Who was the father of Henry II., Henry I, or Geoffrey Anjou

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Hello, Need help, again!

Working on relationship trail of William "the Conqueror."

Who was the father of Henry II, Henry I, or Geoffrey Anjou?

  • "Royal Ancestry" 2013 by Douglas Richardson Vol. I. page 354
  • William The Conqueror, King of England, married Maud Of Flanders 
  • Henry I, King of England, by an unknown mistress, _____.
  • Henry II, King of England, by a mistress, Ida De Tony
  • William Longespee, Knt., Earl of Salisbury, married Ela Of Salisbury
  • Ida Longespee, married william De Beauchamp, Knt., 

Ida (Longespée) de Beauchamp

daughter of Daughter of William (Plantagenet) Longespée 

son of  Henry Plantagenet II

son of Geoffrey (Anjou) d'Anjou and Matilda (Normandie) de Anjou

...above taken from the Henry II Plantagenet-1627 profile.

  • Royal Ancestry 2013 by Douglas Richardson Vol. I, page 18-20

She ( Matilda (Normandie) de Anjou )  married (2nd) Le mans, Maine 17 June 1128 GEOFFREY PLANTAGENET

....Henry I and his second wife had no issue, so Matilda was the next option for dynastic continuity. After the barons pledged support, Henry arranged her second marriage to the 13-year-old Geoffrey of Anjou and Maine. She was twenty-five.

....They had three sons, Henry (II) [King of England, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, Count of Anjou], Geoffrey [Count of Anjou and Nantes], and William Longespee. 

Thank you! 

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by James LaLone G2G6 Mach 5 (58.0k points)

Thank you, James LaLone! Both of your links say, Geoffrey V, is the father of Henry II, that is good support for what is found on the WikiTree profile for Henry Plantagenet II.      

James link: A lot of the work has been done here 

Found On link: Father: Geoffrey V, d. 7 September 1151, count of Anjou, duke of Normandy.
[GND (Rob. Tor.) viii, 25 (v. 2, pp. 240-1)]

James link: Might also be interested in this -
: - https://liveasfreepeople.com/2016/07/11/henry-ii-plantagenet-one-hundred-plus-facts-and-stories/

Found On link: This post also looks into his grandfather Henry I,

Thank you very much, James, appreciate your help! 

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The confusion might be because there are two men named William who both have the nickname Longespee.

One is the youngest brother of Henry II and the other is Henry IIs illegitimate son.
by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (486k points)

Thank you,  John Atkinson! So, are there any changes to be made on Henry II profile? 

Probably Rosamund Clifford should be removed as his wife, because they were never married, but other than that everything looks OK as far as I can see.

Super,  John Atkinson . I will be happy to send the manager a note. 

Thank you!

Maybe you should also write to Richardson. It does appear that you found an error. :)
Given that there were two Williams nicknamed Longspee, it's good to have a subsection ===Disambiguation=== in the biography to identify and link both and describe what makes them different.  That not only helps the reader, but it reduces the chance of bad information from being inadvertently added in the future!

Hi, Andrew Lancaster , thank you for the comment. I will send Richardson a note.


Thank you, Jack Day. I defer to John Atkinson concerning the information on the two Williams nicknamed Longespee. John, I will be happy to type a note in the biography, if you point me to the information about the two Williams.

Thank you, Jack 

Yes, if it's an error, write Richardson.  If it's a confusing set of facts, make them clear in the respective bios!

Thank you for the comment Jack Day. Emailed Richardson this morning about the Henry II. relationship trail to William the Conqueror.  

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