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Weekend Chat 30 June - 2 July 2017

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in The Tree House by Steve McCabe G2G6 Pilot (363k points)
edited by Keith Hathaway
Keith, These chats are a real blast. Love the byplay, and humor. It gives us a chance to show a silly side, instead of our usual polite, guiding side. Great weekend. See y'all next weekend. 2 thumbs up.
Carol Verge,
I don't know what other comments you've gotten about your son's journey, but I think including selected highs and lows of yours and your son's in his bio might be enlightening and helpful to anyone reading the bio. pm me if you like.
Hi Bob,
Thanks for participating and making these things possible. This is the only way they can be a success when lots of people show up.
I just inadvertantly flagged a post and I can't seem to unflag it.  And I deeply apologize!!!
Joy, I recently found a tree at ancestry what had my 3rd ggm, Mary Ann White Holmes Jester m. not to just the 2 husbands we know about, but to a 3rd also. AND she was having babies by all three concurrently for a total of 22 children. Several were born in the same year as another.
Hi Lynette,

I checked to see if there any flagged post and there don't appear to be any flagged so it appears to have been un-flagged or cleared

Best regards
Well, I'm new here. I didn't know there was such a thing as a week-end chat (Thank you Dorothy Barry for leaving a message on my profile page - without you, I would never have known! <3 ). So, hello everyone! :D
Stephen  Thank you!!!

Glad you could make it Andréa. We host them every weekend so come check them out starting on Fridays. Check out this page to learn more: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:All_About_the_Weekend_Chat

Thank you Bob Keniston! You are the only one that replied. :) Thank you for the information.


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by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (607k points)
edited by Keith Hathaway
Linette, When I was in the East, someone asked me What do the skies look like when it's going to rain. I couldn't remember. When I got home, I had to wait awhile, but sure enough it was a day when the skies were crammed with solid grey skies, unmoving at that. Thus somehow they "cover and cram."

The central part of AZ (phoenix and suburbs) is low desert and very flat. There's nothing to pen the clouds in. They just hang there and then let loose. Sometimes a Torrent for Three days, Sometimes a tiny rain that kids like to play in. Sometimes people in low-lying areas get city provided sandbags. Some few have flood insurance.

To cut costs, the Feds have made every ecozone pay an additional $200 or was it $300, to make the flood (from any source) healing insurances pay for all the states' possible harm. In very few places here is a flood likely. The total cost is well over $1000. Your City management can tell you what you need to know to check out your neighborhood and street.
I have a house in the Bellevue, Nebraska area, but will be moving to Rising Star, Texas when I return home.
We get more rain here from partly cloudy skies, what's called "the Devil's beating his wife" rain.  I'm in a true valley, the weather pattern comes down the coastline from the PNW, turns up and dances thru the canyons and valleys till it hits the lower Sierra's which are 14 miles west of me. And I have watched it rain on all the way in 360 degrees, and be in a donut and never get a drop. I get 6 drops of rain and N. Las Vegas floods. I get a bit stronger then normal winds and a tornado hits The Alley.

I watch white clouds sit on the mountains, those are wind clouds. But the rain has to get over the mountains first to get to me.

For the wildflowers to bloom, we need rain between July and August. Maybe September.  If there is snow at 2400 ft. I do get rain. When does it snow? Oct to Mar.

There is nothing more beautiful to me then the desert in bloom, where we go from 150 shades of brown to nearly every color under the rainbow.


had to fix a typo, I'm at 2300 feet not 23,000 And if it snows at 2400, I get rain.  Told ya'll in another post that my mind was beyond the twilight zone.
Hello from northern Michigan....  The mitten w/4 beautiful seasons!

