Weekend Chat - All Members are Invited! (23-25 June 2017) [closed]

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This is an ongoing "Chat" post that can be added to throughout the weekend.  All members of WikiTree are invited and encouraged to join in!


Do you have any ideas to share?

Any stories about famous or infamous ancestors?

Have you found any close relatives through WikiTree?

New people, say Hello and introduce yourself!

G2G Pilots, Mentors, and Leaders... any fresh Tips for us?

What's the weather been like in your neck-of-the-woods?

Any subject you want to chat about...


Post answers here, comment on answers, up-vote things you like or agree with, and have fun!


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in The Tree House by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (607k points)
closed by David Selman
Hello and thank you for the invite.

I am new to Wikitree this weekend and have been busy putting up a basic tree for my Bell ancestry.

The Bell family were quite numerous in Borders and I have traced my earliest ancestor to Arthuret, Cumberland in 1805. Where to go from there is daunting. So far, this is my only link to England as I am mainly of Scots-Irish descent.

I am hoping to meet more distant cousins through this.

I wish you all well.
Thanks for the invite cousin Kieth, we interacted a couple of years ago. Still finding ancestors with military service. If I remember correctly you were in the Vermont Guard, I was in the NY Air Guard piloting C5's as a Vermont resident. I find I don't have patience, I get frustrated with the conventions in Wiki, but as Bobbie Hall says if it does not have a source, its fiction. We sold family house in Randolph couple of months ago, wish we had waited because the VT. Mayflower Society held it's meeting in Randolph yesterday, Jun 24th.  I am a member of  Vt's NSSAR, waiting approval to join Mayflower Society. I'm an ancestor of John & Pricilla and George Soule. As a C5 instructor pilot (simulator), getting a little busy, transferring from Dover AFB to Westover AFRES base late July. I do have a request, back in the 80's or early 90's I flew a C5 to Burlington for the Air Show. I've been searching using google & bing, but can't find that it even happened, but I was there. Anyone have any information?


Robert Arms
Howdy, y'all.  I've been on Wikitree for 3 years now, but haven't gotten to the social side of it.  I have worked diligently on filling in  the family tree from Leonard Garrett born in 1759 (my mother's great x5 grandfather) all the way to my parents' generation.  That's like a gajillion people.  Rabbits ain't got nothing on the Garretts.  Just sayin...

I've recently been teaching myself about categories and making profiles look professional.  Nothing like a vertical learning curve.  But I love the challenge, and I love the work.

Best to all of you!

Hi, my name is Bridget and I live in a hot El Paso, Tx.  I'm originally from northern New Mexico.  I actually posted basic family information several years ago and then got busy, but now I'm back.  I have a tree on Ancestry, of course Family Search, and here.  I know there are other places with family information that I will dig into in the future.  My goal right now is to make sure that all three of my trees match and are as accurate as possible.  I really like Wikitree, just need to get better at sourcing and understanding when my personal knowledge of family history stops being a good source and becomes a good guess.  I have several brick walls my GGF Edward William Dale, and my GGGF  Robert C Clarkson.   So thank you for the invite, glad to be here

You are so right about the younger generation asking questions. I wish, wish, wish my grandparents were still alive so I could ask them the questions which will now probably never get answered.

My name is Carolyn Jones, I am new to WT, and I thank you for this opportunity. I hope all have a wonderful holiday weekend this weekend, for me it will be a very quite one. The weatherman has predicted a thunderous and stormy time during this holiday weekend for the area I live in, upstate New York, so we may not see the sky light up, at least from fireworks anyways .. :)) I love the sounds of a thunderstorm

 There has been more black bear sightings in my area, along with a Moose, recently.  For those who are unfamiliar with New York State, it is not all skyscrapers and pavement. There are mountains with forests and wildlife, dotted with lakes to fish and/or boating to have summer fun in. Oh my .. I just sounded like a poster ad you would see on a billboard for NY .. lol.

I am super excited to have found a family connection today, and look forward to further exchange of information to help each other. I can't wait to share it with others in my family after the Holiday. I am also glad to have seen that, I am not the only one who has found a passion in discovering different things and learning different things. Which is obvious in the posting everyone has done, even the memorial things, like old fishing license's for example. Thank you again for all of them .. and the chat session opportunity
Hi Bart Swanenberg!

Have you tried the Dutch genealogy site at www.openarch.nl

Welcome to all the New Comers! We are all apart of One Big Family Tree. 

I would like to make a request for help to find the parents of Louis (Ludwig) Beard. 


I have found a few ideas, but nothing confident. I would also like to say that I will gladly add family to be trusted for any shared family profile. 

Yes, I'd love to participate.

RE your 3rd paragraph:  I lived in Vermont (and MA) for a few months in winter, and I longed for our Arizona winter months. This year the temps seem colder than the degrees show us (in the 70s) and the sun, the marvelous sun is such a comfort. I went to the patio with my dog this morning and ate pancakes in the sun, with my dog stretched out on a double layer of small rugs.  
          In the summers, though, I think of and label them as searing as the sun touches uncovered skin. I also try not to remember the thrilling winters then, with shovels used only for working in my gardens. Six months of gorgeous weather has got to be enough!
Hi Roberta, this chat was for June 2017 and is closed. A new Weekend Chat for December 2018 will be posted and open this coming Friday at 12 noon EST. Thank you, David

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Hello Everyone!

I'm full of positive energy today and excited to host the Weekend Chat again.  It's a lot of fun because I enjoy meeting new people and catching up with old friends.  I'll do my best to respond promptly to all comers.

