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I have researched our family since about 1975 and finally in 2009 talked a brother into taking a DNA test -- Y-DNA 37 with FTDNA.  I have the account in the FTDNA online and am learning about it. We have never had any close matches.

Another brother did a test through Sorenson Molecular DNA and of course now I cannot get any of that info and this brother has since died.

I've never really been able to understand how the DNA can help but since joining Wikitree about a week ago I am trying to really learn and understand DNA . Our paternal family, Cain, is shown to have come from northern Ireland - Derry County.

Many years ago I hit a brick wall with this Cain line and cannot go farther than about 1792 in Pennsylvania.  I have a lot of info on many possible connections but not been able to prove it and source it.

Now for my question. Should I have my brother do more testing with FTDNA -- like the Y-111 or the Family Finder?  Should I have my DNA tested- MtDNA?

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!
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asked in The Tree House by Karen Cain G2G6 (6k points)
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Hi Karen,

Just for reference, here is our page on why to take a DNA test and which test to take: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/DNA_Tests

Thanks Chris,  I will check it out.


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Hi Karen, If your brother doesn't have any yDNA matches at 37 markers, he is unlikely to find any at either 67 or 111 markers. Until another male Cain descendant (with a good paper trail for his ancestors) of your common Cain ancestor takes a yDNA test, your brother's yDNA test isn't going to help much. I do recommend that you change the information about your brother's test that you entered on WikiTree. Instead of the generic Y-Chromosome test, you should show that he took a yDNA 37 marker test at FTDNA. That might help someone else looking for him. It's good that you entered his Ysearch ID! For your Cain line your best bet is still likely to be yDNA. Autosomal DNA (Ancestry, 23andMe and Family Finder) probably won't be useful that far back. And mtDNA won't help with the Cain line. That's for female lines (mother to grandmother, etc.)

You might want to spend some time on WikiTree looking to see people with the surname Cain who have been added: https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:Surname&s=CAIN&cln=&order=name&layout=table&u=

This table can be sorted. You might be able to find Cain males on WikiTree who would be willing to take a yDNA test.
answered by Kay Wilson G2G6 Pilot (156k points)
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Kay,  Thanks for your comments and help! I will have to do some more digging to find another Cain ancestor - probably have to go back a couple of generations and work forward to from there. Thanks for the suggestion and I have updated Vance's information about his DNA test.

I did decide to do the Ancestry DNA test and also the Family Finder test on FTDNA.  Hopefully it might help with other lines but if not it will be there for future genealogists.

Thanks again everyone!

I have lots of reading to try to understand DNA thoroughly.
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I took the test from Ancestry  Geneology and it said nothing about me being a Native American. I was always told I was. My sister took a test from another place and it showed she was from an entirely different location. So I think these DNA places are fraud & just taking our money.
answered by Aiyana Rittenberry G2G Rookie (290 points)
Hi Aiyana, DNA tests aren't a fraud, but their ethnicity reports aren't generally very helpful for genealogy. If your Native American ancestors were too far back in your tree that information may not show up on your Ancestry DNA test. AuDNA tests can be very helpful in identifying cousin relationships up to about 4th - 5th cousins (shared 3rd to 4th great grandparents).
To further what Kay said, the ethnicity part of DNA is in its infancy.  It bases your estimates on the database from which it works.  Therefore, until there are a lot more native Americans in the database, it's not going to be accurate.

DNA testing certainly isn't fraudulent.  A simple test between siblings or parent/child can show you that . . .

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