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I've found a fantastic rich source of information on the Morgan family "A History of the Family of Morgan, From the Year 1089 to the Present Times" by Appleton Morgan. In the beginning, where it starts to talk about the family line, there's a lot of "ap" for example "Ivor, who married Nest, daughter of Caradoe ap Modoe ap Idnerth ap Cadwgan ap Elystan Gloddrydd..." I believe that ap means "son of" so is this listing the family line on the wife's side? So the wife's name is Nest Gloddrydd? Am I reading this correctly?
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ap or mab is welsh for son of

Verch or merch is welsh for daughter of
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Mostly the Welsh didn't use hereditary surnames, just patronymics.  So this is shorthand for

Nest ferch Caradoc

daughter of Caradoc ap Madoc

son of Madoc ap Idnerth (Iorwerth?)

son of Idnerth ap Cadwgan

son of Cadwgan ap Elystan

son of Elystan Gloddrydd

When they run out of steam they often stick a nickname on the end.

Of course this makes it very difficult to talk about the Family of Morgan from the year 1089.

If Nest had a brother, he could have male-line descendants called Evans, Williams, Jones, Roberts, Davies, Thomas etc.  And so could everybody else.
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