Who are the parents of Per Persson Berglund (30 Sep 1812 Piteå, Norrbotten, Sweden)?

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Looking for the parents of Per Persson Berglund, 

Born 30 Sep 1812 in Pitholm, Piteå lfs, Norrbottens län, Norrbotten, Sweden.

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I also put down the same amount of work on a man born 1812 yesterday, think he is listed with the wrong parents because someone misread a moving certificate probably 6/1 should have been 6/7.

If I cant find a trail for the person I'm searching for or lose track of him I usually check Sveriges Befolkning 1880-1920 and I search for a sibling. In this case I searched Bergström Norrbotten 1814 (since that is approximately distance in years between children) and I found  a possible brother Erik. Another possible brother born 1810 is Johan. None of them have any birthplace listed but they live in Piteå landsförsamling. Sometimes you get lucky and they never moved far away from home and is easy to trace back in time.

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I think I found him. There was some misleading info along the way - his birth date had been mistranscribed when he moved. This is what I did:

Working backwards from when he lived in Pitholm with first wife, all sources accessed via Arkiv Digital

Per Persson Berglund marriage to Anna Fredrika Marklund 3 Nov 1836 (3/11 1836) Living in Strömåhs but native to Piteå Stad
Piteå stadsförsamling C:2 (1823-1841) Bild 119 (AID: v138719.b119, NAD: SE/HLA/1010155)

Per Persson (Berglund added here) living in Stjärnan 59-60 Piteå
born 30 Sep 1812 (30/9 1812); moved in from Pite landsförsamling 1834, moved out to Strömnäset
Piteå stadsförsamling AI:3a (1832-1841) Bild 213 / sid 204 (AID: v138686.b213.s204, NAD: SE/HLA/1010155)

Per Persson (no Berglund) moved out as #62 to Piteå stad. 2 Nov 1834 (2/11 1834) Born 30/3 1812 (so maybe born in March?)
from p. 204 (hidden in the clutter at the bottom)
Piteå landsförsamling B:1 utflyttningsbok (1833-1860) Bild 77 / sid 73 (AID: v138636.b77.s73, NAD: SE/HLA/1010154)

So maybe this is him:
30 Mar 1812
Pehr born to bonden (farmer) Pehr Jonsson in Håkansön and its wife Christina Eriksdotter
Piteå landsförsamling CI:7 (1804-1815) Bild 130 / sid 250 (AID: v138647.b130.s250, NAD: SE/HLA/1010154)

Working forward from there:

Håkansön #16 (1807-1817)
bonden Pehr Jonsson 1779
hustrun Christina Eriksdotter 1777
Pehr born 30/3 1812 is #5 of 7 children
Piteå landsförsamling AI:4e (1807-1817) Bild 84 / sid 72 (AID: v138579.b84.s72, NAD: SE/HLA/1010154)

Håkansön #16 (1817-1825)
Pehr still in the household of his parents
Piteå landsförsamling AI:5a (1817-1825) Bild 73 / sid 63 (AID: v138580.b73.s63, NAD: SE/HLA/1010154)

Håkansön #16 (1826-1833)
Pehr moves out
Piteå landsförsamling AI:6a (1826-1833) Bild 195 / sid 191 (AID: v138585.b195.s191, NAD: SE/HLA/1010154)

Pehr Pehrsson b. 30/3 1812 goes to work at Håkansön #13
Piteå landsförsamling AI:6a (1826-1833) Bild 191 / sid 187 (AID: v138585.b191.s187, NAD: SE/HLA/1010154)

Pehr Pehrsson 30/3 1812 dräng at Håkansön #13 - moves to Pite stad 2/11 1834 Piteå landsförsamling AI:7a (1835-1843) Bild 211 / sid 204 (AID: v138587.b211.s204, NAD: SE/HLA/1010154)

So this connects with the moving-out book; I'm convinced it's him.

by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (409k points)
selected by Erik Granstrom
First off thanks for your research everyone!!!!

I would say this has been a success story.  I just added in Per Persson Berglund's parents and figured I would check out family search as well.  When BAMN!!! Both his parents are already entered into family search as a couple with four paternal generations already listed!!!

So we have Per Persson Berglund, son of Pehr Jonsson, son of Jon Samuelson, son of Samuel Larsson, who is a son of Anders Andersson.  Resident of Pitea, Norrbotten, Sweden in the early 1700s.  

Also another connection back to the Bure family on one of the maternal sides!

Thanks again for your help Eva!!! YOU ROCK!

Thanks! Big grin :-)

I didn't check familySearch, because I knew you would.

