Introducing the Military Challenge!

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Hello everyone!  There's been some new challenges popping up on WikiTree lately, and here's another! :)

The Military Challenge is different from other popular WikiTree challenges in that everyone will be working on a predetermined list of profiles.  

Before you go any further, read this page for a longer description of how the challenge works and a detailed breakdown of the points:

One month from now, the points will be tallied and the winner will be given a badge!  On June 15th, the points will reset to zero for the next challenge.  The list of names won't reset after a month--only the points.  The names will be refreshed every few days as challenge participants successfully connect them to the tree.

If you want to participate in the challenge, please post an Answer to this post, and get to work on the profiles!  Continually edit your answer and add comments to post the work you've done.  (You can see how this is done here).  I will also check the profiles every few days to tally contributions myself, so you don't have to worry about missing anything.

You can type followed by the ID listed in bold to get to the profile pages.

EDITED TO ADD:  OUR FIRST CHALLENGE IS OVER!  Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to our winner, Amy Kelly!

Please comment here with your input about the future of the Military Challenge:

United States Veterans Pre-1942

This group comes from a familysearch database of US Headstone Applications for military veterans 1925-1941.  Most of the 2500+ headstones are for WWI veterans, with a few Spanish-American War, Civil War, and Peacetime mixed in.

1. Herman Christian Adolph Aaberg-13
2. Tharald K. Aaberg-14
3. Thomas M. Aadland-31
4. James C. Aagaard-32
5. Benhard Ludvig Aagesen-27
6. Henry M. Aaker-10
7. Dewey W. Aaland-3
8. Martin Aaler-1
9. Ingvold Aamodt-70
10. Otis Marvin Aamodt-71 Connected by Jim Parsons!

Louisiana WWI Profiles

These profiles come from a familysearch database that includes service records for Louisianans who served in World War I.

1 Connected by Amy Kelly!
2. Lindsay T. Baur-198 Connected by Amy Kelly!
3. Percy Leon Blum-665
4 Connected by Amy Kelly!
5. Warner L. Bruner-761 Connected by Jim Parsons!
6, 7, 8 Connected by Amy Kelly!
9, 10 Connected by Jim Parsons!

11, 12, 13, 14 Connected by Amy Kelly!
15. Edwin Charles Hollins-217
16, 17, 18 Connected by Amy Kelly!
19. Philip Sidney Jr. Pugh-2355
20. Earl Pierre Roy-4043 Connected by Jim Parsons!

21. William Gary Schlicher-18 Connected by Amy Kelly!
22. Bertrand Nash Sweeney-2183
23. Murphy Foster Teddlie-9 Connected by Amy Kelly!
24. Rufus Clyde Webb-11329 Connected by Amy Kelly!
25. Katie Abrams-1332

Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour, Second World War

These profiles come from the government Australian War Memorial site.  Important: When you follow the source link, some of the men (including the first one Gladstone A'Court) have a section on the page called "Roll of Honour Circular" with a link that lists more information about their families (some unfortunately do not).  If it's there, be sure to click "View circular"!

1. Gladstone Arthur A'Court-20
2. Francois Emanuel Aarons-98
3. Leslie Patrick Abberton-23
4. Thomas Joseph Abberton-24
5. Donald George Abbey-845
6. William Robert Abbot-731
7. Adolphus Felix Abbott-6772
8. Bruce Andrew Stanley Abbott-6773
9. Clarence Thomas Abbott-6774
10. Clifford John Abbott-6775

Canadian Personnel Records of the First World War

These profiles come from the Library and Archives Canada site (be warned: sometimes the site is slow; just give it time and it should load).

1. Niels Aabel-43
2. Theodore Aadneson-3
3. George Julius Olsen Aarhus-11
4. Edward Aaron-394
5. Ernest Aaron-395
6. George Henry Aaron-396 Connected by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz!
7. Herman Aaron-397
8. John Richard Aaron-398
9. Michael Aaron-399
10. William Aaron-400

1st Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (Civil War)

These profiles come from the adjutant general's report book, available for free on

1 Connected by Mitch Loper!
2, 3, 4, 5 Connected by Jim Parsons!
6 Connected by Amy Kelly!
7, 8 Connected by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz!
9. Neil K. Gunn-2222
10 Connected by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz!

11. John B. Garvie-39
12. William H. Lawrence-8594 Connected by Mitch Loper!
13. Warren H. Cudworth-132 Connected by Mitch Loper!
14. James W. Hall-27538
15. William P. Cowie-622

16. John B. Gibbs-3943
17. Alfred C. Dana-579 Connected by Jim Parsons!
18, 19 connected by Amy Kelly!
20. Charles Bancroft-1182 Connected by Jim Parsons!