Anyone who wants to host in the future can let me know and we'll get it on the schedule :)

The weather here in Vermont, USA is up and down.  One day of sun, breeze, and just the right amount of cloud cover... then 3 days of rain.  The toughest part of it is figuring out when to mow the lawn.  The grass loves it and thrives.  It makes it appear we don't try to mow our lawn.  It's currently raining right now.

My two teenagers are done high-school for the summer.  It's their first day "off".  One got up early to work with his grandfather and the other will likely sleep until 1 in the afternoon.  I don't give them flack though because they do well in school and are good polite young men.

One of our indoor/outdoor cats continues to return each morning all beat up.  I can't tell what's been chewing on him.  Sometimes it seems like he's fighting other cats and has normal cat scratches but sometimes it's too bad to describe here.  I worry something bigger is catching him.  I brought him to the vet but all they can do is first-aid stuff that I can do anyway; they can't stop the bully.  My son and I tried following him around outside but he knew we were following and just sat watching us.  We're considering a pet-tracker of some kind now.  Anyone with experience please share.

I'm busting my butt for WikiTree and loving every minute of it.  

My wife and I celebrated our 20rh recently.  My parents have their 50th this fall.  We're organizing our first ever big shin-dig for them.  I want to have people roast my dad but my wife thinks it's a bad idea.  My mother is so shy that if 10 people show up she will be beside herself.  We're trying for 100.

I've been asked a few times recently what I do out in the real world aside from WikiTree.  If I had to list just one job I'd say i teach martial-arts.  I get paid most of the time and it is the profession listed on my tax returns for the last couple decades.  I work with kids, adults, handicapped, national champions, police, swat teams, security guards, bouncers, etc.  I've taught doctors, lawyers, and one Indian Chief :)  But in reality I do many odd things.  I live on family land where there are almost 100 camps.  I do jobs for the people who own the camps and lease the land.  Any given day I might mow a lawn, put in a water line, cut down a tree, or haul a boat.  Whatever they need that I feel like doing.  As a kid I chucked newspapers every summer and got to know them all.  I have a couple other irons in the fire too for security of course, so I stay busy.

I'll be posting several more "answers" in the Chat this weekend, all different topics, be sure to check back in.

Have a super day!

Displaying yard today.jpg

a temporary break in the weather

by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (607k points)

Text from the video for those who don't see it....

My son found this kitten living wild under the farmhouse next door a few months ago, rescued him, and named him "Fennik". The vet gave him the full treatment and proclaimed him healthy.

Since the alfalfa fields were just cropped the hunting is good for cats. Fennik found this little playmate in the back-yard and brought him on the porch for some fun.

We bathed him before letting him back in the house :)

If anyone is concerned; I'm sure the mouse is fine.

Adorable .  .  .
Thank you for let me se him he really is adored what a hunter
Hi Keith,

This is Linda Barnett my brother and sister-in-law has a she cat that was bullied like that and they decided to keep her in the house because of it. It was going to be an outside cat but since she been bully they keep her in their house and she seems happy about it but sometimes when they are home along time they will let her come out with them especially at night but they have a problem  with that is that she likes to be outside so when she is she doesn't like to go back in so they force her to go back in for own good. She is just about 4 to 5 years old. When she was a little kitten she and her siblings where discovered by them and one night only she was there and her siblings were gone and they weren't feeding them because they were not planning on keeping them so she was loosing weight so the decide to feed it and feed it outside so it will be an outside kitty but other cats were bullying her. And also when it got cold they cleaned and kitty proofed their garage and had a kitty door put in their garage door for her to use but the other cats started to use it and when she was been bullyed and she had real bad places they decide to adopt it and keep it. So it doing better now.

Also this is my first weekend chat also.
Keith - not sure if they make a lo-jack for cats, but it sure sounds like your cat needs one.

LOL! And ask Google... Google knows everything:


Personally I was thinking one that had an app for your phone that would let you locate them via GPS on the maps, but at least there are gadgets out there that might help. That way you could follow at a discrete distance and surveil the little meower without them knowing.

Woo - and here you go:


About $40, but it might be worth it for peace of mind.
Hi Linda


Cats really has a mind of there own they are so funny and stubborn to be around, and so cute to look at.

How mean of the other cats to bully her not very nice. Glad she is better now

Congrats Keith and wauw look how many visitors are here this weekend ! 4 pages already I noticed, that's really awesome  !

Hello, everyone,

My name is Deb and I currently live in New England. I have been married for 47 years, have three grown children, and five grandchildren. I work from home as a Social Media Community Specialist.

I have been doing genealogical research for a number of years and stumbled upon WikiTree quite by accident a couple of months ago. I have spent most of my time here since adding my family or my husbands and adding sources to unsourced profiles. I've also spent time correcting or adding information to previously created profiles when I can. I've even adopted a few orphan profiles. I am thoroughly enjoying my time here.

I don't have any questions yet that haven't been answered by the help pages but I'm sure the time will come. In the meantime, I am enjoying the idea behind WikiTree as well as contributing to the building of it.

I'm also enjoying reading about other genealogist's research journeys and stumbling blocks. I will be keeping an eye out for ways to lend a hand.
Hello Everyone and Thank you Keith for the invite.

I have been here at Wiki for 4 years now.  I will admit that in the beginning I made A LOT of mistakes.  Like adding a profile and thinking "Oh, I will go back and add sources later"....  Bad idea!  The second biggest mistake I made was adopting loads of profiles just because I was related to one person.... ugh...

I am SLOWLY fixing my errors.  It is a very difficult task but one I am committed to doing.  

So a little about me.  I was born and raised in Massachusetts.  I have lived many different places and now I live full time in a 35' camper.  I am currently volunteering as a Host for the Army Corp here in Florida. I just finish 7 months of Hosting for Florida State Parks.  This time of year we normally head to Missouri to my in-laws, but they are still trying to dry out.  I am hoping we will actually go back to New England next summer.

