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Hi - I was looking over the Edward III project and I was interested in seeing if I have any ties.  

I see Nicholas Savile (Savile-3) popping up a lot in my connections, according to the Relationship finder.  But, one person I keep getting as a common ancestor of mine and others that I research is Geoffrey Anjou Plantagenet, or (Anjou-7).  It states he is my 25th great grandfather.  Could this be right? I also see William Farrar and and the last name Thornhill, and Scarborough.   I have an ancestor of George Haworth who came to the colonies in the late 1600s and he too is tied to the above names....I'm not sure what to do now, as I'm unsure if that is correct.
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We can check it out Katie.  At a glance, the Svile line needs work but is likely to be correct.  George Haworth's line has many red flags and is almost certainly incorrect.

Do you have other gateway ancestors that connect to Nicholas Savile-3?
Saltonstall is the other recognized gateway descendant.

I see we have some more that are less recognized.

Ok, I added the relationship finder in here going to Geoffrey V....I can't escape Mr. Plantagenet.  :)  Basically, everything after James Haworth would be void if he didn't marry Radcliffe?  Hmmm....it's weird because I have tried to go other routes and it seems that when it comes to any "aristocracy" or "nobility" it always starts with my mom, then my grandmother Godsey, then the  Posegates and then to the Haworths....It seems to stay the same up to about the Thornhills.  I do see my connection through the Farrars, a lot, too.  Then, depending on who I'm running the relationship finder on, those people will change slightly.....I will try a line to Saltonstall to see if I connect.  What about de Lacy and Bigod?  Who would be a gateway ancestor for them?  I believe there was a connection to both when I looked into it a month or so ago.  I have many Lacy ancestors and just thought, hey why not?  

1. Katie is the daughter of Jeanne (Vierra) Martindale 
2. Jeanne is the daughter of Thelma Ilene (Godsey) McKenzie 
3. Thelma is the daughter of Lottie Esther (Posegate) Godsey 
4. Lottie is the daughter of Abner Posegate 
5. Abner is the son of Eli (Postgate) Posegate 
6. Eli is the son of Charity (Haworth) Posegate
7. Charity is the daughter of James Haworth  
8. James is the son of James Frederick M Haworth  
9. James is the son of Sarah M (Scarborough) Hall 
10. Sarah is the daughter of John Balderston Scarbrough III
11. John is the son of John Scarbrough
12. John is the son of William Scarbrough
13. William is the son of Agnes (Farrar) Scarbrough 
14. Agnes is the daughter of Margaret (Lacy) Farrar 
15. Margaret is the daughter of Agnes Savile 
16. Agnes is the daughter of Nicholas Savile 
17. Nicholas is the son of Thomas Savile 
18. Thomas is the son of Henry Savile Esq. 
19. Henry is the son of Elizabeth (Thornhill) Savile 
20. Elizabeth is the daughter of Simon (Thornhill) de Thornhill 
21. Simon is the son of Joan (FitzWilliam) Thornhill 
22. Joan is the daughter of William FitzWilliam 
23. William is the son of William FitzThomas 
24. William is the son of Thomas FitzWilliam 
25. Thomas is the son of Ela (Warenne) de Newburgh 
26. Adela is the daughter of Hamelin (Plantagenet) de Warenne 
27. Hamelin is the son of Geoffrey (Anjou) d'Anjou 
This makes Geoffrey V the 25th great grandfather of Katie.  



I ran out of room!  :)  

I also just wanted to point out that each one of your answers provides more info for me and I just want to thank you for that, RJ, Donna and Joe.  You are all like walking text books!  :)  I appreciate your kind responses.  

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Geoffrey is father of King Henry 11. He's father is Count Falk d'Anjou who was KIng of Jerusalem died 1144 in Isreal. Farrar name will also lead there
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A 16th-century FitzWilliam of Sprotborough pedigree started with the usual hero of Hastings and married his son to a daughter of Warenne.  The timescale is too stretched to guess which Warenne, but an early one obviously.

This was all junk, but surprisingly the Warenne marriage resurfaced in later versions, and now Ela's father was Hamelin, half-brother of Henry II.

The odd thing is that Ela is now shown as the widow of one Robert de Newburn, of whom nothing is known.  Which kind of gives the impression that you couldn't make it up - unless it's very clever and that's what you're supposed to think.

Some versions make her the same daughter who had a fling with Prince John.

The Warennes had Conisbrough and Wakefield.  Hamelin supposedly built Conisbrough Castle.  The FitzWilliams were neighbours of Conisbrough at Sprotborough, and tenants of Wakefield at Emley, so it's not totally far-fetched.  Emley could have been the wedding present - the FitzWilliams had it soon afterwards, they aren't known to have had it earlier, and there's no other obvious reason why they might have been given it.

But no actual primary source seems to exist.
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PS the early FitzWilliams are a mess.  William fitz Godric was the 3rd husband of Aubrey de Lisours-1, his only known wife.  We had this, but it's been replaced by a bad version of the original junk.  Emma Solaris and Eleanor Elmley are imaginary.
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With regard to George Haworth-83, it appears that his mother was not Isabelle Radcliffe, but should be Isabel Unknown.  Isabel Radcliffe did marry a Abraham Hayworth, which apparently has led to a wide-spread confusion as to the mother of George Haworth.  This would break all significant ancestries of George Haworth.

I hesitate making the disconnection myself until this Hayworth-Radcliffe connection has been fully documented and explained.  The haworthassociation has quite a bit of information on their site.

by Joe Cochoit G2G6 Pilot (229k points)

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