WikiTree profile: Space:Military_Challenge
in Requests for Project Volunteers by Sarah Heiney G2G6 Mach 3 (38.2k points)
edited by Sarah Heiney

Canadian Personnel Records of the First World War

10. William Aaron-400 (completed)

9. Michael Aaron-399 (completed)

8. John Richard Aaron-398  (completed)

7. Herman Aaron-397 (completed)

4. Edward Aaron-394 (completed)

3. George Julius Olsen Aarhus-11 (completed)

2. Theodore Aadneson-3 (completed)

Thank you.

I am going to have a bash at the Australian ones starting with Gladstone Arthur A'Court

Has someone access to the Miami Herald archives?

I have Michael Aaron obituary on April 30th 1963.


I finally figured out how to connect Victor Hoag! (Thought I'd never get it.) He's all set now. :D

Congratulations on Hazen too Amy! I'm getting ready to send a request for help to the Louisiana Families project. Should I list both Blum & Hollins or did you want to claim one of them for the weekend?

Thanks again for all the amazing work you've been doing in this challenge!

Cheers, Liz
I'm happy to give them both a shot over the weekend. My child has an all-weekend soccer tournament, so I will be spotty re: my availability to work on them. However, I'll fit it in when I can.
Re: Percy Leon Blum - I've looked at every avenue I can think of for several generations, but I can't figure out a way to get him connected.  For now, I consider myself to be stalled on him and will move on to Edwin Charles Hollins.
thanks for checking!
I found lots of info on Edwin C. Hollins, but I can't figure out how to connect him, even after looking back many generations on many branches. I consider him to be stalled for now.

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Best answer

Our first Military Challenge has concluded!  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED, and a special CONGRATULATIONS to Amy Kelly, who won the challenge with 421 points!

You can see the scoring breakdown here:

36 profiles were connected over the course of this month!

Please give your input in this thread about the future of the Military Challenge:

by Sarah Heiney G2G6 Mach 3 (38.2k points)
selected by Russ Gunther
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Count me in! :)

  1. Herman Christian Adolph Aaberg - Added/created both parents Lars K. Aaberg and Augusta Charlotte Beata (Amundsen) Aaberg - with sources. Added sources to his profile: FAG memorial (that has headstone and document photos), WWI Civilian Draft Registration, US Evangelical Lutheran Church of America baptism record, SD 1905 State Census. Added correct date and location of birth. Added death location.
  2. Dalton Lyall Barr - Corrected birth location, added full middle name, added death date. Added sources: 2 Ontario Birth records; US WWI Draft Registration Card; 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, & 1940 US Censuses; a 2nd LA WWI service record; 2 US Cities Directory records; Find A Grave memorial, & US Social Security Applications and Claims Index record; Tacoma (WA) obituary index record. Added father - Robert James Barr - and mother - Sarah (Jones) Barr - with multiple sources for each. Added his wife - Anna (Bartel) Barr - with several sources. Added David Barr as Dalton's paternal grandfather and Sarah (Mulholland) Barr as his paternal grandmother. Connected to GFT via his brother-in-law's paternal great-great grandfather, Jonathan Hoyt.
  3. Vincent Preston Daigle - Added date and location of death. Added sources: Find A Grave memorial; US Social Security Death Index record; US WWI Draft Registration Card; 1900, 1920, 1930, & 1940 US Censuses. Added both parents - Joseph Ernest Daigle and Marie Madeleine (Breaux) Daigle.  Connected Vincent to the GFT via connecting his father to his parents, Joseph Ernest Daigle and Marie Celina (Fux) Daigle. Added wife, Joy (Evans) Daigle.
  4. Issac B. Broussard - Added date and location of death. Added sources: Find A Grave memorial; US WWII Draft Registration Card; 1925 US Official National Guard Register; US Department of Veteran Affairs BIRLS Death File; US Social Security Death Index; 1910, 1920, & 1930 US Censuses. Connected Isaac to the GFT by creating his father's profile - Theophile Wilfred Broussard - and then linking his father to his father - Edmond Theophile Broussard.  Added his mother, Estelle (Landry) Broussard. Added wife, Minnie Lee (Read) Broussard.
  5. Ernest Joseph Capel - Added date and location of death. Corrected location of birth. Added sources: a second WWI Service record; US WWI Draft Registration Card; Find A Grave memorial; US Social Security Index record; 2 LA Parish Marriage record; US Dept. of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File record. Added wife, Mary M. (Peil) Capel, 1910 US Census. Added father, Henry Ernest Capel. Added mother, Elodie (Fontenot) Capel. Connected to the GFT via adding his maternal grandparents, Pierre Louis "Pete" Fontenot and Marguerite (McBride) Fontenot, and then connecting Marguerite to her parents, Thomas Walter Scott McBride, Sr. and Judith Eveline (Higginbotham) McBride.
  6. Ben F. Edmundson - Added full first name, nickname, middle name, date of death, location of death.  Added many sources. Added wife, Florence (Dorr) Edmundson. Added his father, Julius S. Edmundson. Added his mother, Elfleda Forbes (Chamberlain) Edmundson. Connected him to GFT via his father's other wife, Olive Ellen (Proctor) Edmundson, daughter of Hugh Proctor and Dorcas (Smith) Proctor.
  7. Edward Andem/Aundern Whiston - Added middle name. Added birth location, date of death, and death location. Added many sources. Added spouse, Emily Payson (Call) Whiston. Connected to GFT via his mother-in-law, Sarah Grace (Payson) Call, daughter of Samuel Payson. Added mother, Mary Eliza (Andem) Whiston, and father, Francis Clark Whiston.
  8. John B. Garvie - Added sources. Added middle name. Updated bio with relevant information.
by anonymous G2G6 Mach 3 (32.4k points)
edited by anonymous
Hi Amy! I still have "Amy's working" for Barr ... or should that be stalled? connected?