I am pretty boring.  If my nose isn't in the computer then my hands are busy sewing.

Everyone have a wonderful day!
Give your  mom a several day vacation while the hordes surround your dad. It will spare her a lot of heartsores.
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So I was looking through records for anything on Jacob William Carrier and, getting frustrated, decided to do a "palette cleanser" of looking at some Italian records.

And I found where one of my Italian ancestors was from: San Pietro in Guarano! Which is cool to have found out, but I'm still unable to find out anything NEW about Jacob... and it's driving me mad. Is Jacob even a Carrier? I can't find him in any census prior to his jailing. I know he exists because he was in the newspaper for bigamy and because he was jailed and there are records of his jailing, but everything else is a big ol' ? and there's nothing more I can really do on this end without trekking to Harrisburg.

by G. Borrero G2G6 Pilot (108k points)
Wow, was it the bigamy he was jailed for?

It seems every awesome find such as the identity of your ancestor's town also leads to more questions.  The nature of genealogy :)

Thank you very much for posting in the Chat G.
No problem! I love posting in the Weekend Chat. Fun to see what everyone else is up to, and sometimes people will take pity on you if you are having a solid brick wall and help you break through it, just for being conversational!

Yes, Jacob was jailed for the bigamy.

I need more information on him. I had my DNA tested, and so did my sister and one of my aunts on my mother's side, but we don't seem any closer to figuring out if Jacob is my great grandfather's father. It's pull-my-face-down agonizing at this point. I've been looking into him for two years come this October. It's scary to think a year ago I didn't even know "Jacob" was part of his name...
I'm feeling your pain through your words.  It's nice knowing of "Jacob" though.  I know how you feel in wishing for help sometimes.  I often feel like the brickwall I have no chance of smashing could be easily toppled by someone else.  The trick is trying to find and motivate them to assist.  WikiTree is certainly one of the very best opportunities for doing so... the people are so nice and there are some very very expert genealogists here.

Chin up... it will all work out :)
My father once told me that when you open the family closets be prepared to dance with the skeletons. He was right. I have two bigamists, a mutineer, and a probable slave ship captain on my side, and a few Mafia members on my husband's side. What's the old expression? "Dance with the one that brung you" Very applicable to genealogy.
My father's parents were from Italy.  They arrived here in early 1900.   Yes, there are always interesting stories to be told.  The cultures were different so you never know what you will find.     My grandfather's two brothers and two nephews went to Argentina early in 1900 also as well as two of his nephews.  In 1927 another nephew arrived there to  join his brothers.  I met his descendants in May while they were visiting DC.  What fun.   I have letters and photos from Italy and Argentina describing the life and times of these family members.
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Announcement from the G2G Integrators Project


We are pleased to announce that David Selman

has accepted the position of Project Coordinator!

Thank you David

by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (607k points)
Thanks for volunteering, David!

Congrats and thanks David ! (and everyone from the Integrators project), that's really wonderful news !


Awesome, David!
Much appreciated, Star!
Love the banner, Bea. It is appreciated.

Much appreciated, Deb.

Hi Emma, Thanks for helping me with DNA it is much appreciated.

I second that! and Bea, where do I find your CONGRATS-colored image? It's lovely!

Here it is Roberta :) 

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Back in the saddle.....it is nice to have you hosting the chat again Keith!

This week I'm visiting a dear friend in western Michigan. The weather is gorgeous.....no humidity!

I visited a windmill in Holland,MI yesterday...it was very interesting & the gardens were beautiful.



by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
Travel safely Doug, we need you in one piece :)

That's neat that the town is named Holland and has windmills.  They should do something to ensure that they forever will.

On my honeymoon 20 years ago we went to a botanical garden in North Carolina near or on the Outer Banks.  It was fascinating for sure.  Many of the trees had trunks and branches that had been woven or braided into patterns as they grew.  I imagine generations of gardeners each guiding and nurturing for their brief time in the tree's life.

I "saw" a bonsi tree once that was supposedly 350 years old.  That is impressive discipline by many people.  3 days without water even once and it would have ended.

As I age I am appreciating gardening more.  Not so much food, but I planted many flowers this year.  Most have sprouted well but not bloomed yet.  One morning I'll wake up and see an ocean of color.

Have a super day!
The windmill is in a park and is well cared for and will also be cared for in the future.  It was the last windmill allowed to leave Holland as they realized that they were giving away their heritage to Dutch settlements in other countries and the request from Holland, Michigan was initially turned down.  At the end of WWII there were a number of damaged windmills, some too far gone to save, Holland, MI heard about this one and they were only allowed to ship it to the US as it was going to be completely torn down.  It came through the St Lawrence seaway and into the Great Lakes, the restoration took many years, I think it opened to the public in something like 1964.  Holland, MI is VERY proud of it's Dutch heritage, with a Dutch village, lots of bulb fields, the largest wooden clog making facility outside of the Netherlands and many festivals.  It's a beautiful place.
Thank you so much for sharing that Brenda... it took a turn just before going by my house on Lake Champlain.  Incredible.
Dutch pride was quite evident.....fun for me since my maternal line is Dutch.
In 1968 we sang on stage at the spring concert "Tulips are blooming, in Holland, MI." wearing paper hats and wooden shoes :)   Michigan is proud of Holland.  This was in elementary school in the Detroit burbs.
Oh pretty! :) Safe travels! :)

Great pictures Doug and being Dutch I of course love windmills and it's awesome there's a place called Holland even though in Genealogy it sometimes can be quite confusing there are so many Places with the same or similar names in America :) Hope you have fun and the weather stays nice, we had wonderful weather last week but it's a rainy weekend. 

