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Ancestor List:

I am not quite sure what the original intent of the Ancestor list was when it was creator?

First off I am having a wonderful time utilizing it and working to fill in my missing ancestors, one generation at a time.

A.  I would have thought the program would have been designed to take those ancestors that do show up on my list and plug them into the numbers appropriate for them to fill.  I am manually writing them into the higher level spots where they would go.

As an example:  #2 is my father Ferdinand Earl Fritz, his mothers name is printed in #5 Nina Sophia Nickerson, it states she is the mother of #2 so I have to write in my fathers name.   (shouldn't the computer print his name there?).

B. This scenario is carried on throughout the generations and provides a profound easy to follow example of how all the family members are tied together.

I have no idea how many others are utilizing this document, but it is an excellent tool for families to show their children how their family all fits together.

Just wanted to give my thoughts.

in The Tree House by Taylor Worthington Gilchrist G2G6 Mach 8 (84.5k points)

I assume your are talking about the table created by (for example, this chart for my great-grandmother).

If your ancestors are connected to their children and parents, they should show up in the appropriate slots on your report. Is that not happening for you?


I think it's a question of which spot the program is written to read on the profile page.  The profile Name title which contains the year

Nina Sophia (Nickerson) Fritz (1900 - 1983)  

Or the first line of the profile which is the name:

Nina Sophia Fritz formerly Nickerson

These are different yet represent the same person Nickerson_1143

while her sons profile shows her name as Nina Sophia Nickerson.


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It doesn't put names in there because the numbers are clickable and go to the person in the list.  For instance, in my Ancestor list, my father is #3.  His mother is #5, and it says against her name she is the mother of 3.  "3" is clickable and goes back to my father.  So I don't have to rewrite his name.

It is different if you have printed it out, as it is with anything printed out.  If I have put a URL in there, then you can 'click through' when it is on screen, but when it is printed out, you can't, and no software I know of will call it by a different name.
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
I see what your saying about being clickable.

Thank you very much


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