Trying to find information on Princess Anna (Lubomirska) Radziwill of Poland

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Hi, I'm trying to find information on Princess Anna (Lubomirska) Radziwill of Poland in order to settle a long-standing weirdness in my family tree. She has a profile on this site, but no information about parents or siblings which is what I need to determine if she's a relative of mine.

The supposed connection is this: My grandmother claimed to have an aunt who married a "Prince Janusz Radziwill". Their son, Stanislaw Radziwill then married Caroline Bouvier (Jackie Kennedy's sister).

But, my grandmother's account of this was shaky. She was born in Poland in 1926, and was 13 when WWII broke out and she lost her home. By the end of the war, she was in Kenya, by way of a Russian prison camp, an Iranian hospital and a Tanzanian hotel. Her memories of her family are those of a young girl.

And there are issues with her account; Most notably, that her father's surname at birth was "Rawicz-Wroblewski" not "Lubomirski". But even without having these issues pointed out to her, my Grandmother's story always seemed to contain some form of explanation. For example, she said that she didn't know her aunts well because her own grandparents had some manner of split (Is this at all likely in early 20th century Poland?) and while her own Father was raised by her Grandfather, all the girls had been raised by her Grandmother.

It seems far-fetched to me, but she said this before being confronted with the discrepancies. And if she'd already done the needed to pre-emptively cover discrepancies like that, then she also didn't research a bunch of obvious things (like Caroline Kennedy's name).

In any case, I think I have enough information to make a determination if I can find out Princess Anna (Lubomirska) Radziwill's parents and siblings -- but I can't find that anywhere. Anyone have any thoughts on where to find information on the family of Polish aristocrats in the early 20th century?

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Thanks for the replies. It definitely seems like this part of my tree is not accurate, the way it was reported to me. I'm not sure how to go about disentangling what's accurate and what's not from that section of my tree, but at least I've confirmed that I need to.

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Hi Jonathan,

I have access to and Anna Lubomirska comes up as follows:

born 9 October 1882 in Rivne, Ukraine - died 16 February 1947 in Krasnogorsk, Russia

Father: Stanisław Michał Henryk Lubomirski (1838-1918)

Mother: Wanda Maria Helena Lubomirska (1841-1910)

Four brothers: Kazimierz Henryk Lubomirski (1870-1900) Adam Jan Kazimierz Lubomirski (1873-1940) Hubert Stanisław Władysław Lubomirski (1875-1939) Stanisław Lubomirski (1880-?)

One sister: Maria Zofia Zenaida Lubomirska (1877-1954)

Adam married Maria Bozieniec-Jelowicka (1875-1923) and had three children Maria Stanslawa Lubomirska (1903-1992) Julia Wanda Lubomirska (1908-1989) Marcin Stanislaw Lubomirski (1914-1977)

Hubert married Teresa Katarzyna Radziwill (1889-1975) and had eight children Jan Kazimierz Antoni Lubomirski (1913-1984) Stanislaw Hubert Maria Lubomirski (1914-1977) Hubert Stanislaw Maria Lubomirski (1914-1977) Anna Maria Lubomirska (1916-1973) Zdzisław Herakliusz Zygmunt Lubomirski (1917-1996) Henryk Ignacy Lubomirski (1919-?) Wanda Zofia Antonina Lubomirska (1923-1983) Herakliusz Sebastian Maria (1926-1992)

Maria married Franciszek Jozef Maria Zamoyski (1876-1948) and had two children Krzysztof Ksawery Zamoyski (1911-1995) Zeneida Eleonora Zamoyska (1913-2002)

Does any of this help?

Regards, Aleks
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Anna Lubomirska’s profile at Geni has names for her parents, and a well filled‐in tree surrounding them. I was not able to spot any surnames that match your grandmother’s family. Of course, with no sources on that profile; errors are possible, but that doesn’t seem particularly likely in this case.

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You may find some information here. It seems that Princess Anna Lubomirska was a princess in her own right> Her father was Prince Stanislaw Lubomirska, while her mother was Princess Wanda Lubomirska (related to each other):

A general family tree may be found here:

This was a very notable family, see this link:

There is also an account of the family being split:

The family split into five major lineages: of Wiśnicz (from Aleksander Michał, 1614 – 1677), Łańcut (from Stanisław Herakliusz, 1642 – 1702), Przeworsk (from Aleksander Michał, – d. 1675), Rzeszów (from Hieronim Augustyn, c. 1647 – 1706), and Janowiec (from Jerzy Dominik, 1665 – 1727). The most numerous was that of Przeworsk, which was further divided into three branches: dubrowieńsko-kruszyńska, równieńsko-przeworska, and dubieńska. Many members of this line are alive now.

Information on a branch of the Rawitz family (aka Rawa),

by Connie Graham G2G6 Mach 1 (12.7k points)

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