I've uploaded a GED file. How do I find the link to GED Compare to check how the upload went?

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I cant find the link to the GED Compare Report. I uploaded a GED but it was too big. I made a smaller one and uploaded that. I cant find the link from the top dropdown menus to see if it worked or what I have to do to edit it. I found it once before but it took a long long time to find the link within the help pages. There must be an easy to find link somewhere surely?
in WikiTree Help by Sharon Eaton G2G1 (1.7k points)
recategorized by Ellen Smith

I found the route to the link for the many people who are having this problem.

From My WikiTree, choose Contributions.

Within the list of contributions you will find:

You Uploaded xxx for GEDCompare

Click on the .ged file link

Within #2 you will find the link:

GEDCompare Report: Complete

Your GEDCompare report is ready. Please click here to review it.

Very long winded and very well hidden but there it is!

I'd like to suggest to the developers that GEDCompare is a link in the WikiTree Dropdown list so we can all find it!

Open the Changes tab on your own profile to find a link to your Gedcom.

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Look under https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:Contributions to see your recent edits. Your Gedcompare uploads should be there, with links to  them.
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
This link gives me a list of edits I have made to my tree.

I'm looking for the GED compare report. Do you know where I can find it?
The last few items in your contributions list contain links to the names of gedcom files. Click on those links.
I was looking for an easy way to find this link rather than the link its self. It is too long to remember on its own.

I discovered that I could find it by going to my contributions then finding a GED upload then reading through the text on this other page is a tiny link to where I want to go.

My suggestion is that it should be easier to find.
Well, you should have received an email with the link. That's about as easy as it gets...
An email was received with a link. This is not the issue. This email was deleted after I used the link but I wanted to find the GEDCompare page again from the website its self rather than hunting down the link in another programme.

It is useful to the developers to get feedback on things that make the system easier to use. My suggestion that it could be easier to find this page would be useful to me and to the many other people who have asked the same question.
Two bits of advice:

1. Next time, save a copy of that Wikitree email. Wikitree sends some info by private email that will not be posted on the website.
2. The link to your contributions history on Wikitree is actually pretty convenient. It's on your profile (on a yellow bar below your name and data) and its on the menu under the "My Wikitree" tab. I find it to be a useful resource to find a variety of information about my recent activity ("Who was that nice person I left a profile message for yesterday?" for example).

 This is a free website, and keeping it free means accepting that we can't always expect things to be custom-tailored to our personal preferences.

Some people delete emails after they have read them and have used the relevant links. You cannot expect people to change they way they operate in every other circumstance apart from WikiTree - it is unreasonable. It is reasonable to expect to easily find a page within the website which would be much more convenient and would make Wikitree more user friendly.

The link the the contributions history is useful but for someone going to the website to find a link to GEDCompare, it is not a place one would automatically think to go to find this link. In fact it is not even on the contributions history page (where I would not think to look anyway) it is a link within in one of the lines in the Contributions History and will therefore not even be in the same place every time.

My suggestions for the free website are to make it more user friendly for everyone, not just me! If you notice, many other people have asked the same question. I resent your suggestion that I am expecting things to be custom-tailored for me.

Well, I think it would be interesting to have one email account and to be able to delete my messages after I read them, but life doesn't seem to accommodate my preferences. I've had to adapt. I maintain 4 different email apps on my phone -- and two or three calendars -- because the different email systems and calendars I need to monitor can't be forced to synchronize with each other. I've found this website to be more responsive to my requests than some other sites that charge me a subscription fee, but I believe there's a limit to what I can expect.

All I am asking for is a link within the website its-self that is easy to find. I don't think it is too much to ask and I think it would make the website easier to use. Many more people would use it which is good for everyone.

I don't want to have to discuss what I do when I'm not in WikiTree and I should not have to. I'm not interested in your way of working outside WikiTree either.  My suggestion (not expectation or demand!!!!!) was for a link to GEDCompare in the dropdown list which would be useful for many people.

Feedback is useful to developers and is usually welcomed. The website is free so probably can't afford consumer surveys and research to make the site better. I value the service which is why I offered feedback - to assist the developers into making it more user friendly for everyone. There really is no need to remind me that the site is free within each of your messages.



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