  My ancestors - John Beals I, (who married Mary Jane Clayton) arrived in 1675 on the ship "Griffin".

I added the Quaker tag to my Quaker Ancestors I also found stories to help with there profiles.


Oh I found a land map and will through a cousin to my grandpa Paxson. I put him as Quaker and it so neat finding actual documentation on him this far back. Whoooo hoooo


Yes , William “The Irish Hammer “ Edmondson 1627 1712 my 9th Great Grandfather.

I found another Quaker in my family tree.


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I have Quaker ancestors and thought I was already a part of this group. I don't have a badge, however, and my name is not listed among the participants. What do I need to do to fix this? Thanks.


by Susan Wilson G2G6 (7.8k points)
selected by Lynden Rodriguez
Welcome Susan, I've added the project badge to your profile and you are officially in!  Do you have any special areas of interest?

Thank you Andrea, for fixing that. 

You asked a good question. I am already a member of the Nantucket project, and I probably will be inspired in other areas by what others have to say here.

I have the Quaker tag, but do not have the badge and not on the participant  list. Please add me. My Quaker ancestors are all from Pennsylvania.
Welcome Jean, I've added the Quaker project badge for you.  I also have Pennsylvania Quakers in my ancestry.
Thank  you Andrea. I believe we have Wilson ancestors in common, maybe others. All of my Quaker ancestors are from Bucks County.

Andrea Powell and Jean Adams, I descend from Willsons also. Samuel Wilson,Willson-73, is my fifth great grandfather on my mom's side. (Not to be confused with the single L Wilsons on my dad's side.)

Other Quaker names which come quickly to mind are Lamb, Gardner, Davis, Lundy, Macy, Ward, Stockton. Quite possibly there are more surnames and locations to be discovered.


I also have Willson as part of my Willetts line , and my dutch Snedeker line had some quaker too and later moved to n. Carolina, also Hinshaw, and other surnames; Lundy, Pike, Adams,  but they settled first on Long Island in the early 1600's then to New Jersey & N Carolina. but have not joined yet I don't think.
Looking at Susan's answer, I almost thought it was mine.   When I first saw the question about Quakers in my tree, my thoughts were the same.

I have a tag, but no badge.   I remember responding some time back to joining the Quaker project, so thought I was a member.   As I am thinking back, maybe it was when I responded to the Nantucket question, I got a response, so thought I was on the Quakers Project?????   Actually the Nantucket connection is with my daughter-in-law, on whose tree I am working, too.  My own Quaker surnames are Wright, Bowater, Wells, Jay, Mills, Coppock.  Most started in PA, then went to VA, NC, SC, OH, and IN.

I definitely want to join.......  as I said before, I thought for months that I was....

Joan Benton
Good morning Benton, you have been badged :)

When did your folks arrive in PA?
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I would love to join the Quaker project. I am already following the tag, but I don't have the badge. I have many Quaker ancestors, including Starbuck, Slocum, Mosher, Southwick, Allen and Mott.
by J. Salsbery G2G6 Mach 2 (29.2k points)
Welcome, I've added the project badge to your profile.  There were several Allen families among the Pennsylvania Quakers that settled with William Penn.  Are you related to that line by chance?

I descend from George Allen twice, thru his son Ralph and his daughter Rose. I don't think there is a connection to William Penn.

I have Quakers in my Maternal line from my great grand Mother  Core Alexander Robinson nee Evans. Her parents or Grand Parents were in the William Penn party in Rhode Island. She was raised in Pottstown  Pennsylvania. I would like to be part of this project but when I tried to enter Penn to join it went no where. I would like the badge please if you can. Thank you Alvie
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I have a line of Quakers in my family on my maternal grandfather's side.  His mother was a Mead.

I have the tag, but would like to be added to the badge list.