My spot on the mitten lye's right about where your ring fits to your ring finger.
Lynette, How observant and descriptive of your very special environment! The differences add up to what literary folk call Landscape as Character. I'm in a suburb and so I go to a corner of a T to look West in the evenings. About half the time the views are stunning!
Currently living in Cancun, Mexico but originally from Verdun, Quebec.
Map updated 4:45 am EST
Roberta, watch the weather reports. I had  drops of rain yesterday, lots of boomers but not flashers. N. Las Vegas should be flooding today or tomorrow.
Sounds like a better heaven than here. We might have a thunderstorm, but no sign of it yet. and it's almost 10 pm.
Sounds like a better heaven than here. We might have a thunderstorm, but no sign of it yet. It's almost 10 pm.
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Hiram Henry Hathaway, Jr  was born in 1845 in St. Albans, Vermont.  He was raised on his father's farm with union soldiers training in the fields and on the shores.

He built several camps that are still in use today, and was involved in the development of the area that is now Kill Kare State Park. He fished commercially, farmed, managed a campground, and was active in town affairs.

Hiram used to care for everyone, delivering supplies and mail. Each fall he brought everyone for hay-rides; young and old would climb on or hop off the trailer as it came by their campsites.



Hiram and his wife Mary suffered a tragic loss when their only child Frank went through the ice in St. Albans Bay and drowned. At twenty-seven years of age, Frank left behind a widow and a six year old son. That happened in 1912, just two years after the above 1910 images were printed.



Some of Hiram's diaries remain in the family today. Around 1888 most of the entries record farm information such as which hired-hands were paid how much ($10 a week seemed the norm) or how many horses were in the barn (anywhere from 6 to 30). Many of the pages and edges of pages are covered with calculations.

His wife Mary (Corliss) wrote about daily life differently in her diaries. In the 1910s she often mentioned what her only grandson Robert was doing that day... Robert was usually fishing.




Robert's grandfather Hiram served as his father-figure from the time he was 6 until he was in his last year of college.  Among their many adventures together; they went on great fishing expeditions in Canada and across the United States,  and wore out a World's Fair.




Hiram's maternal Grandfather served in a command position during the War of 1812.  His paternal grandfather as well as 3 of his great-grandfathers and 2 great great grandfathers were Patriots of the American Revolutionary War.  

During the Civil War Hiram was too young to serve and his father too old, but they hosted training at the farm.  It's location and features were ideal for the purpose.  The troops in training used to sing many songs while marching or by the campfire; one of their favorites was called "Hiram Hathaway" by the Reverend John Sewell.

His father in law Martin J. Corliss served with distinction in the war between the states.




Hiram passed away in 1928 at the age of 83, his wife Mary having left this earth 7 months prior.  His only descendant and heir to Hathaway Point was little Robert, then just 21 years of age.

An only child of an only child, Robert married Helen Bell and went on to father two daughters and one son.  They in turn gave him 7 grandchildren, who bore children of their own.

Descendants still live on Hiram's farm today.


East view from Hathaway Point looking over St. Albans Bay


Hathaway Point FaceBook Page

by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (607k points)
Amazing photo of the dogs gorgeous you are right about dogs send of humor if her parents are collect Emma before 4 she put her back to then and want go home the has to drag her out of m im but if it is later than four it is ok.

You are right about how wonderful people are helping out and that is wonderful . And if it was no for your great help I never had work it out so I am grateful to you and everyone that always hav been here for me.

How wonderful you took chase into  your home and Ryko he is a lovely dog too. Thank you for sharing the dogs

Have a great day susan
Thank you for all your hele Bea Now i know How to share photos

I love looking at photo
Haha dogs are really great eeh and soo funny, and that's a wonderful picture, awesome you now can share them with all of us ! Be proud and enjoy the weekend and thanks for sharing your story ! It was a pleasure really :)
Fascinating story, Keith.  Thanks for sharing.
Keith I loved the story with the photos!! --Thanks!  !
I've had at least one dog all my life, but in my midyears (when feeding them was not so dear as now), I had three dogs and two cats and a growing son. I really need to stop writing and start leaning how to use a scanner. Some of my family photos would be of interest here.