Probably a stupid question, but do you have watermills also ? 

Many water mills.

Image result for virginia water mill

Oo wauw that's a beautiful one, thank you Doug, great picture :)
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Waiting to see if this tropical storm will bring us any much-needed rain here in South Texas. Been dealing with a husband who got food poisoning last Friday, today is the first day he's felt somewhat normal. Need to go grocery shopping!!
by Summer Orman G2G6 Mach 8 (86.6k points)
edited by Summer Orman
I just taught karate class outside in the rain, only 2 kids and a teen showed up but we got a lot done.  When the distance between the lightening and thunder got too short we called it a day.  I'm drenched too.
Michele, I'd gladly take it. It is supposed to rain a little here this weekend but who knows? It only rains a really good soaking rain about 3-4 times per year.

Hi Summer,

Our daughters oldest (1 of our grandson's) just joined the Air Force and is suppose to be going to Lackland for his basic training. No other details from our daughter or Daniel as yet as to more details.

Wish you would keep the 100% with high humidity at least south of Austin. It was 100% also here today with the humidity around 65 but no rain.

I got food poisoning once a long time ago from grabbing a quick lunch off a food truck and food poisoning is no fun. Hope your husband is doing better.



Thanks David, he is feeling better today. Finally.  It took a full 7 days for him to start doing so!

If you guys come to graduation, let me know. We'll come meet you and even invite you over for dinner. We live on base, so you won't have far to go!  :D
Dad's hoping we don't get any of that Tropical Storm on our travels!

Oh.. hate food poisoning. Couldn't do crunches for a long while later! LOL

Thank you for the invite to dinner. Will have to wait and see what happens as you know the military some times has other ideas as to where one is sent for basic and what state or country they will place you in after training. At least we have relatives in San Antonio that he can check in with if he needs too. His Aunt, Uncle and grand mother lives in San Antonio.

Well, all Air Force basic training is here at Lackland. Tech schools are located all over but not basic. So if he's joining Air Force, he'll be through here!
I loved living in San Antonio. My husband was stationed at Randolph AFB from 1978-82. It was one our favorite assignments. I was back there a few years ago and couldn't believe how much the Riverwalk has grown.
Good news!  We did get some rain!!!  It was much needed and very welcome. Temps were over 100 degrees the last few days and the rain brought them down. I was even able to go out and take a few photos...raindrops on blades of grass....random leaves in the road...I just love doing stuff like that!
Yogurt. Repeat that repeatedly. Fage 2% and my sons recommend Chobani, as do CBS tv and PBS TOO.
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I just got a mailing from The Geauga Park district with their programs for the next 3 months. There is a lot I want to do.  They have hikes, Historical tours, Flea Markets, movies and concerts, They even have a program about one of the local cemeterys and part of that program deals with revolutionary war veteran graves. I have to start a schedule for all of this stuff. One program I want to check out is a hike to a place called "Ansel's Cave". A man named Ansel Savage moved to Russell Township, Geauga County, Ohio and set up a still near the "cave" and built a house to live in. Then the information gets confused, some sources say he was a hermit but others say he had family living with him. I started a profile for him but it is looking like I may not be able to find out more until after the program next month. For anyone who is interested the profile is Savage-4239
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
I wish they had all that stuff here Dale.  That sounds great.  I'd like to see the cave and go to the veteran's graves thing.

Thank you for posting in the Chat.  

Enjoy yourself!
I am planning on going to both of those programs as well as several others this summer, time permitting. Our parks also have an observatory where there are several programs that allow you to use their telescopes, a tour of an old interurban line, a trolly ride, and several programs just for seniors. I will be at the park with the cave several times for different events but on the one with the guided hike to the cave a local historian will be portraying Ansel Savage and he will appear "out of the wilderness" to tell us about his time in the area. Oh and lets not forger that they let us use kayaks for free for 2 hours each at least 4 days a week in an area where there are bald eagles nesting.
I have no idea how you do and accomplish so many things Dale.  It is astounding.  How could anyone around you keep up?  They sure are not bored I'll bet.  You probably are the most interesting person they know.  I'm always impressed.
Keith, You don't know half of what I do. This weekend alone I will go to a "Field Day" site to work a pretend emergency event that runs from Saturday afternoon till Sunday Afternoon with the Ham Radio group. Then Monday evening is the Club Meeting for the same group then I can rest until Wednesday when I get paid and we can pay some bills and do some grocery shopping. Thursday my car goes in for an oil change but come the first my calendar is really full for July, I think at this time I have less days that have nothing on them than I have days with an activity or two listed. I don't have time to be bored. I think I will only stop when I die but I actually have slowed down a bit, I used to work 45 hours a week, at least, run my own manufacturing business, maintain a century home, and go to college when I was married with two children in the 80's.
I'm glad you share pictures and videos of some of those things. I hope my list grows.
Oh how fun! :) I love historic tours! Prob due to my love of genealogy although the love of forts with tunnels came first. :D
Keith, or anyone, I can not figure out how to post pictures to G2G. As Keith can attest I did take some from todays event and posted them on Facebook but after several attempts they just will not show up here, Sorry
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Coming back from Alabama, running into rain and flooding and now its about to hit our area in Tennessee. Several buildings have been damaged in Fairfield, Alabama, outside of Birmingham, and at least one business completely collapsed during a storm.

Ever see lighting stricking sideways, this was taken in Hermitage, Tn, down the road from us last month!!


Now to get caught up on all my emails from various projects on google message boards. Will go over 1,000 contributions for the month of Jun sometime today no doubt.  Also number #15 on the g2g forum!!! 

Happy WikiTreeing.... Stay safe out there if your in the path of any storms!! 

