Ft. Dunmore help. still pulling hair out lol

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i need to complete what i have writen down below, is there anyone here can tell me where i can go and find info concerning people who lived in and around that Fort? this is a very draft and still needs a proofread and spell check (spell check is a 911)

( i find myself more of a historian everytime i start digging)

the begining of my book:


This the start of our line.

 I put this gen. number to show that my opinion is that George was born in this country. I am trying to find out who his father was and so on and so forth. These numbers will change as new information becomes available. 

The earliest known Kiper was Jacob Kiper came over from Germany landed in Philadelphia, PA aboard the ship Frances and Ann, with Captain Snow. He was qualified by Thomas Coatam through customs on May 30, 1741. He was accompanied by his wife Johanas. (pg 292 Strassburger and Hinkle's "Penn. German Pioneers). He went down to Allen Township, PA. Jacob and his wife were listed in 1790 at Northampton County, PA. Jacob and Johanas (I do not know her maiden name). I am actively searching for information concerning Jacob and Johanas. It said that George is the son of Jacob and Johanas.


 G1.George Frederick Kiper s/o

B.                                                    d.

Md. Elizabeth

b.                                                     d.

Had 3 chn.

1. Henry Kiper           

2. Frederick Kiper

 3. Jacob Kiper


 The Kiper family was among the first pioneers of Grayson and Breckinridge Counties. George Frederick Kiper, a Private in the Revolutionary War, was stationed at Fort Pitt also called Fort Dumore then Yohogania County, Virginia, now Pittsburg Pa, in 1777 and 1778. With his wife, Elizabeth, and four children, they were planning to migrate to Kaintuck Reg, then part of Virginia. While still in the service, George Frederick was killed by the Indians in October of 1778 as their migration began. Elizabeth was scalped in the same attack but lived. Wearing a turban type head covering, she came to Kentucky with her children, Henry, Frederick and Jacob; the fourth child is not identified.

 I found a muster roll dates Oct. 1, 1777 Goerge Fredrick Kiper was listed as a private under Captain James O’Hara. That was the last that I found of him. On FamilySearch.org. they have a record of George marrying  Elizabeth ca.1773 in Virginia


 I found  in genealogy.com familytree maker a entry for a 4th child belonging George.

Anna Catherine Kiper (daughter of George Fredrick Kiper and Elizabeth Unk.) was born Abt. 1774 in MD, and died February 13, 1774. This has yet to be proven by me not to say that who ever  found that tidbit is not correct.

3-4-2012 thoughts

I sit here 12:56 am est I think about how meny storied people have about ol’George. Where was he from when he was born and I think how lucky we are in this day and time that we as a whole can make a lasting record of who we are, what we have done, where we have gone. What confounds me is that the story I have always read from the “red book” is you just read up above.what makes that story true? did my family add things to make sound more exciting? there are countless stories thoughout history that parts were "white lies" to put it nicely.  I found two muster rolls (must update and snag the pics) that put him in Ft. Dunmore (Ft. Pitt) in Oct. of 1778 now which is it, did he leave in Oct, or did he leave sometime after?   Logic would suggest that if he was still Va. he would have left in the spring. Late falls are brutal walking down a trail road or if they were lucky enough to either a: have enough money to rent a flat boat or b: own a wagon. They also had to go over mountains. Most of my research has been on him. That is why I really have not done much the rest of the brood. There is one thing that is on my nerves it has always been said that there four kids with George and Liz could they hve had five?  If I can prove that Anna was their girl who was the fourth that came with them?

Well anyway my serch continues…….

I found this on http://www.kindredtrails.com/Kentucky-History-1.html  just a excert:


The American Revolution in Kentucky


     By spring of 1776 the pioneer population of Kentucky numbered about 200, with most living in forts at Boonesborogh, Harrodsburg, and Logan's Station. The area north of the Kentucky River had been abandoned due to Indian and British attacks. The Kentuckians raised a militia led by George Rogers Clark. Boone, Harrod, Logan and John Todd served as captains. This militia protected the settlers from continued Indian attacks.


     Clark realized that Kentucky could only be saved from the British and Indians if Virginia took the offensive, so Clark enlisted 150 men and marched towards Kaskaskia. Picking up more men along the way, he took Kaskaskia by surprise. He was successful in gaining French support as well as support from various Indian tribes. Clark, being warned of an oncoming British attack led by Hamilton, decided the only way to defeat them would be by surprise. Clark's surprise attack led to the surrender of Hamilton at Vincennes.


     Clark was charged with protecting Illinois and Kentucky, but he had trouble raising troops in the west because the main theatre of the Revolution was in Virginia. When the fighting ended in 1781 with the surrender of Cornwallace at Yorktown, fighting continued in the west, and the British continued to occupy forts for years afterwards. The continuing British occupation of forts in the west was a causitive factor leading to the War of 1812.





By Rickie Lazzerini



BA History

University of California, Santa Barbara

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Have you looked at some of the books - many accessible for free - at Google Books that mention Ft. Dunmore? https://www.google.com/search?q=%22fort+dunmore%22&btnG=Search+Books&tbm=bks&tbo=1

by Thomas MacEntee G2G1 (1.7k points)

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