I'm also way behind with technology and don't have a cell phone. Honestly, I'm turning into a trogludite. Or should that be Trawglidite?
Great story! Thanks for sharing this.
Keith that is a very interesting story and the picture are unbelievable.
I went and wore out the World's Fair that Knoxville, Tennessee hosted in the 1970's.
Thank you Keith for sharing this.  How wonderful.  

Hope all are having a great weekend
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This week psychologically I was a-lot of different places but currently I'm glad to be here at wikitree. :) We had a blast last weekend on the g2g chat I again want to thank everyone who participated.

My Tip of the week comes from are Honor Code which states : We cite sources. Without sources we can't objectively resolve conflicting information


I thought I would share a picture of the home place where I grew up. I'm still glad the property and house is still in the family.


by Steve McCabe G2G6 Pilot (363k points)
That looks like a great place to grow up Steven, I can imagine your happy it's all still in the family !
I love the yard, Steven.  Every kid should have a great yard to play in.
It looks so peaceful there.
Hi Star,

This picture does no justice as for the size of the yard we was quite fortunate although we only owned at the time 2 acres of it. My dad had an agreement with the land owner that if he would keep the fields mowed they would let us use it. There was 36 acres at the time behind the place all for us kids use.

Sad to say sometimes I didn't appreciate that place.
Hi John,

Thanks for the comment yes the property surrounding it is mostly quiet but the nice thing about it is still most of the neighbors still know each other on first name basis. On the 4th of July my brother invited over the closest neighbors
What a amazing house you grow up on in Steve, must be great the family still own it

That is sad why did you not appreciate the place
Could not agree more Star
Steven that looks amazing... what a beautiful grassy lawn, with contour and character too.  Sounds like plenty of space for kids to grow happily.
Hi Susan,

To quickly answer your question without detail I will only say "What kid does not want more?" :)
Looks like a perfect yard to catch fireflies.
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Robert Graf and his wife Bertha (Rash) were born in Speicher, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland.  They and had a child who was born in Rupert, Bennington County, Vermont, United States of America in 1915.  Sources:  Son's Marriage Record 1Son's Marriage Record 2.

This postcard was in the possession of his grand-daughter Lois, then later his great-grand daughter Vicki.  It says, "Dear Lois, in this church Robert's father got his baptism, my parents Gretel (?) and Fritz have their tomb there. We all got the confirmation in this church."  (Robert mentioned on this postcard is the son of Robert and Bertha)

If anyone has more information its always appreciated, thank you!


Who are your Brick Wall Ancestors?

by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (607k points)
The chap my family can't seem to pin down is Lt. James Shaw, abt. 1733-1783, last known residence Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard, MA.  He was a seaman -- husband to Vineyard native Rebecca Butler -- and a minor Revolutionary War figure who was part of the Vineyard's coastal defense unit.  (He's named on a DAR monument to Vineyard seamen.) We originally accepted the notion -- still, I think, mistakenly accepted by at least some others -- that he was the son of John Shaw, Sr. and Martha (Knowles) Shaw of Eastham, on Cape Cod; this sounded exciting, since Martha was a direct descendant of Pilgrim spiritual leader William Brewster.  But we debunked that notion by tracing John & Martha from MA to CT, where their son James was born, and then by tracing him to Wilbraham, MA, where he's buried.  Since doing that research, we've been stymied in the effort to figure out where in the world "our" James came from (England? via Barbados?? one outside possibility... or perhaps just from some other eastern MA town, e.g., Braintree?).  Any and all assistance will be gratefully received...
Busy, busy week with Life Outside Wikitree, so just really getting to the Weekend Chat.