Marie Keeton
by Marie Keeton G2G3 (3.8k points)
Good morning Marie, the Quaker badge has been added to your profile.  Welcome.  Where were your Quaker families located geographically?
Thank-you, Andrea.  My family was in Pennsylvania, then Cecil, Maryland and Bedford, Virginia.
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I discovered that I had Quaker ancestors after joining wikitree. I have been reading and trying to learn more about them There is a meeting house 1 1/2 miles from me I knew that Quakers were abolitionists and have been very surprised to discover people in profiles I am working on were Quakers and slaveholders!!
by Anonymous Joslin G2G6 Mach 1 (14.2k points)
Welcome Michael.  It is always interesting what we find hiding behind the leaves up in the branches, isn't it?

We also have a Category for Quaker Abolitionists:

Maybe appropriate for some of your folks?
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I am tracing my Quaker Ancestors who came from Ireland. One came from Germany (it seems) and others had been in the USA for a couple of generations and I don't know where they originated. However, they all ended up in North Carolina. Surnames are: Pike, Hinshaw, Marshill, Moon, Mendenhall, Allen, Hobson, Jones, Adams and Weisner/Weesner.
by Jana Moorhead G2G Crew (320 points)
Welcome Jana, I have both Irish and German Quaker roots as well.  I found an interesting article on North Carolina Quakers here:
Thank you! That was interesting to read!
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Assuming I've got all the connections correct (still trying to confirm a few links), my 8th great grandfather was Thomas Lloyd (1640-1694) who was appointed as a lieutenant-governor under William Penn. Prior to coming to Pennsylvania, he had spent ten years in jail because he refused to swear an oath to the king, since doing so would be against his Quaker religion.

My 2nd great grandfather, Hiram Lloyd, was recorded as following the Quaker religion in the 1851 through 1871 Canada censuses, but in 1881 is listed as a Methodist. He married Ellen Hughes, who was descended from the Quaker John Hughes, who emigrated from Wales to Pennsylvania on the ship "Robert and Elizabeth." John Hughes is my 7th great grandfather.

So, I've got a fair number of Quakers on my tree.
by Pamela Lloyd G2G6 Mach 3 (39.5k points)
Welcome Pamela - I wonder if Hiram's "leaving" the Friends was recorded in the Meeting records?  They were meticulous record keepers and would have noted had he fallen out of unity and been disowned.  

Do you have a passenger list for "Robert and Elizabeth"?  Where records can be found, we have Categories setup for immigrant ships.  It can be fun to connect the profiles of those on the manifests.

We have started the effort on the the ships that came with William Penn:
Pamela, the McCarthy Loyalty Oath snagged more Quakers than Communists.
Hi, Andrea! The Robert and Elizabeth isn't among the ships listed as the Fleet of William Penn on WikiTree, although it had more than one family of Quakers aboard. As I am still in the process of confirming my links to some of those I believe to be my Quaker ancestors, I have not yet fully addressed the details of those who were part of the Quaker Migration.

Hi, Jo. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm not aware, at the moment, of any Quakers on my tree who were still alive during the McCarthy era, but if I find any, that will be something to look into.
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I have been researching the New Jersey Friends, in hopes of finding lineage to those who removed to Southeast Indiana. Dennis, French, Lippincott, and many others. I would be happy to help with this project.
by Honi Kleine G2G6 (7.3k points)
Welcome Honi, my Carver family (that arrived with the Pennsylvania Settlers) migrated to Indiana sometime in the early 1800's as well.  They landed in Wabash County, but didn't stay long.  The next generation continued on to Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho, Oregon and Washington (and that was just one couple!).
I too have Dennis ancestors who were New Jersey and or Buck, Pennsylvania Quakers that moved on to the (now) Niagara region of Ontario Canada.  As well I have Johnson ancestors who married into the Dennis line.  Here is a website that you can get some info on the Dennis line in Niagara, as well as a book you can buy.
Thank you for the link Tracey. I'd say definitely the same New Jersey family. Jeremiah Dennis b.1790 New Jersey, is my brick wall. He married Sylenia French 1818, daughter of Edward and Mary Wilkins, and they stayed very near her family until the death of her mother. They left NJ sometime after 1830 and and ended up in Dearborn Co, Indiana by 1840. Sylenia's father had been "unfriended" by the Quakers, over the British camping and looting his farm, before her birth. My Quaker ancestors names are Morris', Smith, Gardner and possibly Egelston.
I also have a transcribed word document with meeting minutes that I could send but I can't remember where I got it.  I can send it to you so it may help you in your research if you want.on the Niagara quakers and where they may have come from.  Let me know, Tracey
Thank you! I would appreciate the word document very much. You never know what sort of clue it could give :)
I just ran across an excellent source for the Canadian migration of Dennis' and others. Wanted to share!
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New to Wiki Tree and just found this interest group. Having many relatives who were Quakers, I cam very interested in participating with this group. One example" Lawrence (1594) and Cassandra Southwick (1598  ) who came from England and ended up being persecuted for their faith and banished to shelter Island In Long Island Sound where they died. There are several public documents detailing their lives here and it is quite interesting reading. I look forward to learning more.


