Please don't hide your G2G contribution because the matter was resolved -- someone else could benefit from it

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In my role as a G2G Moderator, I've been noticing a bit of an uptick in the number of questions, answers, and comments that are being hidden by the person who created them.

In many instances, it looks like the hidden contribution was perfectly valid and appropriate, and not a duplicate, and it appears to have been hidden because the matter was resolved. Please don't do that -- now that you have an answer to your question (or perhaps you see that someone else provided a more complete answer than you offered), the matter may be resolved for you, but most of these topics can be expected to arise again, and your question, answer, or comment could be exactly what another person needs to see.

Do hide your contribution if it's a duplicate, or accidentally posted in the wrong place -- or if upon rereading it, you conclude that your remark was offensive, or otherwise inappropriate for Wikitree. But don't hide items that could be helpful to others. We have new members every day, and the things we've learned from one another may help a new member get engaged more quickly and efficiently.
in The Tree House by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Thanks for helping to moderate G2G, Ellen!

2 Answers

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Thanks for posting! This is a great reminder.
by Zachary Jon Smith G2G6 Mach 2 (21.2k points)
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hmmm that's interesting, since 3 years later, others in-charge are able to go in and just hide anyones' answers they saw as unfit or rude.. WHILE allowing other ppls answers that were actually more rude to stay in view.. double standards of G2g. hmmm  & this answer will most likely get hidden too. lol
by Arora Anonymous G2G6 Pilot (112k points)
its less of a double standard and more of things often get missed, because our volunteers don't have time to read everything.
hmmm, can't read everything but can find one comment in the middle of say 35-50 to "hide".. interesting.. thats gotta be some really good pinpointing vision.  no offense.. just an observation.  I appreciate all the hard work of all the volunteers on wt...
lol, voice an opinion.. tell facts that you see happening, and get a down vote!  Yaaaaay!! ooh the fun at this rate I can start going backward to newbie all over again.. thank are helping me to make a decision, possibly much sooner than later.
Arora, often comments or answers are hidden because they receive two flags from other members.  If you find that your comment was hidden and you see other comments in the discussion that you find inappropriate, flag them and a moderator will have a look at them.  As posted above, it is probably that the other comments were missed.

And of course, if we all keep our comments and answers courteous we won't have any fear of them being hidden by moderators.

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