My toughest brick wall is my second great grandmother, [[Martin-25560|Catherine Martin]]. She arrived in the United States on 14 October 1867 aboard the SS Manhattan, out of Liverpool. Country of origin, Ireland, age 20, spinster. In June of 1870, she had a son, William, at the Emigrant and Refuge Hospital (file 51326). His last name was also Martin, so 99.9% she was an unwed mother. By the 1880 census, William was in the Orphan Asylum, so she was mot likely dead at that time. My grandfather (Catherine's) grandson) told my father that she died around 1878. Period. End of story. That's all I have been able to find out about her. No idea where in Ireland she was from. Totally stumped.
I have Kelloggs in my line.  They came over in the Great Migration, and my line moved to Hatfield, MA and then to Colchester, CT.  They moved to Colchester by the early 1700s.  I am related to Abigail Kellogg (b. 1736) who married Joseph Gillett. Have you tried the book -- "The Kelloggs in the Old World and the New"?

I have gone through the book several times but I have not found any sources for Hiram or David Kellogg. I just get the feeling if I could find a source that would Identify the parents of David ( or of Hiram,  if it turns out David is NOT Hiram's father) I would be able to find ancestors listed in the book.  From what I surmise at this point. David , who was born 1773 in Hillsdale, Columbia Co, New York was also part of the great Migration. He was said to own property in Sandy, Stark County, but there is no David Kellogg found on the platt map of Stark county while he would have been living there.  However, right beneath the border of Sandy lies the seven ranges and I believe that if you put together the maps so they would align correctly, you would find his name as owning a large piece of property there.  This would explain why he attended the fourth of July celebration with his wife, and his children Hiram and Rebecca in Hudson, Ohio in 1800. \ (https://play.google.com/books/reader?printsec=frontcover&output=reader&id=XpM6AQAAIAAJ&pg=GBS.PA426)

There is no record of him living in Hudson, But with his landholdings, he would have been prominent enough to be mentioned in that excerpt.

Daniel Kinnaston, my 3G-gf. I really need to find his parents. Daniel, allegedly born 1795, in Montpelier, Vermont. He's in Keith's neck of the woods. LNAB could be any one of the variations of Keniston, usually shown as K*N*ST*N. Any suggestions.
My gggm Emily (??) Stacey (Unknown-376777) is probably my most frustrating brick wall.  I actually know more about her than her husband, but she's my only gggp whose full name has eluded me.

But, while struggling to find clues about gggm Emily, I managed to connect her son Thomas (Stacey-1135) in Virginia to my tree.  Thomas and his mother appear together only in the 1880 Census in New Orleans, after which he seemed to vanish.  Searches kept turning up the name, with about the same age, in Virginia.  Eventually, Army records and his Virginia marriage record enabled me to forge the link.  Thomas had joined the Army in 1886, and began reporting his birthplace as 'At Sea.'  He mustered out in Virginia, where he got married and lived out his life.

Maybe my efforts to break down Emily's brick wall will someday provide the breach for someone looking for Thomas.

For the Kellogg family have you seen this book?


from  http://web.cortland.edu/woosterk/ononcent.html  there are a number of references to various Kellogg folks but this caught my eye: His (Col. William J. Vredenburg,) homestead passed to Daniel Kellogg, after whose death it was occupied by his daughter, Mrs. G. F. Leitch, until her decease.



Herb, talk to her!!!
I'm gonna try it, Lynette!  :)
Thank you Laura! these are EXCELLENT leads that I had not found!  Perhaps these will provide the info i need to break through this brick wall!
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My dad had a brother call Henning but for some risen they family fall out when my grandparents died I was a child.

I often thoght about contact them silly to have cousins you never se.

Well my dads brother and wife both are dead but I was very brave.  I phone his son my cousin and want information about when and where they was born and to know about them. And tell them about the tree I am doing.

We end up talking for and hour and it was a great talk, I ask them to visit us in Copenhagen and they would like this very much.

That was yesterday so you now have some information about my family

It was very nice talking to him.

