I found my Edwards ancestors,is there anyone who recognises these names and can tell me what Edwards family I belong to?

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John Edwards 1421 to 1471 Wales or England
John "Hen"Edwards 1451 to 1501Denbigh Wales
Robert Edwards 1475 to 1525 Somerset, England
William Thomas Edwards 1500 to 1547 England or Wales
Richard Edwards 1526 to 1566 Somersetshire England
Richard B. Edwards 1566 to 1635 Edwards Hall,Cardiff Glamourganshire wales
Joshua Edwards 1595 to 1664 Hopton Castle Stropshire England
William Edwards the first 1620 to 1694 Llangeyfelach Glamorgan wales
Thomas Edwards 1639 to 1671 East Hampton Suffolk New York
Robert Thomas Hall Edwards 1662 to 1734 Cardiff Wales UK
Thomas Nathaniel Edwards the first 1690 to 1741Edwards Hall Cardiff Glamorgan Wales
Jacob Edwards Sr.1731 to 1813 Swansea Glamorganshire wales
John E. Edwards 1746 to 1827 Montclair Essex County new jersey Brittish
Eli Edwards1764 to 1853 Conneticut usa
Elijah M. Edwards 1796 to 1880Kentucky United states
Pharraby C. Edwards 1814 to 1898 Kentucky United states
Pharraby was my four times great grandmother thank you for any help
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So sorry Lynda it wasn't you and I thank you for your help.I added birth locations so hopefully someone is connected. The Edwards have been my brick wall and finally I broke through . Thank you again.
No problem Kellie. I hope you find who you are looking for.
I totally  agree sometimes a Surname comes up and seems a match but in the wrong country..I actually are more interested in England as thats where myself and most of my ancestors are from ,...is there any way to filter them?
I added an answer to your question but haven't heard from you yet. I wanted to be sure you saw my offer to help.
Here is a link to an article talking of this spurious pedigree and the subsequent hoax on my page.  https://www.wikitree.com/photo.php/0/08/Edwards-16167.pdf
I am a part of the edwards family I see several people on here that are my uncle's if u are wondering if I am one of your family members email me at tpretty1@yahoo.com

Hello Kelli,

My surname is Edwards, Gwendolyn. I sure do recognise the names. I have been working on my (amongst other's) for about 5 years now. Let me know what I can help you with. my email is glefleming@gmail.com. 

If I am correct and we are related, you should have Standridge, Renfroe, Jones ect...

and yes Jeremiah Edwards , I have looked into this as well. There was mention that it is NOT a hoax. However, due to the changes (different spelling) in the Edwards name, it was hard to figure out when the name changed. If I am wrong on this please feel free to correct me. I too would to see what you have on the Edwards heirs.

Now I am concerned where our lines cross. I will put you on my trusted list and we can pass along any info!!!

Yes I would like that
Hello , my name is Genia Means and my granddad was Pauleman Bush Edwards 1898-1987, son of James Alexander Edwards1844-1937, son of George Washington Edwards 1824-1864, son of Henry C. Edwards 1802-1867, John Edwards 1780-1860, son of John Henry 1772-1832, son of Moses and that is as far as I have.  I would love to have the ones that came from Ireland or so.  Also, I have never heard of the fake claims so that would be an interesting read.  Can you share where one would find it.  I look forward to sharing information and especially if we have a Native American connection.  Genia
My name is Linda Bator and I'm the great- great granddaughter of George Washington Edwards and the great granddaughter of Howard Edwards who lived in Randolph Township New Jersey.  Howard's daughter, Helen, was my maternal grandmother. What a wonderful American family with strong roots in the land and Christianity

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This particular lineage was part of the "Edwards Heirs" Estate Fraud. Helen Hinchliff wrote about it in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly about 30 years ago. I was taken in by the hoax when I first started out searching my family and thanks to the Filson Historical Society I obtained documentation showing my ancestors changing the family tree to qualify for this fictitious land claim in New York. If you send me an email, I'd be glad to share my research with you. Famous people who claim this lineage are Rev. Jonathan Edwards and Illinois Governor Ninian Edwards. I've researched the Edwards since 1989 so I hope I have something that can help you
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I would love this information too. I am of Edwards family from Long Island New York, but have several lost connections.
Here is a link to the article on my page.  https://www.wikitree.com/photo.php/0/08/Edwards-16167.pdf
Thank you so much for the info. I am overwhelmed by the information but I am sure it will prove useful to me. Thank you.