Thank you for all the work you're doing on these Louisiana profiles :D
I think I'm stalled on Dalton Barr. :(  I have a question related to his family though.  David Barr and Sarah (Mulholland) Barr were from a part of Ireland that is now in Northern Ireland.  I left their location of birth as Ireland since that what it was at the time.  Is that the correct thing to do in that scenario?

I'm so glad to be able to work on LA profiles!  That area is one of my genealogy passions.
good question... I think that's worth a separate G2G post, from either of their profiles. Tag it irish_roots Louisiana Barr & anything else you thing would get the question seen.

I found how to connect Ernest Joseph Capel to the GFT! :)  It's going to take me a little while to set up what's needed to connect him.  Should be able to get it done this evening though.

Had to start a new section, because I hit the max # of characters. So...

  1. Henry A. Fontenot - Added sources. Added death location and date. Added wife, Emma Eulalie (Healey) Fontenot. Added father, John Baptiste Fontenot. Added mother, Thelma Minerva (Reed) FontenotConnected to GFT via Henry's maternal grandmother, Therese Alcina (Deville) Reed, daughter of Pauline (Andrepont) Deville and Alexandre DeFranc Deville. Also added his maternal grandfather, Alphonse Reed.
  2. Harry W. Gueno - Added sources. Added full middle name. Added town to place of birth. Added date and location of death. Added wife, Fannie Calder (Bacon) Gueno Foster. Added father, Joseph Pierre Gueno, and mother, Sarah Elizabeth (Davis) GuenoConnected him to GFT via his paternal grandmother, Melasie (Robichaux) Gueno, daughter of Joseph Robichaud and Rosalie (Rassicot) Robichaud.
  3. Victor Ray Hoag - Added sources, date of death, location of death. Added wife, Inza Helen (Jeter) Hoag. Added father, William E. Hoag, and mother, Emma Alice (Holloway) Hoag. Connected him to GFT via his maternal grandfather, Garrett A. Holloway, son of John H. Holloway and Susanna (Fitzgerald) Holloway.
  4. Jerry M. Hazen - Added full middle name. Updated birthdate and location (see notes also). Added death location and date. Added many sources. Added wife, Mary Ethel (Morrow) Hazen. Added father, Jeremiah "Jerry" Rodney Hazen, and mother, Elizabeth Wheat (Robertson) Hazen. Connected to GFT via his wife's parents, Albert Ambrose Morrow and Effie Davis (Rose) Morrow.
  5. Percy Leon Blum - Updated FNAB and nickname. Added wife, Iris Lorena (Huckaby) Blum. Added parents, Daniel Blum and Bella (Roos) Blum.
  6. Edwin Charles Hollins - Added sources. Updated birth location. Added death date and location. Added mother, Ann Jane (Lowe) Hollins and father Edwin John Hollins. Added wife, Alice Catherine (Foster) Hollins Lynch.
  7. John Seely Fuller Hoyt - Added sources. Added father, John P. Hoyt, and mother, Eva Estelle (Carpenter) Hoyt. Added wife, Rube "Ruby" May (Barr) Hoyt.  Connected to GFT via his paternal great-great grandfather, Jonathan Hoyt.
  8. Monte Fiore Meyer - Added sources, date of death, place of death, prefix. Added wife, Claire Forcheimer (Strauss) Meyer. Added father, Bruno Meyer, and mother, Lena (Sternfels) Meyer. Connected to GFT via his maternal uncle, Julius Sternfels.
  9. Henry Jenkins - Added sources, prefix, date of death, place of death. Added wife, Leona Kathryn (Bonvillian) Jenkins. Added father, William Dodds Jenkins. Connected to GFT via his mother, Clara (Stagg) Jenkins.
  10. Philip Sidney Pugh, Jr. - Added sources, date of death, location of death. Added wife, Nelsie Helen (Copelin) Pugh; father, Philip Sidney Pugh, Sr.; and mother Carrie (Goode) Pugh.
  11. Neil Gunn - Added 2 sources.