We did not talk about why they family did not talk together we where only children

But I think this is the beginning to a lovely family friendship.
by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
That is wonderful Susan, I'm so glad you had the courage to make that call and connect.  A new cousin is great to have.  Congratulations... I'm very happy for you.  You should visit!
Hi Susan,

I'm somewhat of the same pickle in some degree I have so many cousins that I never met and some of them as close as first cousins. But I glad you enjoyed your opportunity to talk to some of your family members. I hope you had a great time

Thanks for participating in this weekends g2g chat

Best regards
Well thank you Keith i was glad I did.

I was thinking what would be the worst things that  could happen

But I was happy I did.
Phone them Steven what are you waiting for, you and I are so interesting in anchestor and can you imagine you contact your cousins, and get information you did not even know about, photo of family you never knew you hat. Go on let me know how it went. Tell them about your amazing wikkitree work

And that is a great history for next week weekends chat
Hi Susan,

Thanks for the encouragement they have a strawberry farm maybe as an excuse to visit I should go pick some strawberries this week :)
Thank you Keith for the Star you are very sweet
Thank you for sharing your courage nd success with your call!
The feelings of our parents about their siblings should not deter us from reaching out to our cousins.  They are likely as curious as you are!  Sometimes health issues create issues in how people think and react.  Sometimes there are disagreements that when you hear about them you shake your head because it does not sound like something big enough to create a family rift.  

Sometimes it just takes you to offer the hand that leads to healing.  My Dad grew up in a single parent house hold.  He always thought his Dad's family from Canada did not care about him or his sisters.  Well in doing genealogy I came to find that they new their son had a family somewhere "out West" in the US.  They looked in California, Colorado, a number of places but not St. Louis as it is central.  Well, St Louis is known at the Gateway to the West.  And he was here and they never found him, his mother or sisters but they were looked for.   When I found the Canadian family they were over joyed to hear from me.  Of course I was in my 40s and that was years after my Dad and his Mom and sisters needed some family... but it was something he was glad to hear about even years later.  It told him they did matter and it was just a quirk that the family did not know where to look and never found them.  I took a trip with my husband and met my half-aunt from my grandfather's first marriage.  I then went to Canada and met a number of cousins and 2nd cousins.  It was a great time for all and we kept in touch until they died.  I still miss those emails with them!  My heart is always open to family.
That's wonderful Susan, genealogy is a great way to get in touch with your cousins or long lost family members eeh. Glad it turned out so well !
What a great success, story, Susan!  So many of us have family that we have lost contact with for some unknown reason in the past.  Why let that reason continue to affect contact between relatives now and in the future?  I am sure that your story will certainly encourage others to be brave and take that first step toward reaching out to others. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for your kind reply Star, I hope so b cause we are all here looking for our anchestor and certainly it is to late.  A, glad I did
Thank you for sharing the wonderful story Laura and it was great they was happy to read they was happy to meet you. Of course you miss there mails but you got them back and had a beautiful friendship.

Must have been wonderful to meet more  cousin and half aunt. I wish nay found find more family from Shanghai after 16 years was a long journey until Scotland people advertise my great grandfather are from Scotland but emigrated to Shanghai

I just been visit them they have been in Copenhagen we talk a lot on the phone I got photo so I could se what my family look like.

So you really get so much joy when you find your family
I am so happy for you.  It is always wonderful to re-connect with family

Hope all are well

Have a safe and joy filled day
Thank you Mel yes it is wonderful to meet up with family you haven seen for so long a lovely day to you too
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This last week I added profiles for the wives and children for Dean Martin, Dino Paul Crocetti, Crocetti-1, and after I added the profile for his daughter that married Carl Wilson I noticed that Dean Martin was connected to the big tree. I do not know if it was my connection that did it or if someone else made the connection but that is at least one Notable profile connected.

by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Hi Dale,

At this point I haven't found a notable yet connected to my family tree but I know there has to be one there. I do however have some personal notables :)

Thanks for participating in this weekends g2g chat

Best regards
Steven, The profile for Dean Martin is not connected to me, yet, but is just connected to the big tree. I do have a Notable connected to me, several in fact, but the closest one was a baseball player for the teams in New York and Pittsburgh.  I also have a long time friend who would be able to be listed as a Notable but he has no WikiTree profile yet. My friend has won several Grammys for recording engineering ans is one of the pioneers of surround sound.
I have heard from my aunt that is dead now and she married one  of my mom's brothers and she told us that mother's mom told her that we are kin somehow to President Andrew Johnson and to Davy Crockett that fought at and was killed at the Alamo in Texas.
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Wow, another week has almost passed. It was filled with so many 4th of July activities!! See the crowd down town Nashville? Beautiful fireworks!