Pamela Edwards Taylor
Hi Pam I guess we are distantly related then
Thank you so much Jeremy
they only possible connection is through Thomas Edwards from East Hampton NY. That is where my part of the Edwards family came from. As far as I can figure, we came from a town in England by the white cliffs of dover, called Milton in the county of Kent. I don't know if we migrated there from Wales or not. But Milton is a common middle name in my family for the guys...I stumbled in to it by accident. I still have not resolved who my 3x ggfathers parents were. So still a work in progress. I will let you know if I succeed. I am sure we are some sort of relation...

I would love the info also.  I have been trying to get some of these lines worked out for years.  How about if we all get together and see if we can get the Wiki Trees solidified (with sources of course) and merged?



Here is a link to the article on my page.  https://www.wikitree.com/photo.php/0/08/Edwards-16167.pdf

Thanks Jeremy.  Some of this I did know, but not to the massive extent of the various Estate Frauds that were occurring.  It was interesting to note that they did more or less follow the same pattern.

Just for everyone's notes, I did a lot of research on the Hopton Castle registers and posted a G2G sometime back re Joshua maybe being a "Josia" vs Joshua


I never found any definitive basis/facts for the reportedly "Baron" issue  but do think that somehow the Hopton Folks (William and Joshua) were probably the "core" for at least these two individuals.
Sandy Edwards, my name is Thomas Edwards and I was born and raised in Bergen County NJ.  I have traced my line back to Jacob Edwards my 5th great grandfather.  Because of lack of confirming information, Jacob remains my brick wall.  I have DNA tested autosomal, Y str-111 and Big Y in an effort to eliminate/confirm connections with other Edwards branches.  If you or any other Edwards would be willing to share information I would be open to that and can be contacted directly at tfedwards69@gmail.com.

Best Regards

Tom Edwrads
Hi Tom - (your email address did not work so sending private message instead (you might want to edit G2G and delete it) - I think I need a bit more info from you, but am guessing that you may be of the Thomas Nathaniel Edwards m. Downing group (the most popular) - luckily I have done some research on these people and can give you some info here.

Send me an email on your estimated dates and who you think he married and (what children if known) and I will recheck my notes to see if anything crops up.
Sandy, try tom.edwards79blue@gmail.com.  I sorry for the delay as it's been a very busy month for me.

Best Regards

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I added you to my trusted list. If there is anything you need let me know. As I said before be sure to check out the Standridge side of our family. There you will come across our Indian heritage.