Hit the max characters again, so here's a 3rd section:

  1. William Gary Schlicher - Added sources, Nickname, date & place of death. Updated Preferred Name and Middle Name. Added his wife, Lucille (Grant) Schlicher. Added parents, Johann "John" Peter Schlicher and Sarah "Sallie" Meranda (Thrailkill) Rine Schlicher. Connected to GFT via his father-in-law, William C. Thrailkill.
  2. Murphy Foster Teddlie - Added sources, prefix, preferred name, date & place of death, marriage date & place. Added wife, Dorothy (Arndt) Teddlie Inglis. Added father, Agusutus "Gus" Cesar Teddlie, & mother, Nena A. (McCain) Teddlie. Connected him to his existing paternal great-great grandfather, William James Teddlie.  Connected him to the GFT via his maternal 3rd great-grandfather, Robert Box.
  3. Katie Abrams - Added sources, date & place of death, correct first name, middle initial, marriage date/location. Added husband, Frank Schwope; father, Reuben Abrams; mother, Jennie Etta (Baker) Abrams; 2nd husband, Richard H. Schroeder.
  4. Bertrand Nash Sweeney - Added sources. Updated birthplace. Added place/date of death; wife, Marie Henrietta "Etta" (Stamm) Sweeney; father, Thomas Jefferson Sweeney; mother, Beulah "Lula" (Davis) Sweeney.
  5. Rufus Clyde Webb - Added sources, date/place of death, prefix. Updated preferred name. Added wife, Julye Viola (Roos) Webb; father, Rufus Clyde Webb; and mother, Susan "Sue" (Clark) Webb. Connected him to his brother, Hines C. Webb. Connected him to GFT via his maternal 4th great-grandfather, Benjamin Andrus, which also connected Lindsay Baur to the GFT via his wife's mother who was the daughter of Hines C. Webb.
  6. John H. Proctor - Added sources; full middle name; full DOB & location; date/location of death; wife, Jane S. (Hall) Proctor. Connected to the GFT via his father, Nicholson Broughton Proctor, and mother, Lucy (Bond) Proctor. Then found that he is a duplicate & proposed a merge of the duplicates.
  7. William P. Cowie - Added sources; date/location of death; mother, Ellen (Foley) Cowie; father, John Cowie. Connected to GFT via his sister-in-law, Laura Frances (Bragg) Cowie.
  8. James W. Hall - Added sources.
  9. Charles C. Cook - Added sources, correct year of birth, date/place of death, 3 spouses - Sarah Sophia (Eveleth) CookElla M. (Fay) Cook, & Caroline Porter (McIntire) Cook. Added father, Charles B. Cook, and mother, Miriam (Wheelock) Cook. Connected to GFT through his maternal grandfather, David Wheelock, and grandmother, Naomi (Fairbanks) Wheelock.
  10. Dewey A. Aaland - Added sources, place of death, full middle name, full place of birth. (I think he can be connected through his brother-in-law, Petra's husband, but I can't figure out exactly how.)
I hit max on the answer for Louisiana WWI veterans a couple of updates ago (which is why I kept editing out things). I'll start a new answer for the latest 5. And THANKS Amy!!
You're welcome. Schlicher is connected now.
Congrats on Teddlie Amy!
Teddlie-7 William James Teddlie was created in March 2015 from a Gedcom import but he isn't connected to the GFT!
Oops! Thank you for letting me know that. I will work on connectinghim in a different way then.

I believe I have connected Murphy Foster Teddlie to the GFT via his maternal 3rd great-grandfather, Robert Box.  Will you please check my work and let me know if I'm wrong?  Thank you for your help.

Hi again Amy! I replied privately that the connection looked good to me. I hadn't noticed that the incoming wasn't a private message. So ... replying here: Looks good to me :D
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I'm in. This looks like fun, and it will be a challenging challenge.

1. Robert Cowdin-25 1850 US Census, added Sarah Bugbee-355 as spouse (Woburn VR), added as parents Angier Cowdin-25 and Abi Carter-19604 (Wikipedia)

2. Francis Monroe-2204 Birth - Medway VR, added parents - Alexander Monroe-2211 and Louisa Barber-814 (Medway VR), Added spouse - Tamson Barrows-612 (NH Records)
by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (205k points)
edited by Bob Keniston

I believe I've connected Robert Cowdin-25 through his daughter Sarah Cowdin and Grandson Horace Wiggin

+10 votes
Okay, I already started. I'm not saying who I am working on just yet, but I'll put it this way - he's going to be hard to get connected, but I'll try. He died in the Civil War and he was a "colored" troop. He was only 28, so he may not have been married. But then again, I've only been working for 10 minutes so far.

Very fun and important project.
by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (503k points)
Officers in the US Colored Troops were white, so he might be easier to connect than you think :)
True, I was just thinking that he was kind of young. I did find a marriage record, however, there are about 3 different sets of parents, so I'll have to look deeper.

The parents on his headstone would probably be right, no? But then the ones named on his military record should be right. Oy vey!

Okay, stick a fork in:

1st Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (Civil War)

and 115th Colored Troops

10. Isaiah L. Pickard-1080

He's connected. I haven't finished with him yet, but he's connected.