To see Nashville, Tennessee's fireworks last Tuesday, you can watch here: https://www.facebook.com/wkrntv/videos/1788096941218020/

Anyway I am off to invite folks to the chat, will post more later!!!!!!

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
Fireworks are great, thanks Dorothy!
Hi Dorothy,

Yes another 4th of July up and over. The streets most nights for the last week where up and buzzing with loads of noise most of the night.

To what I heard there wasn't any fires that resulted from the fireworks at-least in my area.

Any in yours?

Thanks for participating in this weekends g2g chat

Best regards


No fires thank God, maybe because of all the rain we had Sunday and Monday!!! Yes lots of noise in my neighborhood, sometimes a little too close to my car but no incidents!!! 

My dog hide under the table in the kitchen area!!  You can see "Rascals' wass not too happy, ears down no smile lol. 


Aww poor thing dog must have been in torture

I read an intriguing fact the other day and this is how it went.

  • While dog’s can hear things we can’t, scientists say dogs only discriminate resolutions of about one third of an octave. We humans can discriminate resolutions as fine as one twelfth of an octave


That is interesting.  They say some pets detect tremors we cant and can sometimes predict impending earthquakes.  We never have earthquakes in Vermont... or at least rarely and not sizable.  We get ice-storms and floods though.
As soon as the Fireworks started I had four cats that were looking for a place to hide.
Beautiful fireworks, Dorothy!
Thanks Star, Nashville went all out this year and we are grateful it didn't rain! The news media got some great shots and the video was awesome!
Our Sariah aka Sarah is also afraid of thunder and fireworks and hides and will not even come out to even eat. She can tell hen it is fixing to storm even if there is not any signs of rain and thunder.
Great fireworks and your dog at cute a Shame the dog at scared of the fireworks many dogs are.

Emma had it too
Great pictures of fireworks in Nashville, Tennessee Dorothy. Knoxville, Tennessee had them then after the fireworks the news said it rained in Knoxville.
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Flag Message Puzzle - click to view all 26 clues!

Part of the fun of genealogy is learning about other countries. One of the challenges is keeping up with the naming conventions. Many of our ancestors lived in countries that had different names or flags throughout history. The answers are all modern-day names of the country, but the images span hundreds of years. The first letter of each answer will spell out a secret message. Some country names may repeat.

Solution will be posted here Sunday, make sure to check back.


Laura Bozzay

by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (607k points)
Thanks for posting it Keith.  If someone wants to print it, just follow this URL and you can access the pdf or doc.  

Fantastic job on this Laura, it looks great!

I won't read any spoilers, that way I can test myself later.
Very impressive work, Laura!  How long did it take you to create this masterpiece?  I immediately went to your profile to see if you are a teacher and was surprised to see an empty profile!
Thanks Star,  no I own a spice company!  So I have dealings all over the world!  Plus I have relatives all over the world!  It took me about 90 minutes.

But it was fun to make!  I participate in an event in St Louis that is held once a year.  It is puzzle fest of codes, puzzles, visual messages (like a picture of Morgan Fairchild and one of John Ford to indicate the street here named Morganford)  So I come from years of puzzle solving and since we hosted last year of making!

I am certified to teach from K-12 but I actually trained adults in IT systems as part of my duties for a large company until I retired 9 years ago.  

