Do these Eurogenes Admixture Proportions prove or disprove family oral history?

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I am trying to prove or disprove family oral history of Native American ancestry. I found these Eurogenes Admixture utilities at that seem to show my DNA may have Native American DNA, but I would like to ask those who have more expertise if they would look at these attachments and tell me if they prove or disprove my families oral history of Native American ancestry? Thanks for any help?



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Sorry John, I can't see the attachments.  They require a login at FTDNA.  I have tried my login, and it didn't work --  maybe it needs your login?  Is there somewhere else you could post those pdfs?

Are you at  i could look there if you give me your kit number.


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Shirlea Smith, I have uploaded the Eurogenes Admixture attachments to Google Drive. Maybe you and others can view them now.

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This depends. There is a --- under Amerindian, but there is a small amount of West Asian (Turkic) which sometimes is actually Amerindian that registers as Turkic. (I have a large portion of Turkic ancestry that sometimes registers as Amerindian.) Do you have a reason to have Turkic DNA?
by Dina Grozev G2G6 Mach 4 (44.7k points)

Dina Grozev, I am not sure if I have Turkic DNA. I have uploaded the Eurogenes Admixture attachments to Google Drive. Maybe you and others can view them now.

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Admixture results do not prove or disprove your ethnicity.  Think of them more as guides to possibles based on known population clusters.  And that can change as more and more samples are entered into the systems being used.   What you will need to do is to work from them and with the paper records of your known ancestors.  There are some really good places now to research Native American history.  That was not always the case.  It helps if you have a specific area / tribe you think you might connect with.  The Cherokee have a large library in Oklahoma.

When one of my relatives was adopted both the US Child Welfare Act and that of the Cherokee Nation were cited.  That leads me to believe my much loved adopted relative may have some Native American ancestry.  I have never heard of both of those being invoked in any other adoption I know about.  

Some Native American sources that might be of hep to you:

As to the genetics:
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (577k points)

Laura Bozzay, thanks for those links. I have some ancestors that applied to the Guion Miller Rolls, they are related to the person who family lore says was part Cherokee, but they were denied inclusion to the Guion Miller Rolls, as they did not provide enough proof.

I will look at those links you provided.

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GEDmatch's Eurogenes K13 reveals that 3.9% of your chromosome 11, 4.1% of your chromosome 20, and 4.8% of your chromosome 22 most closely matches Amerindian.  I believe that strongly supports your oral history of Native American ancestry.  

If you had a strong suspection as to which ancestor (likely a female) was Native American then you could have a direct maternal line descendant take a mtDNAPlus test.  The results would clearly reveal if that ancestor was Native American or not.

Sincerely, Peter
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Thanks, Peter Roberts. I think that settles the oral history. Thanks for your expertise in viewing my files.The Cherokee comes through my parental line, Sarah Fawbush was married to my gg grandfather John Hale. Sarah Fawbush is who my father said was part Cherokee. I also traced my father's mother's line (Cooper) to Pocahontas, through records on other families trees at If those records are correct, then the DNA may point to the Powhatan's or to my gg grandmother's Cherokee roots. 

Peter, thanks again for all your help and your knowledge.

Pocahontas' descendants are extremely well-documented, but not on Ancestry where she has hundreds of mythical relatives.  The best on-line source is or you can find Stuart Brown's book (1995) 'Pocahontas' Descendants' in a library.  This is considered the accurate and authoritative source.
Thanks, kpf, I have already checked out the website you provided and have contacted David Morenus. I am looking for the book at local libraries.

Depends which part of Sarah Fawbush was Cherokee then.  It it was her father's side, an mtDNA test on a female-line descendant won't help.  You'd need a female-line descendant of her paternal grandmother.
Thanks, RJ Horace. It has always been assumed that it was her mother.

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