For Isaiah Pickard-1080:

Added education sources, Civil War sources, birth, and death sources. He had a profile on Find A Grave and I added him to a cemetery. I connected him to his existing father Daniel Pickard-891 and created his mother, Susan Harvey-8694. I am currently adding sibs, especially since some of them were also in the Civil War. On a sad note he did die without issue. Less than a year later his brother named his newborn son Isaiah, and this Isaiah also became a doctor.
Bob Keniston and I bumped heads on this one. I think he added the first source and the parents.

I made the connection:

LeBARON-194 was connected
Added son Lebaron-480
Added daughter Lebaron-481
Added spouse Monroe-2212
Bob Keniston added son Monroe-2211
Military Subject Monroe-2204 is CONNECTED!
Dr. Thomas Fletcher Oakes is connected.

His father was already profiled and a Revolutionary War soldier!

I added his mom, a couple of census records, and a genealogy book.

I can connect this fellow:

6. George Henry Aaron-396

but he and all his sons are green. The profile manager has not contributed in a year, but I sent a message anyway requesting to be on the trusted list.

Post the WikiTree ID of the green profiles here and I'll give you credit for the Connection.  If you don't hear back we can go through the Unresponsive Profile Manager steps and hopefully get him connected.
I just checked and haven't heard from the profile manager. George Henry Aaron-396's brother is connected to the main tree and has green privacy code.  He is Herbert Aaron-107. He is connected through his wife.

Their father is George Aaron-408.
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Ok, If Louisiana is in the mix, I'm there too!
by Jacqueline Girouard G2G6 Mach 6 (61.4k points)
+9 votes

1.  Otis Marvin Aamodt-71    Added sources: link , 1930 and 1910 census link to family search (also found on, WW1 draft registration card on familysearch.  Added DOB, place of birth, spouse (dob, place of birth, date and place of death) with sources from findagrave and 1930 census, information from Wisconsin veterans museum verifying service.  Connected to father and three siblings which were already in wikitree.  Added mother.  Connected to grandfather (already in wikitree).

2.  Ingvold Aamodt-70   Added findagrave link, Illinois death index, WW1 draft registration card, Immigration record, Army transport ship info, DOB, place of birth, 1910 census,

3. Martin Aaler-1   Added findagrave link,    I am not sure yet, but I think that this is a Civil War veteran.  Definitely  from the Civil war.  Added several sources validating that.  added approximate birth year and place of birth from death index, added civil war categories and project.

4. Dewey W. Aaland-3 Add findagrave, 1910 census, dob, pob, baptism record, added spouse, son, father, mother

5.  Henry M. Aaker-10   Added findagrave link, draft card, dob, pob, 1930 and 1900 census.  Added WW1 category and project

6.  Clyde O. Faulk-529  Added Social security death index, date of death, findagrave, draft registration card,  spouse, 1930 and 1900 census, mother, father, Grandmother and grandfather, great grandfather, which finally connected him to his great great grandfather who is 18 degrees from Kevin Bacon

7.  Floyd F. Farr-1860      Add findagrave, draft registration card, Farr family tree from, 1900 census, mother, father, grandfather, great grandfather, connected to Great great grandfather which connected him to the tree.

8.  Warner L. Bruner-761 ​  Added findagrave, 1900 census, draft registration card, marriage record for one of his children, 1940 census, father, mother, son (also a WW2 veteran and retired as a COL), spouse, grandfather. 

9.  Napoleon Bonaparte McLaughlen-4   birth record, marriage record, spouse, 1870 census, findagrave, father, grandfather, great grandfather, and connected to Great great grandfather.

10.  George D. Wells-13197 ​  Added pension card, Wikipedia, United States Civil War Soldiers Index​ for 1st and 34th mass inf, add mother and father, add findagrave and bio, added several grandfathers and connected to tree.

11. Charles P. Chandler-5516    Add findagrave and bio, 2nd findgrave site, connected to father, add mother

12.  Richard H. Salter-1195  Add a couple of sources duplicating the military info.  Found a bio on the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War website. death index, date of death, 1840 and 1865 census, add spouse, father, mother, mother-in-law, and CONNECTED to her parents

13. James W. Hall-27538   Add pension index, civil war record from ancestry.   That is all I could find on this one.

14. William P. Cowie-622  Add civil war record and findagrave. That is all I could find on this one.

15.  Benhard Ludvig Aagesen-27   Add findagrave,draft card, dob, pob, 1920 census, 1930 census.

16.  Earl Pierre Roy-4043   Add draft card, 1900 and 1920 census, Connect to Mother, ​add father

2.1  Aamodt- 70   found marriage certificate using middle name, add spouse, father, mother

4.1  Aaland-3      Found that his son was also a veteran.  He was in the Army Air Force in WW2.  add g-father, great, great great, GGG, GGGG.  lots of leads, still can't connect. 

