Aaron Brock/ Red Bird has five profiles, can we resolve this?

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There are five profiles for a man named variously Aaron Brock, Red Bird, Moytoy, Sizemore, etc. I would like to work together to merge these profiles into one. And, try to resolve the issue of his identity using actual documents. I have worked with several researchers to study this man who is said by some to be the father of Jesse Brock b. 1751. 

My research  is posted here: http://www.indianreservations.net/2017/06/aaron-brock-red-bird-father-of-jesse.html

Here is an excellent website devoted to Jesse Brock: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~brockancestry/

The profiles are: Moytoy-159




                         Redbird-5 (I just adopted this one)

There is much bogus information attached to this person, most of it courtesty of the Shawnee Heritage Books, which have been roundly condemned by serious researchers of Native American Genealogy. 

Hoping we can work together to sort this out. 

WikiTree profile: Redbird Cherokee
in Genealogy Help by Jeanie Roberts G2G6 Pilot (127k points)
Dear Jeanie,

   It sounds like you and the other profile managers need to work together to   resolve this. I hope you can all review the latest and best research to make your decisions.  Have you sent messages to them to express your hopes and ideas?  -NGP
It seems pretty clear that 'Redbird' was not Aaron Brock and that 'Aaron Brock'  is probably mythical.  Looks like reducing to maybe two 'placeholder' profiles with explanations might help keep them from being endlessly reproduced.
Found this thread while looking for something else. What’s the status of this? The thread seems to indicate go-ahead on the merging but the linked profile is still a Moytoy, not a Brock.  Anything I can do to help, Jeanie?
Stumbled upon this profile again. It still needs a lot of work. The biography is massive.

We need one solid biography and one solid section on disputed origins/information.

Is Rhitt still around? Wonder if he'd like to work on it.

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The Profile(s) for RedBird/Aaron Brock have mushroomed to seemingly unmanageable proportions and scope, and the issues are far more than I have either the energy or capability to deal with. It definitely is NOT clear that "Aaron Brock" is "mythical". Dr. Kenneth Tankersley, a well-respected researcher, makes direct connection between RedBird and Aaron Brock. A summary  which I believe credible: freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~brockfamily/ChiefRedBird.html      In addition, there are simply too many contemporary Brocks who have Cherokee blood and claim Aaron Brock ancestry to dismiss them as mythical.  I don't know how to work out the conundrum, and I wish the other profile managers well in dealing with these issues.  Respectfully submitted,  Rhitt Garrett-4589
by Rhitt Garrett G2G Crew (620 points)
Nice to see you still here, Rhitt. Thanks for editing the profile!
Ooops! I don't see that you edited the profile, Rhitt.

did you click SAVE?
It has indeed been edited into a very short, concise summary
We must be looking at different profiles. I'm looking at this one:

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Brock-3943 (the profile that this g2g thread is linked to)

It has three bios. They're called "Parts" but appear to have duplicative information in each of them.
Ah... want to take on the father? ;-) pretty please?
Hi Jillaine, Some months ago, working with Jeanie Roberts, I did a massive edit, with several iterations,  resulting in the product now shown. Following up on your request, I will edit it further.
Hi Jillaine, Earlier in the year I did indeed make a series of massive edits to the Bio for Brock-3943 (the father), resulting in the three parts to which you refer. In response to your request, I have simply deleted Parts two and three. Please let me know, if you think additional editing is appropriate. Thanks, Rhitt
Thanks, Rhitt. We're making progress.  

The opening paragraphs still refer to the multiple bios.

I'm still having difficulty following the thread but that may be in large part due to how much confused data there is about this person and his supposed relations. Or that I haven't yet had my morning coffee.

I very much appreciate the work you and Jeanie have done on this set of profiles.
I have edited the Bio again to (hopefully) make it easier to follow. Earlier edits vastly reduced the Profile volume but I agree the product was still difficult to follow.  Let's keep at the edit process until we get a satisfactory version.  Thanks, Rhitt
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Okay, now that we've cleaned up Redbird (a real person, historically documented), and detached his fictional wife and children, do we need to create a profile that represents (white man) Aaron Brock?
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (781k points)

I've just (re?) read Jeanie's excellent blog post about Red Bird and Aaron Brock, and now appreciate that there is absolutely no evidence that there was ever a man named Aaron Brock in the time period old enough to be a father of Jesse Brock, and that neither parent of Jesse Brock is known.

While I'd already detached Jesse Brock from Red Bird (and cleaned up Jesse's profile), I think we also need to detach him from his supposed mother as well.

There does seem to be some evidence that he had a sister Mahala Brock, though, yes?

My concern about leaving Wikitree absent a profile for the fictional Aaron Brock is that someone will come along in the very near future and recreate him. Thoughts?
I agree Jillaine, if there is no Aaron Brock, someone will create him. I think he needs a profile with a link to it on Jesse Brock's profile page. It is such a big internet myth that it's sure to crop up.

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