Who can merge Project Protected Profiles? [closed]

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I have tried to complete two merges this week into project protected profiles. I thought I had been able to complete these types of merges before, but neither of these have gone through.  

I am the manager of one of the profiles even!  Is this just a tech fluke or does someone in particular need to merge these?

Merging Hétu-94 into Hétu-247 


 Cutler-184   into  Cutler-717 

thank you!
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asked in Genealogy Help by Emma MacBeath G2G6 Pilot (530k points)
closed by Keith Hathaway
Trey the Cutler merge again. I think I cleared the hang up.  Vic
Vic, you are a genius!  I learned something new today!  Thank you :-)

Merge done and cleaned!
Emma - sorry! The PPP on https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/H%C3%A9tu-247 was my doing. I've removed it. I had added PPP to "preserve Hétu in proposed merge with Hetu." - I obviously missed finding Hétu-94!

Cheers, Liz
It was a chance to learn something new last night, Liz.  If this happens again, I will know why the error message pops up and can decide what to do :-)

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Emma, You can't merge a lower number profile into a higher number profile with exactly the same LNAB. The Project Protection (PPP) needs to be taken off the higher number and put on the lower number profile.

I have done that for Cutler and proposed the merge.  The parents of Hetu are different, so there is a lot more work that needs to be done before those two are ready to be merged.
answered by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (318k points)
selected by Emma MacBeath
There is a whole family of Hetus who were put into PPP status.  I am not sure the reason for this as a regular merge would work just fine for them
HI Vic

So if I understanding correctly it didn't refuse the merge because of the PPP status but it refused it based on it wasn't the lower number profile? According to the help pages PPP status does not refuse a merge into it.
That's what I thought Steve
There seems to be something weird with Cutler-184.  I adopted it to help the process along, but it won't keep my name as manager when I pull it up
Damn them gremlins. Always slowing stuff down :)
Gremlins sidetrack me and I lose track of what I was doing!
Now now I hope where not talking about children. :)
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The information here seems to be of help but if this is correct than the final LNAB on these listed names are possibly incorrect I reckon however that there could be some collaboration on the final WikiTree ID that has been identified and protected.


But according to this information you should be able to propose a merge the said profiles.
answered by Steve Schmidt G2G6 Pilot (347k points)
The final LNAB on both of these which are the PPP ones are both correct

On Cutler-184 there is no profile manager. So hypothetically anyone should be able to merge it away. According to the help page.

However this should still work as it does not prevent other profiles from being merged into it. I just looked on the Profile appears the PPP status has been moved off for the merge however that shouldn't have been necessary according to the help page.

Project-protecting a profile does three things:

  1. It tells the WikiTree community that the profile belongs in a project. Major edits shouldn't be taken lightly. They should be discussed.
  2. It protects the Last Name at Birth. The LNAB on a protected profile cannot be changed and the profile cannot be merged-away.
  3. It protects the parents. You need to be a manager of the profile, or a Project Coordinator or Leader to edit the parents of a PPP.

It does not prevent other profiles from being merged into it.

It does not prevent anyone from editing the profile.

It does not prevent anyone from adding or editing siblings, spouses, and children

I am getting this error message when attempting to merge:

The merge of Alpheaus Cutler (Cutler-717) and John Cutler (Cutler-184) is already in progress by another user. If it is not completed in five minutes, you can complete it.

But it doesn't go away in 5 minutes
Hi Emma,

   I empathize with the emotion that goes into a profile you did great job on that profile, and my answer and comments was not to discourage you or irritate you.

Hope this works soon :)

Steven Schmidt
Oh, I am not discouraged or irritated, I am just trying to solve this conundrum and I appreciate your help :-)
Being PPPd does not prevent a merge INTO it.  But, if the PPP has a higher number, that you will not be able to complete the merge because you must merge into the lower number.
Thanks for the clarification

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