How do I track my merge proposals when I am not on the trusted list?

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The current screen to review merges allows display by surname, or it can be restricted to those profiles on the manager's Watchlist.  

Most profile managers make merge proposals for merges even when the profiles are not on their Watchlist.  These can involve many surnames.  There does not seem to be a way to keep track of these proposals.

Adding the ability to list proposed merges by the proposer - would make it possible to keep track and followup as needed.


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I am so glad that you asked this question.  I have been wondering about this for a while.  It is certainly something that I would like.  Maybe a filtered view of our contributions?
This is a great idea, and it has been brought up several times before in G2G.  It would be a great addition to the tool box for Arborists and very active Treers.

just to follow up... Browse Matches has an option to list pending merges to one surname or names on your watchlist. You can also list just merges that you proposed. 

The link I really like is "New: You can view just the merge proposals awaiting action from you."

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Thank you for bringing this to the issue out in the open.  It's exactly what the arborists need, if we are to follow up on all the work we've put into a merge.  We need something, if only a link to our Wikifeed showing merges separately that

  • Were proposed by 'YOU'
  • A flag or reminder after seven or 30 days that a merge wasn't completed (I just went through my merges and found a couple from a month ago that had been proposed for some of the profiles I manage, somehow, I missed them???) .

In the meantime, this is what I have started doing.

  • When I send the private message to a profile manager, I get the follow up email in my inbox (I post the message on the profile and send the message at the same's the only way I can keep track), I transfer the email into a separate file in my mailbox "Merges"
  • On my browser, when I open up my "Contribution Feed", I can search for MERGE

Either way, it's a very cumbersome process.  Something needs to be done on the tech side, if we are to clean this up.

  • Also, we need (as much as I dislike them on most websites) a soundex search on the preliminary which will sort out all the variant spellings (or at least some of them), and also sort through all the older profiles in the era of "Of" and "De" etc.
  • An option, when we do a search of say "John Smith" and the page just goes on and on to "SORT BY DATE" as we have in the surname/last name search (which has both the name AND date option)
  • And if that is not to much trouble or impossible, throw in a LOCATION sort option at the same time.  :) 

Tech help, in other words.

Thanks again.

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I use paper and pencil! But I am sure there's a better answer.
by Sheila Smail G2G6 Mach 2 (22.2k points)


I thought so also but it has gotten out of hand.  Now I make 25-50 proposals a day sometimes more - it is necessary to wait at least a week for followup that means something like 400-500 that need to be checked per week and then followed up on - I have no idea how many I have out there now  - I have worked through paper, then ink, then spreadsheet, and word files as well as freespace profiles - so I agree there has to be a better way.  - I wondered about the number of merge requests I make so I went back and counted them for Sep. 3, I made 43 requests.

The new sorting system works amazingly - have you tried it? I have managed to get all but two of my merge requests completed (of course this just means I haven't been working very hard at sending out new merge requests) :)
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Philip, I've run into the same problem. It's a bit of a pain as I don't always remember to add the info, but I have a private profile page (which I have open in edit mode in a separate tab) where I keep notes as below. On the same page I also have a list of Trusted List requests, open profile requests, etc. If you do a compare of two profiles, it's not too bad to copy and paste the comparison page title once you've proposed the merge. The copy and paste (unfortunately) doesn't paste the link, but it has both IDs.

Comparing Tompson-17 (L) and Thompson-8673 (R)

Proposed Merges

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You are correct, that works and I have done it, and still do infact for some key profiles.  However, as I do a huge volume of merge requests it has gotten out of hand and the followup is impossible.

If you use GOOGLE CHROME , you can check your HISTORY . I check on proposals, merges , matches up to to many months .

Go page by page backward (OLDER) and use Control + F and type in Merge, or Match , or anything you want to find very quickly.

Of course , if you clear your history all the time , it is not effective.

All this is true - but it does not work well when you do a large volume of merge proposals - as noted above I did 43 yesterday, I went back and counted them - and I think that was an average day.

I need to to followup on those - so that means I need to have a process to track 250 new proposlas a week and many do not go away so the total is well over 1,000, I have no idea, what the total  really is.
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I use evernote. I have a folder named merges and created a tag called proposed merges. Just clip the proposed merge and add the tag. The clips show up in your folder by date.

This is my temporary way of keeping track until something better comes about.
by Michelle Hartley G2G6 Pilot (152k points)
I used to use a free space profile. Copying and pasting the proposed merge .

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