by Susan Sloan G2G1 (1.3k points)

Welcome Susan - I had not read about the Southwick's that is quite a story.  Since my folks cam with William Penn in the 1680's, I've not done much research about the earlier Quakers.  It would be really interesting to hear more about the period.  I forget what a radical thing Quakers were to the Puritans and the level of persecution in America as well as Europe.

I've added Cassandra & Lawrence Southwick as Quaker Notables - Thank You!

Thank you for sharing this information publicly. I am still learning how to work within the system and how to share documents. I do have other info to share on other Quakers when physically able to do so. Your comments were greatly appreciated.
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I'm already in a Quaker project, is this a new one, or a revitalization of the existing one?

I had Quakers in my family through my paternal side, but then found out that my great-grandfather was actually adopted by his mother's second husband. But then I recently found that his biological fathers family was also Quakers, so, I'm back in business! :)
by Allison Mackler G2G6 Mach 5 (53.3k points)

Hi Allison, the Quakers Project is looking for a few coordinators to keep things going.  If you have a special project you would like to work on, other ideas for the group, or time to coordinate (communicate), I would love to chat.

I got started by working on the passengers that came with William Penn (Fleet of William Penn) and wandered off into the first several generations of Pennsylvania Quakers.

We have more work to do on the passenger lists, and would be interesting to do the same with the ships that came in the next few years.  There were a group of Quakers from Krefeld, Germany settled Germantown that I always thought would be interesting to work on.

I have a new position at work (basically just more work as far as I can tell) that has kept me busy and off the computer at home.  I keep waiting for things to level out, but that does not show signs of happening.  I'm also waiting for an anonymous benefactor to pay off my house so I can quit work and do genealogy.  Either one of those.  :)

I will definitely be continuing my new Quaker family line. I've been focused on Quakers that had moved from Pennsylvania into New Jersey that was related to my (now adopted) family line.

My 2x great-grandfather was born a Kinzey, but adopted by Pitmans when his mother remarried. I recently found that the two families went to the same monthly meeting!

I would love to trace my family back further to find out whether they were direct followers of Penn, or if they came over later. Would that work with one of the sub-projects? I'd definitely be up to helping out.

Maybe you and I have the same long lost, wealthy ancestor that left us an inheritance! LOL! Too bad we have to work, right! :)
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I believe I have Quaker ancestors, Edward Jones and Mary Wynn, who came to Pennsylvania with William Penn.
by Lewis Jones G2G Crew (320 points)

Welcome Lewis - looks like we have a mini-connectors project.  Edward & Mary (Wynn) Jones came on the Lyon, arriving in August of 1682.  We only have two of their 8 children linked (Jonathan and Evan).  Looks like we only need one or two links to connect with your Benjamin Jones.

The group from Merionethshire would also be interesting to work on.  There are several Welsh families that are inter-related, but often intermixed in the online trees.  There are a few generation of "ap Owen" and "ferch John" to untangle.  Some of them have profiles, and I suspect there is more than one set of duplicates out there.  We may need the help of the Wales project on naming conventions.

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Joining the Quaker Project

Weeks family of Cayuga and Livingston Counties New York.  

