How does the error report match with wikidata?

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I am curious what the error report uses to match with wikidata. I am asking because I have an error indicating the birth and death dates don't match - which is true. But the birth locations and death locations also don't match because it is a different person. I would have thought the name was not enough of a match point. In fairness, the birth date is close and the two people get confused geneologically so I am not at all surprised by this. I haven't marked it as a false error yet simply so that it would remain an error for this question. I am  not troubled by the mismatch, I am simply curious if a name is all that is being checked. The error is on [[Hopwood-373|John Hopwood]]. The correct  person to match wikidata is [[Hopwood-42|John Hopwood]]. (There is a link to wikipedia from this 2nd John Hopwood. Last week there was a link from the wrong John Hopwood in the research notes until I found the wikipedia John Hopwood in wikitree.)

Thanks for the clarification!
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Wikidata item was linked to Hopwood-373. I corrected it to Hopwood-42.

Each week I add links on wikidata page for all new links to wikipedia on profiles. If it cca 100 of them each week. Then I also add their relatives if relations exist on both sites. Data usually isn't exactly the same but I have an algorithm to decide it is close enough. I made 5 false connections to my knowledge out of 35000, which is good. 

Location is not compared because same location can be entered in so many ways, it is almost impossible for computer to do it. I am just hinting that location is available if there is no location on WikiTree.

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>> Location is not compared because same location can be entered in so many ways

Wikidata has a standard that is easy to follow.... would be nice if WikiTree got something based on locations and coordinates...

  1.  George Washington
    1. Wikidata Q23
      1. Birth location Westmoreland County 
        1. Wikidata Q494413
          1. Coordinates 38°6'36"N, 76°48'0"W
      2. Death location Mount Vernon
        1. Wikidata Q731635
          1. Coordinates 38°42'28"N, 77°5'9"W
    2.  WikiTree Washington-11
      1. Birth location Pope's Creek, Westmoreland County
        1. Coordinates ?!?!?!  
      2. Death location Mount Vernon, Fairfax, Virginia
        1. Coordinates ?!?!?!

That standard is not so easy to follow. You don't know how it was names at certain year.


I also feel its maybe nothing for Wikitree today but maybe WikiTree 2.0 when moving to a new platform.... 

A Finnish women Susanne Ånäs (twitter @susannaanasis) is starting to look into this

One early prototype idea she released yesterday

Big pic

We can check back in a few years to see how it populates.
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Great question !

Is it possible to have links changed or removed? I have seen links between Reuss profiles that were matched with Wikidata pages for Reuss Princes, though the only thing in common between the Wikitree profiles and the Reuss princely family was the name, Reuss. I have set a False error for all these, but is there a better way to do it?

answered by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (227k points)

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