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
Home  :(
That picture is super colorful.  Sideways is better than straight down when I'm around.

Thank you very much for posting in the chat Dorothy.  You've been on my list of favorite people lately.  I appreciate all you do.

Make sure to take a few minutes to relax and enjoy :).
Someone just sent me a message that included this:

"...thanks for the invite to the weekend chat. I will try to be there. Tropical Storm Cindy has been killing my internet all week and it has been slow..."
Yeap, lights just binked here, been raining off and on, wind blowing but so far so good. Computer at times has been slow downloading pages, thought it was WikiTree just updating earlier in the week.
that is so cool, last year we had a rolling rain cloud, it looked like a funnel side ways
Wow! Hope mom & I don't run into any of that on our travels.
Looks and sounds pretty scary Dorothy, great picture though, stay safe everyone who lives there and hope it won't ''kill'' your internet ! :)
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This weekend is filling up quickly! Tomorrow morning I'm volunteering with the Colorado Genealogical Society at a Salute to Seniors expo. We'll be recruiting elders to our favorite hobby!

On WikiTree I've been working on descendants of some North Carolina families to look for a mystery ancestor. It's been fun to track the families through newspaper archives to get a glimpse of how they lived.

We've also been compiling cousins to make a descendants chart or poster or wall hanging for an upcoming family reunion picnic. Wish us luck! I've been using the FamilySearch plug-in Puzzilla to get the general shape of the family. We might ask for snapshots and make a round family tree on a tablecloth to display.

by Karen Lowe G2G6 Pilot (145k points)
I can't believe I never thought of mixing my genealogy passion with the pleasure of being around seniors right here in my home town!  Now my mind is flooding with ideas.  I could learn a lot and be a benefit too.

Unique displays are great and family is the best.  Another two fer :)

Thank you for posting here Karen.  

I hope to see you at another global reunion someday.  I know we're cousins :)
Sounds like fun, Karen!  Be sure to let us know how it goes.
Puzilla sounds interesting. May have to check it out! :) Have fun with the Seniors! :)
I've been considering joining CGS. Your post makes it sound even more appealing! Salute to Seniors is a great idea!

It was a nice day out! Some folks who stopped by were already genealogists or had taken DNA tests. Others were excited to see a census record or archived obituary for the first time - I was able to send them email attachments right from our demo area. In one case I added a G2G question  here and Isabelle Rassinot has already provided assistance in France.

I do hope you'll check out a CGS meeting when they resume in September, or come and see us in Boulder where I'm the secretary for BGS. Most society members don't have deep Colorado roots, so the topics range around the world. Genealogy often seems like a solitary hobby but it certainly is more fun with friends!

I'm going to put a reminder for Sept. right now so it doesn't sneak by me. :) I'm in south central Denver area, so Boulder is far for me. However, I'm close to the main DPL branch where I believe CGS often meets. See you this fall!
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My mom used to clean for a family named Paparodis 

They're in the book ! ! MAFIA ! 

I gotta go to work. My new shoes will get wet and muddy. Rain rain hurricane and my socks are too loose

by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (616k points)
This rain is hitting almost everybody today... Texas is still dry I hear.

When we were just learning to read my aunt bought a book where they put the names you choose into the book.  We didn't know that but my sister, two cousins, and I used to love reading about Keith, Lisa, Mike, and Kerry building a tree fort.  We thought we were famous.

Thanks for showing up Eddie, I appreciate it.
Your "MAFIA" comment made me laugh! :)

HAHAHA Keith too funny. :D
Hihi so your mum was working for the Mafia eeh Eddie, and I can imagine you all loved to to read a book with yourself a character in it Keith, a really great idea to get our kids to read books !

I used to read a whole lot when I was little, but nowadays with the internet, tablets, tv, Iphones, our kids hardly take time to read books anymore, really ashame..or maybe not and just different, they of course are loaded with info and know where and how to find answers to all their questions and can read interactive books and things, hahaha... perhaps I'm just getting old ..granny to be  eeh :P
Youngstown had a nickname back in the 50s and 60s. Saturday Evening Post Magazine dubbed it Murdertown USA. The "Mob" ran just about everything, powered by the Teamsters Pension fund a la Jimmy Hoffa. He came here a lot, very fond of the old Idora Park. Lake McKelvey was where the mob from Cleveland and Pittsburgh dumped their kills.

Coincidentally, according to FBI Special Agent Jim DeGarmo, the city was, in the 60s and 70s, number 6 on the USSR hit list for an A Bomb, because of our huge steel mills, coal mines and natural gas fields. His book said the hit list started Washington DC , New York, Omaha (SAC base) Pittsburgh, Birmingham, Youngstown, Detroit.

Everybody loved Youngstown LOL
+18 votes
I'm supposed to be at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course today for their Vintage Grand Prix, but it's raining cats and dogs there, the radar is mostly orange and red and they're under a flood warning with 1" - 2" of rain expected.  Saturday and Sunday are sunny so we're setting off very early Saturday morning instead.  We go in one of our classic British cars and it's so tiny on the American roads that it's very dangerous in bad weather.

On the genes front, I've been looking at GEDMatch and talking with  a couple of people about my recent DNA results, all my matches are between the 4th and 5th generations so it's going to take time to find any connections.

I've also been working on my Embleton and Stirrup families this week, finding proper sources for them and tidying up their profiles, adding their children etc.  There are some unusual stories in this line, such as my Gt Gt Grandmother's attempted murder by her husband; and her Grandmother Martha's interesting life living with a married man AND his wife.... but there's more... Martha and John had the children, Mary and John had them baptized!  Mary eventually left (or was pushed out?) and ended up living a few streets away!
by Brenda Butler G2G6 Mach 4 (44.2k points)

I was supposed to go to work and read Langston Hughes in the park.



