How do we deal with Spanish names?

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In a rash moment I added Jane Dormer as lots of her siblings were present. How on earth do I name her husband? [,_1st_Duke_of_Feria]

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In my wife's family they use a hyphen, but not all use a hyphen, some just leave a space and some use a y.

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There is a Help Page on Spanish naming conventions
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First name goes in first name box. Fathers surname goes in LNAB box and mothers surname goes in Other Last names Box. Now this may not give the spanish order but at least you will have the correct recorded names as per spanish custom - I THINK!!  LOL

This is at least, how I would do it.
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My suggestion:

First Name al Birth: Gómez

Last Name at Birth: Suárez de Figueroa y Córdoba (1)

Nicknames: 1st Duke of Feria (2)

The name would look:

Gómez "1st Duke of Feria" Suárez de Figueroa y Córdoba

(1) LNAB based on this was the last name his son Lorenzo (And Jane Dormer's son) used, If Gómez's LNAB had been Suárez de Figueroa, his son's LNAB would be Suárez de Figueroa y Dormer.
(2) Based on Name Fields for European Aristrocrats, Section 4, "This is where their title belongs".


I hope this may help.
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Thank you. It is perfectly clear but seems we have a collision of cultures. I think I'll just write up Jane's biography and leave it to someone else to make a decision. Chicken, that's me.
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As others have noted there is a Spanish naming conventions guide but it is problematic in two main ways. It lacks sensitivity to Spanish names both current and historical and an understanding of how data fields work.  It should never be the case where two distinct pieces of information are entered in one field as is suggested in the guide for the Last Name At Birth LNMB field. It makes searches and matches nearly impossible as parents and children won't show as the last name will always be different.

There are several comment threads in the G2G discussing this subject hoping for a better solution.

For myself I added 100+ ancestors before realizing the limitations of the site. I put the mothers last name in the other last name field as the seemed intuitively to be the best fit. I've stopped adding profiles to my tree for the time being until something better is worked out. I really don't want to go back and make changes to all of the profiles.
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Unfortunately this is not only a problem with Spanish names but also with patronymics. I still think the best work-around is to enter the full (father's plus mother's) name in the LNAB field.
"It makes searches and matches nearly impossible as parents and children won't show as the last name will always be different."

You should still be able to search using wild cards

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