Do you have any great WikiTree stories?

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Because of WikiTree I have just come into possession of my fourth great Grandmother's Bible. This is her: A woman from California (I'm in New York) did an internet search for the name and because I am listed as the profile manager she contacted me. We have had a great correspondance in the last few weeks and she mailed the Bible to me with only the understanding of reimbursment for shipping. My family is completely bowled over by her generosity and at having this priceless family artifact back and it is all thanks to WikiTree and the excellent service they provide, and now we have a forum to shout its praises to the world! I'll be posting pictures of the Bible and unraveling some of the genealogical mysteries it contains in the next few weeks. There are lots of unfamiliar names in it which makes it even more special. Thanks again WikiTree, hopefully other members of the community have stories that are just as great or better.

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Nathan, this is wonderful! I am so happy to hear this. My great-grandmother's family bible is one of my most treasured possessions.

Thank you so much for posting this and starting the thread. Karen's answer below is amazing. It really means so much to hear these stories. They help motivate me. I know other WikiTreers feel the same way.
Faith in humanity restored. Beautifull story.

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I have a story! It started in November 2013. I had just joined WikiTree two months before. I was contacted by a retired professor from the University of California - she had been working with the correspondence of an astronomer from the late 19th century. In her retirement, she decided to compile and annotate the correspondence for others interested in the field. In the letters there was mention of a DE Packer. She contacted me through a google search of the name and asked if DE Packer was the same David Elijah Packer, my great grandfather.

I told her I had no idea. He had died in England the same year my mother was born in Canada - I knew nothing of my great grandfather. My sister told me she remembered our mother telling her something about him discovering a star. But with such flimsy anecdotal evidence, it didn't seem we would get very far.

Early this week, thanks again to WikiTree, I was contacted by another researcher, this time in the UK, who not only knew that DE Packer, was indeed my David Elijah, but also had a great deal of information about him and his work. David Elijah had over 100 letters published in a scientific journal, and the "verible cluster" (some kind of astronomical phenonemon) that he discovered - that has hithertofore gone without a "discoverer" named - may soon carry his name.  And the first researcher will now appropriately footnote her research to give credit to my great grandfather, an avid amateur astronomer and photographer, who - though often wrong in his theories - helped advance the cause of science, and will now be recognised for such. I am beyond pleased.

Expect to see [[Packer-454|David Elijah]] nominated for "profile of the week" just as soon as I get to writing up his fascinating story.
by Sheila Smail G2G6 Mach 2 (22.3k points)
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Sheila I just had to respond to your amazing story - it certainly is one for the wikitree list of super stories, I am sure that I will be one of the many waiting for the 'profile of the week' entry, truly wonderful

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Where do I begin?! A year ago, WikiTree was the catalyst that brought my father's second cousin (in Ukraine) and I (in California) together. Two months later, my husband and I travelled to meet him and his family. We saw the 300 yr old wooden church where my grandparents were baptized, toured the village, visited the archives and met the 84 yr old archivist who single-handedly saved the village records from being burned during the Communist invasion. Before that day I never knew my grandmother was 1 of 7 children. I learned my grandmother's surname means 'mouse catcher' and my grandfather's surname means 'beautiful face' and both originated in that village. I Facebook with newly found relatives in France. My father's sister, our family matriarch has just given me the greatest gift I could possibly hope for - the letters my grandparents exchanged with their Ukrainian relatives and the historical family photos. I am now seeking a translator to transcribe them so I can share them with my cousins and possibly start a blog. I could never have come so far in my research without WikiTree. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
by Living Kroslowitz G2G1 (1.1k points)
Wow, Karen. This story is beautiful. Months ago you posted the first part on our Facebook wall. Just the part about making the Ukrainian connection. I thought it was so great that I put it on
Then last month I put it on a PowerPoint slide to have displaying in a rotation on a monitor behind the WikiTree booth at RootsTech. I'll have to e-mail you an image of the slide.
This is SO cool! That is a great series of events. Can't wait to hear from more people.
I think all of us secretly hope to one day have a story to tell as wunderfull as yours.
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Paul Bech just posted this on Facebook:

I received an email from a police officer who found the history of my g-g-g-grandfather who died 160 years ago in the performance of his duty and he wants to hold a memorial service at the end of September in Mudgee, NSW, as part of commemoration of 150 years of the NSW Police Dept. I think it is fantastic that he should be so remembered after so many years.
And thanks to Wikitree for making this find possible.

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
+5 votes was the catalyst that brought my father's second cousin (in Bell Island, Newfoundland) and I (in Massachusetts) together. I hope to meet him and his family in the near future.  It would have been alot harder to come as far in my research without And now I have some pictures of my Newfoundland relatives and I am in contact with other relatives from my mother's side as well. Thank you!

by Living Fitzgerald G2G4 (4.5k points)
Thanks for posting this, Joe!
You're very welcome.

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