Attempted.......murder!?!?  do continue please... did she get away unscathed I hope?
My internet is too slow for video right now and my desktop speaker kicked the bucket so I'm YouTubeless for the day.  I did hear the Reverand Horton Heat though... I have a feeling it was good in a different way :)
Wow...what a nail biter of a story.  Thank god her mother was there and the neighbor nearby.  It could have been even worse, but that was pretty bad.

Just checked: Langston Hughes has a profile and is connected to Kevin Bacon and the rest of us.

Oh wow your tree sounds exciting! :)
Hi Charlotte  -  My tree is 99% very normal, 1% exciting!  I just happen to be at the point where I'm working on the exciting part right now!
+17 votes
I just found a new hint I should follow.  When I read an obituary for someone I thought I knew everything about, I noticed that it said something like: Chicago newspapers pick up. The person lived in Buffalo, New York, and I know of no Chicago connection, but I haven't yet followed all of the siblings and children. Hope this leads somewhere.
by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (332k points)
Obit hints can be great.  Good luck Vic... fingers crossed for you.

If it pans out you should comment of your success :)

Thank you for posting here in the chat, it's appreciated
+19 votes
We just started this years geocaching challenge in the central region state parks. You need to get 40 caches by November out of 67 hidden. They are within about 2 hours. We started with the nearest and have found 6 caches in 2 parks. Only 34 to go. It gets us out walking, hopefully without picking up ticks (suppose to be bad this year).

(Otherwise I would just sit at the computer and do Wikitree)
by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (149k points)
Thank you for sharing here in the chat Sue,

That sounds fun.  Do you get to use a map or gps or is it like an easter egg hunt?
Definitely a GPS. See https://www.geocaching.com/

You find the cache and log it both physically in a logbook and virtually on your web page. You create a team trail name and keep track of finds. All sorts of stats for those of us that like that sort of thing.

There is a bookmarked list for all the caches on the challenge.
That is very cool.  In the army we used to have to find markers on a coarse based on maps and a compass.  Counting steps and all that.  The markers usually had a metal box with a letter or number inside.  We would record the number on our paper and go on to the next.  They had just as many false ones as legit so if you saw someone else at a box recording something on their paper it did not mean you wanted the same one.  It was fun because I like the outdoors and it was a mountain unit.  The best ones were after dark with the night vision goggles on.  It was weird because we could only see far away but not our feet up close (i think that's how it was, it's been a while).  However it was it was challenging out in sasquatch type country :)
+17 votes
Hi, my first time on the weekend chat and the weather is lovely in little old England!

As I sat down to post for the first time my two faithful friends thought I had my priorities wrong, given the nice weather I think their thoughts are of the beach!

I took a very cute photo but I can't figure out how to add it to this post? I know how to add profile pictures then add the URL to the G2G feed but, how do I just add a photo when there is no URL? A simple copy/paste function doesn't seem to work?

Looking forward to reading the chat over the weekend!

by Lizzie Griffiths G2G6 Pilot (119k points)
While I was typing to you our power blinked out for a bit.  I taught karate class out in the rain... only 2 kids and a teen wanted to train in the storm.  We did a lot though.  Now I'm soaked.

I have about 50% English roots but I'm many generations away over here in the United States.

I don't know all the details about posting photos in g2g but I can share a few things.  If you have a windows based computer or one where you can click to "copy" the image then you can do that almost anywhere you have the photo, then you can just "paste" it into your answer or comment.  However I can't get it to work on apple based devices like my iphone and ipad.  I'm still searching for why or how.  If I find out I'll share for sure.

Thank you for posting in the chat Lizzie, it's appreciated.

I hope you enjoy the chat and your weekend :)
Many generations is not always as far as it seems? We're all related somehow?

It sounds like exciting weather over there in the States, just hope it doesn't cause too much damage for you!

I'm working on a tablet, not even a sophisticated as an iPad! Can be frustrating at times but I'm loving Wikitree, even though I'm stumbling through it slowly
Welcome to the Weekend Chat, Lizzie!  I have ancestors from southeast England - Cornwall and Devon.  Where are you from?
I live on a peninsula called The Wirral, near Liverpool. I thought I was 1/2 Welsh & 1/2 English (specifically Manchester). It turns out that my Welsh paternal tree is 1/2 English! Leading to Cornwall.

Cornwall - My paternal great grandmother. I'm currently doing a lot of research on Cornwall for another member as well as myself! Loving the OPC records at the minute!
I think you mean the South West, Star!  One entire half of my maternal line is from Cornwall, with a little bit of Devon sprinkled in too.
Cornwall has excellent resources available on line.  My MIL is from the Wirral, but she was born in the family pub in Abergavenny!
Thanks for catching that error, Brenda - I definitely meant southwest.  I was much better at math than geography in school!

Lizzie, my 2nd great grandfather is from the Ancoats area of Manchester.
One of my teens has a tablet and has figured many work-arounds.  I will ask him to try a few things on WikiTree and see what he can do.  I'll ask about pictures for sure.  If he is successful I'll let you know :)
Ancoats isn't far at all from my family, many still live today in the neighbouring districts of Openshaw & Gorton. It's only about 45 minutes from where I live now!

I know there area pretty well, if you ever want any help on this line just let me know and I'll see what I can do!
Thanks Keith!

Brenda, thanks, everyone on Wirral says you can't go anywhere without meeting someone from The Wirral!

Seeing as most people have never heard of the place and usually you have to say 'near Liverpool' your post makes me very happy!
@Lizzie - Higher Bebington, the posh end apparently!!
+16 votes
It's raining here in the Washington, DC area - just like everywhere else, it seems.  Good time to be indoors working on WikiTree - as long as the power doesn't go off.