Good Luck!
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The spelling changed along time ago in the Royalty part of the family.
I am related to the Edwards family several times but through my dad it's Mary Edwards and my mom it's Elijha My great grandfather John Holman Short on my mom's side is my 17th cousin on my dad's..creepy lol
So my exact connections can be complicated??
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My mother's maiden name EDWARDS , yes we are the heirs of pre 1776 land on manhattan island thur the trinity church  50,000 acres and 77 acres awarded to buccaneer pirate robert edwards and his fleet of ships that fought off a navy of ships coming to attack manhattan in 1760's queen Anne because of this she gave him robert edwards the 77 acres that trinity and other famous sky scrapped are on but this is another of the famous edwards story.  So way back in 1550 henry the eight had a hunting lodge and our grandmother carried his baby into another marriage of William EDWARDS that baby was Richard but before that COLE  HEN. GOGDEN  OLD KING COLE had a grand army in germany and took over when the Romans left the big island U.K.  in 430 a.d.  and we are related to  ROLLO the VIKING King and the dooms day book william also thomas nathineal EDWARDS married DOWNING  and her dad was NUMBER 10 DOWNING street sir george downing I am jumping around in this letter  /// now Richard tudor EDWARDS was a famous play write and was sent to college by Henry 8 this is all gathered by decades of web / family genealogy and verbal stories also AMELIA B. EDWARDS famous egypt explore with the EDWARDS CHAIR AT BRITISH museum and took bank money to protect the ancient tombs and she was also a novelist in england and Wales. We have a CASTLE IN CARDIFFF WALES THAT MOST OF us EDWARDEs es came from called EDWARDS HALL CASTLE and spin off of other castles. We have famous poeple in our tree and here in u.s.a. movie actors and o others to much to go into and the wife's and husband that intermarriage  during castle time thur today have mixed my parts of the world into our tree.  My name is DOUGLAS BRYAN EDWARDS BROESAMLE  music ,art , plus other things get me going we all have talents thomas nathineal EDWARDS was here and his wife and children left  isle of wright island u.s.a. to go to tuner island that is where pirate robert edwards hid the gold  and downing edwards wife and children died with yellow fever and robert took them in his ship and down with a storm and they found robert dead with a big knife clinched in his teeth. No ship  so and there was a British gov.  of either GREENLAND OR NOVA SOCIA named EDWARDS and then there EDWARDS plagues in Texas and countless SWEATSHirts  and towns. EDWARDS some were go getters and land real estate my grand fathers were into real estate , oil wells , etc stores, but drowned  fishing in 1963 his name was  BRYAN his dad was james oakley EDWARDS his dad was HENRY his dad  was jacob his dad Jacob sr. Etc. The history goes back to 200A.D. thur Kings  and the Viking line I could go on and on with the stories. They had a saying. : YA GOTTA WATCH OUT FOR EM EDWARDS

Here is a link to the article on my page.  https://www.wikitree.com/photo.php/0/08/Edwards-16167.pdf

Do a search for "Edwards Heirs Hoax". The propagation of this lie needs to stop.


Queen Anne didn't give anyone anything in the 1760s because she'd been dead for 50 years. In 1550, Henry VIII had likewise been dead for 3 years. This entire post is replete with falsehoods, too numerous to go into here.
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According to this


Edwards is now the 31st commonest surname across the UK.  A lot of those are in Wales, where names of that type are especially common, but they're also spread across every other county.


To estimate 17th century numbers, divide by 10.  So there were about 15,000 Edwardses then.  Which means about 500 Edwardses were born every year, and about 50 of those were called John, a dozen Thomas, etc.  Ballpark figures.

They weren't all related.  Names of that type were adopted by many unrelated families independently.  Probably most surnames do have single origins, but (outside Scotland) single-origin names tend to have lower frequencies, and few if any of the top 300 names go back to a single origin.

In fact names like Edwards mostly became hereditary rather late, around 1300-1400 in England, later in Wales.  They hadn't had as long to multiply as older names.  So we can estimate that the 15,000 Edwardses in the 17th century would be made up of say 300-500 unrelated clans of average size 30-50, and many of those will have become extinct since then.

You'd often get a situation, especially in Wales, where the sons of an Edward in one village, say Edward ap Huw ap Gwilym, would decide to use the surname Edwards, and the sons of an unrelated Edward in the next village, say Edward ap Hywel ap Gruffudd, would also take the surname Edwards, and then you'd have unrelated Edwards families a mile or two apart.  Later, they'd forget their ancestry and sign up to the prevailing myth that they were all one big family.

Which all makes the genealogy very difficult.  You need property or wills or something to establish relationships.

In the past many Americans trying to trace British ancestors have tended to assume that if you find the right name, you've found the right person, and if you find two men with the same surname 30 years apart, they'll be father and son.  And so they cobbled together "lines" that are really just lists of unrelated random people.  And those lines are now all over the internet.


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Hi Kellie-- I see descent from Thomas Nathaniel Edwards here. Unfortunately he is fiction made up by scammers decades ago. No one has ever provided a single document proving his existence.

Much of what is found online is false, unsourced, and undocumented, so I try to explain here where it all came from, why you shouldn't believe it, and what the real story of the Edwards family probably is.

I explain more here.

by Jason F. G2G2 (2.0k points)

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