Weeks-1709  Robert Weeks and family.  

Jenkins family of Nantucket Island and Hudson, Columbia County, New York.  

Jenkins-8355  Abishai C. Jenkins and related families

Swain-1028 Coffin-1967 Bunker-175 Severance-3 Kimball-184

Finch-2718 Folger-42 Church-1451 Severance-38 Church-326 Northup-3

Swain-1029 Swett-1 Hussey-27


by Judith Ancell G2G6 Mach 1 (12.1k points)
edited by Judith Ancell

Welcome Judith - we must be related.  I am:

 2nd cousins 7x removed from Margaret (Swain) Jenkins

7th great grand niece to Ruth (Bunker) Coffin

3rd cousins 8x removed from Tristram Swain

Through my Bunker line in Nantucket.  Have you seen the Nantucket Founders and Descendants project?

It is always delightful to meet a cousin.  Especially one who is interested in good historical and genealogical research.  I will join the Nantucket Founders and Descendants project.  Thank-you for telling me about it.

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I'm searching Addison County, Vermont, where Quaker Street leads to the Society of Friends Cemetery and other streets are named after elders.  Sports teams would be the Non-Fighting Friends and the fight song: "We Don't !"

The McCarthy Loyalty Oath snagged more Quakers than Communists.
by Jo Gill G2G6 Pilot (110k points)
Welcome Jo - love the fight song "We Don't"!  And I have to ask about your profile picture - are those parrots on your head?
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I have many CUMBER Quaker ancestors in the 1700s (England) and 1800s (Guernsey, Channel Islands).
by Heather Kennedy G2G1 (1.6k points)
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My maternal Grandparents, Pinkney Anderson Flintom and Mary Woods Flintom, were both Quakers living in Durham County, NC but attended the Quaker Meetings in Guilford County.
by David Foster G2G Rookie (290 points)
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I keep discovering more Quakers in both my maternal and paternal lines - no one in recent generations were aware of this connection. Once you get the hang of the Quaker Meetings it is fun to do the research!  One of my lines are New Hampshire into Maine, while my paternal group were in Pennsylvania and migrated on to Ohio.

I would love to be part of this group.
by Doris Miller G2G6 (8.9k points)

I would like to join this project as I explore my Maine and New Hampshire Quakers. Many were part of the Dover NH group that formed becoming the majority of the town. I found it interesting that this happened about a hundred years after another ancestor was avidly driving out women who had left Boston .

Others are more traditional pattern in NJ/Penna moving on to Ohio.
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Thanks to WikiTree, I do know now that I had a few Quaker ancestors.  I've been able to expand my tree considerably.  Ancestors in Rhode Island were Quakers. My ancestors run the gamut from most western European countries and the religious customs of that area.  Have Huguenots, Anglican, Dutch ancestors, but Catholic ones came in later emigrant waves.  Fascinating!
by Adryen DeLorenzi G2G Crew (890 points)
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I have a broad array of Quaker ancestors along numerous lines -- some of the more prominent surnames being -- Johnson, Hadley, Lindley, McGrew, Evans, Davis, Townsend, Embree, Harlan, Michener, Pennington, Newlin, Clayton, Jordan, Copeland, Brasseur, Winslow, Cleaver, Wilson, White. Some locations of interest -- Long Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Chester County, Adams County, Westmoreland County), Virginia (Isle of Wight), North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, California.
by Allen McGrew G2G6 Mach 1 (11.9k points)
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I do not see a question to answer. But, I am a Quaker from Bucks County, PA, and have extensive Quaker ancestry. I am even a descendant of Thomas Stackhouse (who built many of the Meetinghouses. When I am up home, I attend Fallsington Monthly Meeting.
by Michelle Lowrie G2G1 (1.7k points)
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Yes, I am descendant from Quakers Prickett.
by Kieth Martin G2G Rookie (290 points)
+3 votes
Yes -

US/North America: maternal Haines and Woolman

England: paternal Chant & Benwell
by S Brooks G2G6 (6.1k points)

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