Love the new Weekend Chat page that you created, Keith!  That will help people new to the forum understand why we often talk about things not related to WikiTree.
by Star Kline G2G6 Pilot (552k points)
Thank you Star.  You are too kind :)

I really like seeing you around the tree.

Appreciate your posting in the chat... enjoy the day!
Don't I wish. We've been inundated with smoke from forest fires for most of the month. We had snow till the middle of May. A little rain would be quite welcome. In the southwest, one sees bumper stickers that say "Agua es Vida" for a reason.
I'll try to send some rain your way, Elizabeth. :)
Hope the rain stops for Thurs as a few of us are heading there for the day. :)
+17 votes
Struggling to work here on WikiTree today due to the lovely weather brought to us courtesy of Tropical Storm Cindy. A worker clearing the flooded streets cut a fiber optic cable and internet has been in and out! Longing for sunny days!! But not the deep south humidity. We all have begun to joke that one day in Mississippi it started raining and didn't stop for four weeks.

But on the flip side the rain did stop a bit today, long enough to let my chickens out to roam awhile, one little rooster must have been mad at being cooped up for a week, that he attacked my adult daughter and sent her screaming around the yard.
by Michelle Ladner G2G6 Mach 1 (14.4k points)
I had no idea a little rooster would even try to chase a human.  We had a mother goose and babies for about a week...she was not nice.

Thank you for sharing here in the chat Michelle.  I hope you enjoy the day :)
We had a Bantum rooster when our daughter was young and the rooster would attack her any time she went out into the back yard. The old bird disappeared after a few of these attacks.
+19 votes
I wish I had a lot of energy atm, but I have been sick with flu, resting up in bed in New Zealand and working slowly on some profiles. My go-to resources are Papers Past and Births Deaths and Marriages in New Zealand, both free, but I also have an Ancestry subscription. While you would think I might only work on NZ profiles, a lot of them connect with Australia, England (loads of connections), Ireland, India and the US.

Have to say, I am happy to be home today as the weather has been rainy/miserable, but that means I won't get in any walking exercise... :(

My day job (full time work) is as an anlayst/investigator for a bank.
by Lianne Trevarthen G2G6 Mach 4 (43.2k points)
Hi Lianne,

I think it's pretty cool that even though you and I are on opposite sides of the planet our roots can both be found in England and Ireland.  The UK was quite vast and it's people adventurous.

It sounds like your job has you sitting... too bad they didn't regularly send you out sleuthing doing on scene investigations.  Maybe on some big case some day.

Enjoy the home time... no place like it.

Thank you for posting in the chat.. I appreciate it and hope to see you again :)

Yes a lot of sitting down in my job, looking at 3 computer screens all day... then I choose a 'hobby' that means I do more of the same. Well, I do combine it with photography. I will do outings and take my camera, visit cemeteries, historic places.


A friend of mine recently returned from a trip to New Zealand and was emailing some beautiful photographs while she was traveling.

Maybe with our English and Irish connections we'll soon find a cousin connection to each other, Lianne!
STAR--Wow!  Next time you plan a big trip like that I'm recommending (4****-stars) to you to DO NEW ZEALAND. It's simply beatific (meaning to me alone Beautiful and Terrific!). It helps if you know someone who lives there, but while in that locale, visit Australia. I didn't and now I fear I'll never get there. A visit to NZ also means Both of its islands.

I haven't been to:China, Australia, Japan, Maylasia, India, Poland, Hungary, Russia, the Scandinavian nations, Iceland; all of South and Central America, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Iran and Iraq,Tibet, Afghanistan, all nations of Africa.
+28 votes

Anybody else ever get stuck sometimes?



by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (607k points)
It's called WikiTree addiction.  I found that I can watch a baseball game and do WikiTree at the same time.  Go Nats!
I wonder if a category for WikiTree Addicts is something we could do.  It would go on my profile.

me "Hi I'm Keith"

from the group "Hello Keith"

i continue "I first realized my healthy addiction to WikiTree...."
Heck why not a WikiTree Addicts badge. oh wait no more bling.... I truly enjoy wikitree. Now where did I place that coffee mug.
I agree there should be a WikiTree Addicts badge. I am a WikiTree Addict.


Linda Barnett-3517
Sound like my day, get up at 6 in the middle of the night east breakfast together with my I pad in the hand looking what is new on wikkitree, send Poul to work and then looking at genealogy to se will it be my lucky day to find new member of my ancestors.

I really are addicted because ones you start and there are a little hint I can't stop.

Bet some of you are the same
What a brilliant idea Steve you can certainly send one to me I am a wikkitree addict
I think it is the best kind of stuck :-)

And oh, yes.  A WikiTree Addict badge.  Or a logo we could add to our blogs to that effect.  I am all for another badge! I'm kinda addicted to them ;-)
Love the to do list.  I need to steal it for my profile pic.  

We have proven the statement  "Dead people tell no tales" incorrect.  With good research and a little luck the past generations speak loudly to us.

Thanks Keith for starting this wonderful chat.  

Wishing all a wonderful weekend.
I get stuck a lot. I would like to have that WikiTree Addict badge myself.
Keith, I wish your word list for daily tasks weren't so True. My curiosity always gets the better of me. I consider it a healthy attribute but it's making a widow of me.
+16 votes

Thank you for the invite Keith. This is my first time in a weekend chat. A couple of things ...

One of my top genealogy priorities is researching families with my maiden name - Lynn, sometimes written Linn (and other ways). Growing up, I thought Lynn was a rather unusual surname. Now, having spent 37 years barking up the family tree, I know better. Also, as with most surnames, there are multiple, unrelated origins for Lynn. In fact, in the FamilyTreeDNA surname project of which I am administrator, there are Linns and Lynns in 15 distinct Y-DNA haplogroups, meaning each of the families is unrelated in their paternal lines anywhere within genealogical time.