8.1  Bruner- 761   Add daughter-in-law and her parents....add Grandmother, GGF, GGGF, and CONNECTED to GGGGM

17.  Charles Bancroft-1182   Add pension card, and findagrave. add spouse, father, mother, GF, GGF, CONNECTED to GGGF

18. Alfred C. Dana-579   ​Pension card, census, marriage record, spouse, father, mother, GF, GGF, CONNECTED to GGGF

19. John B. Gibbs-3943...............could not find anything.

20.  Aaberg-13     add marriage source for mother, fathers FAG and marriage info,



by Jim Parsons G2G6 Mach 1 (10.8k points)
edited by Jim Parsons

I stepped off to do some Saturday Sprinting and found out the Unsourced tag got put on some profiles magically. So now I have a few in my watchlist. Point being I found a marriage record for Dutch-145. Her first husband was Moses Savory and her second husband was John Usher PARSONS. Friend of yours? The record is for Sukey Savory.

''She next married John Usher Parsons on 26 December 1803 in Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts. They moved to Maine where she died in 1815.''

My branch came thru Pennsylvania and then westwards.  When I was working on Chandler the other day is the first time I have done anything with a New England branch.
good luck on getting Bruner connected Jim!
I had given up on connecting him, but when I saw your note I gave it another shot this morning and I managed to do it.
FANTASTIC! Thanks so much Jim!

And Congrats :D
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I am interested in this! SIgn me up! Are the people on the list the only ones we work on or can we add info from people that we manage?

by Larry Huey G2G3 (3.3k points)
The people on the list are the only ones who count for points for this challenge.  Profiles that you manage don't count, but any improvements you make to those will make the site better and you will have gratitude, if not actual points :)
+7 votes
  1. Lindsay Baur. (added info from/link to Find a Grave memorial (but no sources given on the memorial))

update: Between Darvana & Amy, Baur's connected :D

by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (428k points)
edited by Liz Shifflett
i added 8 more sources after that...i dont quite know how to get on the project..
I think all you really have to do is improve the profiles on the list and post in this thread. Sarah also said she'd be checking the profiles to award the official points. Try to connect the profiles to the main tree also.
Great job Darvana!

Sarah - If only one person can claim Lindsay, count him for Darvana. (Same for any others I do, although not sure I'll get much more of a chance.)

Cheers, Liz
Darvana you're doing great!  The points will be tallied up on June 14th and the first winner announced.  You've already earned a bunch of points for working on Lindsay's family!  This page has all of the explanations of the points:
Awesome!! Thanks!! I have just added his siblings and sources for each and sourced his starting the grandparents I am loving this!!!

So you are ok with my sourcing technique?

I love knowing  I am being such a help and I hope to be able to connect Lindsay soon
While I cant find anymore information about Lindsay Baur's grandparents I am having luck finding his wife's parent's information and sources. Just added his father-in-law and sources along with images such as death record, obituary, and portrait picture. I think I will be able to link into the tree through the Webb's for Lindsay.


You asked about sourcing technique... I'm a fan of inline citations & also not a fan of Ancestry refs (I'm not a member). What you've done is good though, since you give enough info for folks to find the cited census records elsewhere. Like FamilySearch - if they weren't rubbish at finding things in FamilySearch like I am.

Would it be ok if I asked in G2G from Lindsay's profile for help finding the cited records in FamilySearch?

Thanks again for all the work on his profile/his family!

of course...but he may be difficult to find on familysearch. that is usually the first place i look but I couldnt find anything other than what was already on his file. feel free to do that to any of the people i have added to him and thank you for the help!

Hi Darvana,

One thing I've figured out that works (but is a pain to do) when I can't find good/many sources on FamilySearch is to look for records on Ancestry to see how names were misspelled and then look them up on FamilySearch using the misspellings. FamilySearch doesn't do nearly as good of a job, IMO, using algorithms to return results with misspellings; so it helps to actually search on FamilySearch with the misspelling.

I've also found out that if a record that I think is likely available isn't showing up for me on FamilySearch (e.g., a census record) and I have a more specific location and year from an Ancestry record (e.g., 1920 in Crowley, Louisiana vs. just 1920 in Louisiana), then I can often find it on FamilySearch if I search with that specific info.  I've found a lot of census and marriage records that way on FamilySearch that didn't show up in search results otherwise.

Side note: One reason I mention all of that is that I'm very experienced with and good at Boolean searches, yet those still often don't work that well on FamilySearch.  So, the above process offers an alternate route to the end I'm seeking.

Hope it helps! :)


+8 votes

Added census records to Herman Aaron...will need help from someone else to finish him.

by Mitch Loper G2G1 (1.2k points)
edited by Mitch Loper
+8 votes
Count me in but I'll be doing my family first

Did you know BillionGraves has military information?

here is a sample
by Richard Devlin G2G6 Pilot (302k points)
+8 votes
Hey I started on Lindsay Thomas Baur Baur-198...I just added 4 census records, his military record, and all death records other than findagrave to his profile...8 new sources total. I will start on his wife and parents and children tomorrow.
by Darvana Woods G2G1 (1.3k points)
Hi Darvana! I'm getting ready to send a plea for help to the Louisiana Families project to try to finish the Louisiana profiles this weekend. Should I change Baur's status to "stalled - unable to connect" or are you still working on connecting him to the tree?

