How do i make my profiles moreand pages more presentable

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Hope everyone is  having a good weekend.  I have been going thru many  pages   here on  wiki tree, looking  for a topic.  Im wanting to know  how  can i make  my bio  more  presentable? making my whole profile presentable also like putting pictures    on the bio, colors  etc

thank you  ahead of time



in The Tree House by Deborah McDonald G2G6 Mach 1 (17.6k points)

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Hi Debbie,

:) FIrst: The best way to improve your profiles is asking! And you did!!! Thank you so much.

As I started at WikiTree, and I am from the Netherlands - (so I am sure I will make spelling and language mistakes too :) ) - I was asked the first weeks at WikiTree to join the Dutch_Roots_Project. As I was new I hesitated. I m just a hobby genealogist. But I jumped in the Project and learned so much. Mostly because the leader of the Dutch_Roots_Project is such a nice and patient lady.

This is not about me. Just pointing that if you re interests are somewhere close to a Project feel free to join. And keep asking!!!

Now what you would like to add to which profile. We can help you to make references, how to add images. We can make examples to one of your profiles if you like so you can see at your edit page how it's done.

I even think there are several example profiles. If you click on the edit page of a profile you like you can see how things are added like images or references.

Please share a profile you like some help on and I am sure  many will love to help you. There are many friendly people here to help everyone.

Kind Regards from the dark (bedtime) Netherlands.

by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (224k points)
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Debbie, since there is not a single style that suits everyone this can be a tough question to answer directly.  Everything can be done with relatively few wiki markup tags and commands.  See also these editing tips.

Of course, it is hard to read these help pages and intuitively know how to make a page look good.  The best way to learn a style of biography that looks good to you is to find pages that you like, click the edit button, and look at the code used to make the page.  If you see a table you like or a picture formatted the way you want yours to look, copy-paste it into you own pages and play with it.  I think you will see that you very quickly learn pick up exactly how to make your biographies look exactly like you want them to.

by Joe Cochoit G2G6 Pilot (216k points)

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