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Per Persson Berglund was probably not born in Pitholm, which is in Piteå landsförsamling (rural parish). I don't find him in the birth book at or near the given date. Possibly he was born in Piteå town, but there is a gap in the birth records there from 1806 to 1823 (looks like they lost a whole notebook).

When Per Persson Berglund married Christina Larsdotter, he was a worker from Pitholm, she was a farmer's daughter in Håkansön (where they settled). Piteå landsförsamling EI:4 (1831-1854) Bild 32 / sid 27 (AID: v138664.b32.s27, NAD: SE/HLA/1010154)

When they are first in the book for Håkansön, there is a scribble that makes it possible to figure out where to find him in Pitholm. Piteå landsförsamling AI:7a (1835-1843) Bild 214 / sid 207 (AID: v138587.b214.s207, NAD: SE/HLA/1010154) - and in Pitholm you discover that he was a widower when he married Christina. Piteå landsförsamling AI:7b (1835-1843) Bild 64 / sid 458 (AID: v138588.b64.s458, NAD: SE/HLA/1010154)

His first wife was Anna Fredrika Marklund, born in 1809 and dead 7 March 1840. They had two boys, both named Johan Peter, neither lived to be two months old. They were married in 1835 and came to Pitholm from Piteå town in December 1836.

References are to books provided by Arkiv Digital.

Maybe with the names you can find something at FamilySearch?

by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (409k points)

Thank you for your research Eva!

I see on the Geni profile for Per Persson Berglund is has a short biography that has his registered place of birth listed as: Piteå National Assembly Norrbotten County.


"Per Persson Berglund

Även känd som,

Peter Berglund

f. 1812 i Piteå landsförs (Norrbottens län, Norrbotten)

fadren Gift man, far i familjen

Håkansö Piteå landsförs (Norrbottens län, Norrbotten)

Registrerad födelseort: Piteå landsförsamling Norrbottens län

Post 1880-25-1-3008"

Google translates Piteå landsförsamling as Piteå National Assembly. This is wrong. I have translated landsförsamling as rural parish - which is an approximation of what it means. I think socken and församling both translate as parish (as does pastorat). Those are the kinds of distinction that are so tied to the administrative organization of a country that they just don't translate well. Piteå landsförsamling is a lands-församling to distinguish it from Piteå stads-församling, which is for Piteå town. Almost all towns had two parishes like this, when they weren't big enough to have more than one parish within the town, and perhaps several parishes around, with their own names.

Arkiv Digital use Congregation for "församling"

Well, if you follow the link they use parish/congregation.

I would also use congregation if talking about people who joined a Methodist congregation or a Baptist congregation etc.

It doesn't feel quite right to use congregation for the administrative unit keeping the books keeping track of the whole population. Not that Google translate is the final authority, but the clusters they have selected for the two terms agree quite well with my sense of the meanings in this case:

congregation = församling, menighet, kongregation, samling
parish = socken, församling, pastorat, kommun

I think congregation relates to the religous activity of the församling while parish relates to the civil administrative side. Which is what we are dealing with as genealogists.

@Eva for me you are the final authority until I have proven you are wrong...

If I check Sweden:_The_Parish_(Socken) it looks like they don't translate it...

  • In 1862 the old “socken” was turned into two separate entities – one civil and the other ecclesiastical. The church community was known as the “församling” and the civil jurisdiction or rural municipality was known as “kommun or landskommun”..... 
1862 - that's practically yesterday, where I'm concerned ;-)

I'm not surprised that they don't translate it. Always difficult with the entities of societal organization, because they don't match up between different countries.

That's why you may overhear conversations in Arabic or Tamil or whatever on the tram, and suddenly you'll recognize a Swedish word like Skatteverket or studiedag in the middle of the flow.

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I found a listing for a Per Persson Berglund b. 1818 and d. 1891.  And has listed Far: Per Olsson (1736 - 1818), Mor: Ingrid Eriksdotter (1741 - 1812).

Does anyone think these could be the correct parents?  It looks like this family is in a different part of Sweden.  It is probably not related but I thought I would post it.  Here is the link: http://www.kenalexis.se/p7ea13082.html
by Erik Granstrom G2G6 Mach 2 (28.3k points)
The Per Persson Berglund in that link was born 1781, son of Per Olsson & Ingrid Eriksdotter. He and his wife Brita Andersdotter had a son, Per Persson born 1818.
Different part of the country. https://kartor.eniro.se/m/6D26m

And not the same birth year, as noted by Gerry.

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