Thanks! Liz
I am still working on him...if the challenge ends before I say I got him connected then I am sorry...but I will continue to work on it after the challenge ends to get him connected.
No worries - I just didn't know if you were still working on him or not.


Hi again! Baur is connected! Amy was working on connecting a different profile & getting Webb connected also connected Baur - check out her [comment].

Thanks again for helping with the Louisiana profiles!

+8 votes
What would people think if I allowed each challenge participant to "claim" ONE profile?  I would un-bold the name on the list and write "claimed by __" after it.  That way, people can feel comfortable putting in a lot of work and stepping away without someone else swooping in, but the vast majority of profiles would still be available for anyone to work on alone or collaboratively.  You would only be allowed to claim one profile at a time, and then once it's connected you could claim a new one (or give up and exchange it).  What do y'all think?
by Sarah Heiney G2G6 Mach 3 (38.2k points)
ah! now I see it :D  All yours.
no problem.  The way you put everything in is way more complicated than I do, but it looks much better on the profile.

working on         Napoleon Bonaparte McLaughlen-4...................connected

I'm working on 7. F. Le Baron Monroe-2204 1st Massachusetts. I've got him connected, but I want more proof.

I will start working on Edward A. Whiston-125.

I am going to work on George D. Wells-13197 ​ ......................connected

Charles P. Chandler-5516.......connected​...  I got sidetracked on this one because he ended up being a Parsons branch.

I have started a new "post who you're working on" thread.  The "claiming" idea isn't really working since y'all are too fast! :D  You can post who you're currently working on, and EDIT the post if you switch to a new person.  You should be able to glance at that thread and see who everyone is working on, without having to scroll through a long list.

Now working on Henry Alphonse Fontenot-1151​.

I stepped off to do some Saturday Sprinting and found out the Unsourced tag got put on some profiles magically. So now I have a few in my watchlist. Point being I found a marriage record for Dutch-145. Her first husband was Moses Savory and her second husband was John Usher PARSONS. Friend of yours? The record is for Sukey Savory.

''She next married John Usher Parsons on 26 December 1803 in Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts. They moved to Maine where she died in 1815.''

+5 votes

Post Who You're Working on Here!

by Sarah Heiney G2G6 Mach 3 (38.2k points)

Charles C. Cook-19912 is connected now. Next is TBD.

Working on Tharald K. Aaberg-14.  

Added other sources - 1900, 1910, 1930 US Census, Birth Record,Death Record. Added both parents. Added siblings. Added grandparents
No spouse - doesn't appear he married
Unable to make a connection.

Worked on Thomas M Aadland-31
Added date of birth, place of birth
Added sibling
Added sources
Unable to make a connection

Worked on James C. Aagaard-32 
Added date of birth, place of birth
added parents
Added grandparents
Added spouse
Added siblings
Added sources
Unable to make a connection

I took a stab at Neil Gunn, but I could only find Military sources and that he went to Harvard. I believe, if I'm not mistaken, that he was Canadian. Now I wonder why he took part in the Civil War. But I digress, I don't think I can connect him and have given up for now if someone want to give it a shot.

I am working on John B. Gibbs-3943................I got absolutely nowhere with this one

I've been working on William H. Lawrence-8594. I have parents and spouse...connected him through his mother Martha Leighton who it appears happens to be named after her mother and a deceased older sister.

I'll try [[Aabel-43|Neils Aabel]]
Thanks for getting Roy connected Jim! And for all your other work on this challenge.
I did some work on Canadian Ernest Aaron-395 and found he is the brother of William Aaron-400. They are Native Americans. William died in WWI and Ernest probably didn't marry until he was over 60 years old. I don't think I can connect these guys.
+5 votes

I am going to have a bash at the Australian ones 

1. Gladstone Arthur A'Court - Newspaper birth notice stating parents; 1943 Census which also lists father; RSL Virtual War Memorial as source; 

by Shelley Heath G2G1 (1.0k points)
+5 votes

hi I have done 10. Clifford John Abbott-6775 - Australian section.

but for some reason one of the brothers is appearing twice and not able to delete

will do 9. Clarence Thomas Abbott-6774


by M Ferres G2G Crew (540 points)
edited by M Ferres
9: Clarence Thomas Abbott-6774 and made changes to sources/citations and added family members

10. Clifford John Abbott - 6775 with changes to sources/citations and also family members
+4 votes

Great job on the Louisiana WWI Profiles y'all! Looks like we're done (nope - Sarah added 5 more - go to [this new answer]... ran out of room here).

