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I have the majority of my research on, but didn't want to transfer for fear of losing information, creating duplicates and possibly incorrect info on some people that I have not fleshed out yet.  I have manually added from my tree and my 2 son's paternal lines. I have not sourced any of them as of yet.

I did read the information on here but it seems like a huge ordeal to link all my records from the other site. Not sure I am up to entering all of them. Isn't there an easier way? I am assuming its alright to add the links back to
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Links back to ancestry are not a good idea, they are not sources if other people cannot check them, if you are sure a none ancestry customer can see the source data, if so it is OK.

If you had made a copy of your ancestry files via gedcom and imported it here all the links would be in place but as you have manually added them then you will need to manually update them. Even with a gedcom transfer you would still have to manually edit each profile.
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Thanks for the response. I didnt think about people not being a member of and not being able to access the information. I do want to get as much info as I can on my profiles to help others make more connections.

Would you suggest downloading a gedcom and merging the profiles? I have many attached records.
You wrote: "I have many attached records."

GEDCOM data does not include attachments. There may be LINKS in the GEDCOM data, but not the actual record.
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IF your tree is well sourced - i.e., most events such as birth, residence, death and marriage have document citations - you can generate and download a GEDCOM from That will carry over the source citations which should upload to wikitree (as references for those events) just fine.

With regard to "sources," a link to alone (not including a reference to a census, vital record, etc.) doesn't provide much, if any, information, particularly as one must be a subscriber to ancestry to look at the information. AND, in my experience, about 90% of all those links don't work, in any case.

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So if I were to download a gedcom I would then have to merge all the profiles? I am not sure how to do that download but I would be willing to research it if I didnt have to add all the sources manually.

Thanks for the response
Unfortnatley you cannot use a gedcom to merge information, as you started inputting manually you will have to continue manually I am sorry to say.

If you try and upload a gedcom andtry to create duplicates to merge later you will find you cannot import more than 10 duplicates, then merging will take time and you will still have to edit the profiles. Depending on the number of profiles you have it could be quicker to manually add them, and if you add family members they can also add the sorces from your ancestry data.
Okay sounds like I need to learn how to link my sources. Perhaps I can save them to my hard drive as a jpg. and just load the photos. I'll look into other options as most of my records are going to be census, marriage, military and death records.

Thanks again


Just a word of caution - remember to check your ancestry user agreement and any copyrights before you download sources and upload them here :D There have been a number of discussions on this issue, and here are links to just a couple:

I am not an Ancestry user, but if I recall Ancestry will in many cases provide a 'proper' citation on-screen which can be copy/pasted where the downloaded GEDCOM reference is often full of additional "fluff" that makes the citation awkward to read. It would be realtively simple to add "cited by" or "[digital image]," to give appropraite credit to the repository.

The important thing is that any citation clearly indicates what ACTUAL source is being cited - if, as an example a citation is for a specific page of a census for a specific town, county, state I can look up the info through other repositories even if your link points to an ancestry image that I cannot access.

Many wikitree people also place little to no value on user-trees (from ancestry, familysearch, etc) as a source as they are often not well documented, and in many cases full of errors, duplication, and conjecture. This is not to say wikitree doesn't have the same problem, but at least here we are making an effort to limit and fix the problem.

Rob is correct: Ancestry will provide a full citation. When you're on the Ancestry record-- say a census image, for example-- and you press "S" (doesn't have to be capitalized) a source citation box will pop up. Select all, copy, then come over to your Wikitree window and paste the information in the appropriate section of the narrative.

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