Hello, Is there a way to unlink John Whitney (Whitney-547) as the son of Ketchens-2.

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Hello, I there a way to unlink John Whitney (Whitney-547) as the son of Ketchens-2.  John Whitney's mother is unknown.  Henry Whitney (John's father) married Sarah Salmon (Widow of Edward Ketchum) after his 1st wife (Unknown name) died.
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What actually needed to be done here was not disconnection of John Whitney's parents, but rather to change the LNAB of John Whitney's mother from Ketchens to Unknown. Now that you've created a new profile for her with LNAB of Unknown, that can be accomplished by merging the Ketchens profile to the new Unknown profile. I initiated that by proposing the merge.
answered by Ellen Smith G2G6 Pilot (891k points)
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Yes - the PPP (Project Protection) would need to be removed in order to do this - however, it would be best to discuss this change with the current profile managers before doing this. I would send them a message or post on the profile itself what you propose, present your evidence, and then we should be able to get this change completed. I don't see a specific project associated with this PPP, so I can only assume the current profile managers had this put in place specifically to protect the parents from being changed.
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Thank you Scott, I have posted the question on the profile itself.  Hope I will hear back from the project managers.  Thank you for the help.
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John's mother was Sarah Salmon Ketchum.

Henry married secondly, after 8 Jun 1655, Sarah (Salmon) Ketcham, daughter of Christopher and Anne (Taylor) Salmon and widow of Edward Ketcham of Stratford, CT. That she was the widow of Edward Ketcham is proved by a suit brought on 11 Jun 1660 by Henry1Whitney against Joseph Whitmore for stealing the affections of his wife's daughter, Sarah Ketcham. Her birth date and place, presumably England, and death date and place, probably Norwalk, CT, are unknown. Several unreliable sources place her baptism as 9 Jul 1608, Laxton, Nottinghamshire, but that child died in 1612. Presumably she was a second daughter of the same name, and born after 1612, but her baptism has not been found.


History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, Volume 1

edited by Donald Lines Jacobus




answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (360k points)
Exactly, There is no dispute that Henry married Sarah Salmon (Widow of Edward Ketchum) as his 2nd wife.  John Whitney was born in 1645 to Henry while Sarah Salmon was married to Edward Ketchum (who didnt die until 1655)  How can she be the mother of John Whitney (born 1645) and be married to Edward Ketcham and having children with him?

U.S., New England Marriages Prior to 1700 shows that Henry Whitney married his 1st wife around 1644.  Then it shows that Henry married his 2nd wife SARAH KETCHAM (Widow of Edward) around 1660.  That would make John Whitney 15 years old when his father married Sarah.  The link is below.

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The John Whitney profile is almost entirely sourced to published genealogies from the 1880s. The Donald Lines Jacobus publication that Eddie King linked to would be a much better secondary source, and it's likely that some records are available online.
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Thank you Ellen,

The link below shows more as proof that Sarah Salmon could not be John's mother as he would have been 15 years old when his father Henry married her.

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I apologize, I am new and do not quite know how to get the links to work.  I am a ancestry.com subscriber and did not realize that I could see the record but not others unless they were a subscriber as well.  I will work on trying to get the link up.

Below is from the same source that you posted (PAGE 359) , showing that Edward Ketchum did not die until around 1655, which would make John Whitney around 10.  Unfortunately I cannot post the "New England Marriages Prior to 1700" showing Henry and Sarah's marriage to be around 1760 as Ancestry is not a free site.


Posting URLs and uploading images aren't the only way to share genealogical information. We can describe and quote the information we find in a record. (But quotations should be limited -- don't violate copyright protection.)

Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700 (the source of that Ancestry database) has two marriages for Henry Whitney:

  • WHITNEY, Henry (?1620-1673) & 1/wf ____ ____; by 1644; Southold, LI/Huntington, LI/Jamaica, LI/Norwalk, CT 
  • WHITNEY, Henry (-1673) & 2/wf [Sarah (____) KETCHAM], w Edward; by 1660; Southold, LI 

Note that Torrey's work is not a primary source. Donald Line Jacobus' Fairfield Families publication is one of the sources he cited.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Ellen, I appreciate it very much.

The fact that Sarah's 1st husband did not die until after John Whitney was born, I believe is sufficient evidence that she was not his mother.

I will follow your guidelines in the future, again thank you for taking the time to help me.
Donald Lines Jacobus (one the of "greats" of genealogy) identifies John Whitney as the son of Henry's first wife, whose name (first and last) is unknown. Sarah was the second wife.
Ellen, I sent you a private message.  Not sure if you got it :)

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