Proper manner to handle name change on entry to religious order

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For those who enter upon a religious life and take a new name, what is the proper way to document these names on wikitree?



I have several great aunts that became nuns in the teaching order of the school sisters of Notre Dame, and numerous others relatives entering religious life  throughout my tree.

I don't know if any legal process is involved in their taking of a new name, but they were known for the majority of their lives by the names they chose upon taking their vows.  I think some if not all were buried under markers that used the chosen names.

The title of "Sister" seems almost a part of their new name, that's how they were known to us.   E.G. Sister Mary Amata, Sister Eligius, Sister Maria Dolores, Sister Mary Herbert.

I think I'd put these names under preferred name, with the title, as the title "Sister" is not part of their given name, but how they addressed each other and how we addressed them.  

I am also inclined to put the full double name (when they have a double name) in the preferred name, or at least keep them together in one slot..  

I am bringing this up because of some changes made in the wake of the clean-a-thon.  One was put into a nickname.  It's not a nickname.  

I have others in the tree who also entered religious life .. some entered the priesthood -- Father and Reverend are easy enough to prefix and put in - and these I am comfortable with placing in the prefix slot.  

A great uncle also became a Brother, but it seems the convention in that order was just to add the title "Brother" and to keep the given name.  I imagine it varies.

So, is there already write-up or convention for these on wiki tree?
in Policy and Style by Michael Maranda G2G6 Mach 6 (66.1k points)
Hello, Michael!

My viewpoint seems to coincide with yours.

Sister/Brother are basically job titles (like Reverend or Doctor) and should be in the Prefix field. The names (even if 2 or more are used) they used "on the job" are their Preferred Names and belong in that field.

I don't believe WikiTree has set a specific "religious naming standards" style guideline, but these instances seem to me to fit within the general guidelines as per our common viewpoint.

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There does not seem to be a specific direction for those who have taken religious orders..  But you have the preferred name field which you can use and the other name field which you can also use.  I would put it in the preferred name because they have selected that name.  But I would definitely put a note in the BIO.
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (612k points)
edited by Laura Bozzay
A quick edit of "not" to "note" (your last sentence) may be in order, Laura!!
Thanks Lindy,  new keyboard and I notice I hit a key and it is not registering...  I missed that one!    I had to rehit keys at least 6 times in this small response.  sigh.....

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