Back on the paper trail, I recently adopted an orphaned Lynn profile and unwittingly opened a can of worms via the U.S. census. Other genealogists have decided that this particular Lynn, born in SC about 1773 and later living in Warren Co., TN, was named Jacob Joseph Lynn. He appears as follows:

Joseph age 26-45 in 1800 in Chester Co., SC
Joseph age 26-45 in 1810 (in fact, presumably 36-45 in 1810) in Chester Co., SC
not at all in 1820
Jacob age 50-59 in 1830 (so much for born after 1770) in Warren Co., SC
Jacob age 50-59 in 1840 (just, huh?) in Warren Co., SC, and
Joseph age 77 in 1850 (this one apparently giving rise to the birth date of 1773); in Warren Co., SC

I know there are tons of errors in the census, while seeming contradictions can sometimes eventually be reconciled, but I'm feeling a bit uneasy about this guy because ages of others in the various households do not easily reconcile.

Back in my own family tree, one of my most exciting discoveries consists of an 18th-century will and deed, long hidden in obscurity and vainly pursued by countless cousins. Coupled with certain known historical records, finding the will and deed provided me with the linchpin proving that my mother's 4th-great-grandmother Lydia (Lincoln) Bryan McGlamery was an aunt of President Lincoln. Thus, my siblings and I are 2nd cousins 5x removed to "Honest Abe". To steal a phrase from an AncestryDNA commercial, "Holy Kroll!"

by Loretta Layman G2G6 Mach 3 (34.3k points)
That's fascinating Loretta, good to see your dedication and research yielded such good results. And good luck with your continuing research into Lynns
That is awesome that you found the document!  Congratulations!!!

Thank you for sharing your success.  Honest Abe... there's a conversation starter.  Sounds like you both share his grandfather as an ancestor.

You are welcome here anytime Loretta.  The g2g forum is always running and we do this chat post each weekend.

Hopefully someone will chime in with a solution to your Jacob puzzle.

Enjoy the day :)
Thanks very much Lianne!
Thank you Keith! Yes, "Virginia" John Lincoln is ancestor to me and cousin Abe.

I must say it again.... that is very cool

Congratulations on your discovery of that will and deed, Loretta.  What an exciting find!
Thank you Star. I still smile because my husband, who had absolutely no interest in genealogy, was kind enough to sit with me for hours in a tiny historical society library, 200 miles from home, while I pored through folders of loose papers until my eyes grew large and I nearly shouted with joy. (It's just one of the many things I remember about John with fondness.
Thanks so much Keith!
Many great stories you give--Thanks!!!
+19 votes

I've been out of town, digging into dusty old New Hampshire libraries, taking pictures of tombstones and a church; also meeting with three members of the Hollis Historical Society in New Hampshire.  

I'm spending a couple of hours a day (or more) sourcing and connecting ancestors going back to Colonial Massachusetts and Connecticut.  This has been fun and aggravating, both!  The latest venture has included Deweys, Ponds, and a name that has morphed so often I hardly believe it:  Fosgate/Foskett/Foskit etc.  I STILL haven't tied the Foskett family back to an immigrant, most like the Puritan Great Migration.  Is there somebody I should contact for help with that?  

Meanwhile, we're having beautiful weather.  Other hobbies include speaking and singing, and my calendar is getting full.

Keep finding those cousins, you NEVER know what's around the corner!

Grins, Janine
by Janine Barber G2G6 Pilot (190k points)

Hi Janine, thanks for coming to the chat :)

We do have the Puritan Great Migration Project: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Puritan_Great_Migration

There are people and contact information there.  They are really sharp and know a lot too.  You could give them a try.

+17 votes

Hi great to see you all and thank you Keith for starting it and the new page :) 

A really happy and excited 'Dutchie' here, our daughter is pregnant (due in abt 12 weeks) so we're now very busy and helping our daughter and son in law with all that needs to be done to make sure everything is ready in time, like decorating the baby room for our first grandchild (time really flies), so far our daughter feels really fine and the baby (it's a girl) is doing great also, a week ago we all were invited to the 4D ultrasound, it was really amazing, so we already could actually see our grandchild smile, wave, her little legs, feet, fingers.....aaaw soo cute, can't wait to hold her.. 

And of course in between still busy at WikiTree also, lots of things, but while I'm here,  we have set up and are working on getting started with the Indonesia Project, (WIC, VOC profiles also could fall under it), we're still looking for some really enthusiastic members who are very interested in everything and everyone related to Indonesia. Our Project coordinator is Jack Day and our language expert  Susan Scarcella  so if someone is interested just take a look and come join us

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !

by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (282k points)
A first grandchild -how exciting!  And your starting the baby book with a color sonogram. Have fun decorating the nursery, Bea.
Congratulations, Bea. There is nothing better than grandchildren.
Congratulations to you on your first grand child. And congratulations to your daughter and son in law on the new baby girl.
Thank you for sharing that Bea... that is wonderful news!  Congratulations to you and your family!
Congratulations wow how happy you must b to have your first grandchild

I am so happy for you
Thanks everyone and yes happy for sure, I have heard from many of my WikiTree ''already experienced grandparent'' friends how awesome it is, so can't wait to join the group :D  

Our son-in-law was born in Brasil and when he was little his mum remarried his Dutch (step) father and they emigrated to the Netherlands, so it's going to be a real challenge to add his family to our WikiTree but we all love a challenge eeh, just hope it won't be a new Brickwall :P
Congratulations Bea!!

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