1. Dalton L. Barr-2650 - Amy connected :D
2. Lindsay T. Baur-198 - connected :D
3. Percy Leon Blum-665 - stalled
4. Isaac B. Broussard-788 - Amy connected :D
5. Warner L. Bruner-761 - Jim connected :D
6. Ernest Joseph Capel-172 - Amy connected :D
7. Vincent P. Daigle-916 - Amy connected :D
8. Ben F. Edmundson-299 - Amy connected :D
9. Floyd F. Farr-1860 - Jim connected :D
10. Clyde O. Faulk-529 - Jim connected :D

11. Henry Alphonse Fontenot-1151​ - Amy connected :D
12. Harry W. Gueno-10 - Amy connected :D
13. Jerry M. Hazen-1311 - Amy's connected :D
14. Victor Ray Hoag-730 - Amy connected :D
15. Edwin Charles Hollins-217 - Amy's working stalled

16. John Seely Fuller Hoyt-2678 - Amy connected :D
17. Harry Jenkins-9061 - Amy's connected :D
18. Monte Fiore Meyer-8591 - Amy's connected :D
19. Philip Sidney Jr. Pugh-2355 - Amy's working stalled
20. Earl Pierre Roy-4043 - Jim connected :D

by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (428k points)
edited by Liz Shifflett
John Seely Fuller Hoyt, Dalton L. Barr, Monte Fiore Meyer, and Harry Jenkins are connected now.
You do great work Amy!! Thanks :D

How's the soccer tournament going?
double (triple?) wow! Thanks again Amy!
Am I missing the John Seely Fuller Hoyt connection?  I see that he has both parents and a spouse.  His spouse, last name Barr, is the sister of our #1 Dalton Lyall Barr, but he remains unconnected.  So the two families are connected to one another but I don't see the Global Tree Connection.  None of these profiles have Kevin Bacon/Queen Elizabeth/etc at the bottom (maybe it just hasn't updated yet, but I still don't see where the connection is).
You're absolutely correct. Sorry about that! I think that when I connected him to Dalton, I just forgot Dalton wasn't connected.
I figured out how to really connect Hoyt via his paternal line. I'll do it this evening post-soccer.
Hoyt and Barr are connected to GFT now.
you are AMAZING! Thanks!!
I consider Sidney Pugh to be stalled.
+5 votes

Hi Sarah,

Could you merge Aaron-402 into Aaron-407 ? They are the same person.

Thank you.

Carl S.

by Carl Savard G2G2 (2.2k points)
The profile managers have to approve of it, but if they don't after 30 days I will make sure to merge it!
+5 votes
I would like to try this! Please count me in!

by Kelly Stamper G2G4 (4.0k points)
Welcome! :)
+4 votes

my third post re: Louisiana WWI Profiles (I'm partial to Louisiana, so here's the list with the names "clickable" - linked to their WikiTree profiles.)

These profiles come from a familysearch database that includes service records for Louisianans who served in World War I.

not yet connected from [previous 20]:

2. Lindsay T. Baur-198 - connected :D
3. Percy Leon Blum-665 - stalled
5. Warner L. Bruner-761 - Jim connected :D
15. Edwin Charles Hollins-217 - Amy's working stalled
19. Philip Sidney Jr. Pugh-2355 - Amy's working stalled

another 5 Louisiana profiles were added:

21. William Gary Schlicher-18 - Amy connected :D
22. Bertrand Nash Sweeney-2183 - stalled
23. Murphy Foster Teddlie-9 - Amy connected :D
24. Rufus Clyde Webb-11329 - Amy connected :D
25. Katie Abrams-1332 - stalled

by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (428k points)
edited by Liz Shifflett
I can't figure out how to connect Katie Abrams, so I'm moving on to Bertand Nash Sweeney.
Hi! Your other thread says you moved on from Sweeney to Webb, so I marked Sweeney as stalled also. Thanks again for all your work! I am in awe :D
I got Rufus Clyde Webb connected, which also happened to connect Lindsay Barr through his wife's mother's side. :))
Love Louisiana families :D

Thanks so much Amy & CONGRATS!
+5 votes

We're nearing the end of this first edition of the Military Challenge!

With just a few days left, I want to encourage everyone to work on any remaining profiles numbered 1-10, regardless of whether someone else had already started work on their families.  Y'all have been very respectful of one another's work and have mostly avoided profiles when someone else had begun adding sources and parents, etc., but the profiles numbered 1-10 have been up for almost a month and are still unconnected, so it's open season on those!

I would also like to mention that there are TONS of points still available in the Australian category.  Many of the profiles don't even have a single additional source.  Even if you're not Australian, if you have access to, you might try typing in the names and seeing if anything pops up!  Remember, if you're the first to add a source, you get a point--those add up!

On the afternoon of the 14th Pacific Time I'll post the point tallies, and everyone will have until noon Pacific on the 15th to review them and correct any mistakes, as well as get in any last-minute work.  At 12 pm on the 15th the challenge will officially end and the winner gets a badge!  

by Sarah Heiney G2G6 Mach 3 (38.2k points)
Next is TBD.

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