why is the irish RC Category naming format different?

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Why do the categories for Roman Catholic churches etc, in Ireland use

[[Category: Roman Catholic Parishes in Ireland]] and

[[Category: Roman Catholic Parishes in Dublin]] etc

instead of the usual church Category naming conventions of

[[Category: Ireland Roman Catholic Parishes]] and

[[Category: Dublin Roman Catholic Parishes]] etc
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Hi Veni! I added the place_names tag. I didn't delete the naming_conventions tag, but that's more for naming conventions for people. For that, in addition to the name fields page David posted, [this page] collects project-specific guidelines (e.g., Dutch & Welsh naming conventions, which can be a bit tricky).

Cheers, Liz

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Hi Veni, the reason is that the form of words follows that used for the other Irish categories eg "Towns in Kerry", "Civil Parishes in Kerry", "Townlands in Kerry" etc.  This is the hierarchy that was set up for the Ireland project a couple of years ago and the decision to use this form of words for each RC parish at a county level probably precedes any "topline" decision to use a different formation that may have been set by the Categorization project.   There is flexibility in the geographic categories to adopt a different formation at the country level.   In the case of the Irish categories, they have been in use for some time now, and changing the formulation at this stage might have unintended consequences.   


answered by Leigh Murrin G2G6 Mach 2 (27.8k points)
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Thanks for the explanation Leigh.  The problem became highlighted for me because I added a category for an RC Church to a profile which came up red.   So I then added that church Category page to a higher category using the standard format conventions ie.. [[Category: Dublin Roman Catholic Parishes]] and guess what it came up red  also.  I looked in the Dublin County Category and there was no such item listed under D for Dublin so I added that red category  to a higher category using the standard format conventions

to [[Category: Ireland Roman Catholic Parishes]] etc.  But somewhere along the process I noticed these out of step Categories and undid what I had done and what I had prepared to do figuring that I should ask G2G if there is a reason for it being out of step before I'll not set about changing some or all to the standard format.
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answered by David Selman G2G6 Pilot (546k points)
thanks for the link David - but can you explain how is that relevant to my question?

Sorry, I should have directed you to the Category project so you could ask one the the members or the leader of that project.. For some reason I was thinking of naming conventions. Project: Categorization

Thanks David - I have read through that and now joined the categorization project by i didn't really see any forum except Google Group (which I don't have) for discussion.

I've already tagged this question as categorization so the project members should be notified about this question in the next 12 hours or so.

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Hi, Veni.  There is some latitude for regional and country projects to organize higher level categories in ways that make sense for them.  While I was not involved in creating these categories, I know that in Ireland the two predominant faith institutions are the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Ireland, so I can understand placing those names first.  

The most important categories are what I call the "landing categories" -- the categories you actually want profiles attached to.  These are consistent in Ireland with other places, namely Name of Faith Community, Local Place, Regional Place.  I say this because it is relatively easy to re-name and re-organize higher level categories, but much more difficult to re-name "landing categories" because the category has to be changed on each profile.  So that is the most important one to get right.

In looking at categories, it's always important to ask "what genealogical purpose does this category address?"  In the case of faith communities, they have historically been repositories of records of significant life events and relationships.  In addition, people tend to be members of faith communities as families.  Both of these considerations make it worthwhile to categorize individual profiles according to the local faith community they were a member of.
answered by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (242k points)
Thanks Jack, I understand what you have said, and I understand the issues regarding the priority of the getting the low level naming consistent but I'm still just wondering why these high level categories for the Ireland RC parishes have formats inconsistent with other religious categories in Ireland and elsewhere.  Is there a particular reason for it?  Does anyone know?
I'll defer to Irish Roots Project on that!

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