I grew up internationally and was very active as a staff member of Model UNs years ago so I had a collection of the flags of a lot of nations to inspire me!  We plan to post different kinds of puzzles every week.  So keep coming back to the chats each week!
Amazing work I always admire people that can do things like that must demand a big patience thank you
So, you come from come from years of puzzle solving - what a perfect fit for a genealogist!

It is maddening and wonderful all at the same time!  One fourth of my line is glass and crystal makers.  They drive me nuts!  The same names, in the same town, in the same time period sometimes 4 and 5 times... 2 or 3 cousins, an uncle or father, and a grandfather.  Now amplify this with the female side... so how in the world do you figure out which Barbe Walter actually married which Adam Stenger?  Very carefully and with the help your 400 cousins who all descend from the same family in the 1600s who are all on an email list with you!  We have some very lively research discussions and even publish a well regarded genealogical magazine called Eclats Verre.  It does keep me out of trouble most of the time!  But I have to admit, I can get in trouble very easily! My oldest son sat me down when he was 9 and went through an entire list of things I did or do that "mothers don't do"...  I asked him what mothers do?  He said bake cookies.  I said "I bake cookies..."  I then told him he could trade me in on a new model but he needed his Dad's permission.  My husband said "oh no.. it takes too long to get a wife the way you want her!" (he has a sarcastic sense of humor!)  My son came back about an hour later and said, "No, you need me!"  He is now a Father of a very precocious almost 5 year old (I told her she is almost a handful now!)  and I laugh every time she says something that kind of puts him in his place..  like "Daddy if we stay inside to camp that is not a camp out that is a camp in!"  Have a great day!  

Here is the link to the answer for this week's puzzle.

What if someone wants to save it online. And thanks for the puzzles on the chat. We should have a project and maybe a catergory and tag for puzzles.
Linda in dropbox there are 3 formats,  docx (Microsoft word doc), pdf, and html or mtml... it is saved as a single page web page)  Because it is not stored in any interactive database and is not set up with writable fields I do not know of a way to make it savable online beyond what the Chat itself preserves.  You are welcome to download one of the above formats to your local computer. Glad you are enjoying the puzzles.  We are trying to do having different each weekend.  The plan is to post the link so you can get to one of the formats that work for you.  

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So, today I am not at work because my check engine light came on and my car is visiting that place that extracts money from my wallet.

I decided to use the time working on George Wright's profile Wright-17756 and fell into the rabbit hole of religion categories trying to find if there was a place for Asbury Grove, of if there should be one.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love this site? It has become my most recent obsession.

And I have a never-ending list of tasks to do on my ancestors and my current project: Androscoggin County, Maine, One Place Study. Oh, joy.
by Lin Wright G2G6 Mach 2 (24.4k points)
Hi Lin,

That reminds me I think all my vehicles have a check engine light on throwing codes. But they run fine :)

I never got involved with categorization do you find it fun?

Yes I recently started working on a one name study I been challenged to find out how many names are just in the local area with my surname.

Thanks for participating in this weekends g2g chat :)

Best regards
Wow Lin, I can relate with much of what you said.  Car trouble is not fun.

Thank the stars for WikiTree!

I'm glad you came to the chat

I'm so sorry to hear about your car, but so happy to hear about you interest in Categories.  I think these are used too infrequently, so thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention.  You inspired me to add a few to the profile I was working on this evening.

+25 votes

It's been a quite (no spell check, not quite) quiet week around here. Too hot to be outside (105 heat index all week) so I've stayed in and worked on the current DD Challenge and on some of my imported profiles. I even got brave and worked on merged bio cleanups for some of the orphaned pre-1700 profiles.

I noticed that my 2xgreat grandmother had a birthday this month so decided to give a little love to her profile. I was able to track down the image of the Marriage bond her husband took out. I also found them on the 1860 census. The occupation of most adult females on that census in Union County, North Carolina, was either "Domestic" or "Spinster." Not mine...Mary J (McNeely) Helms, married to Daniel in 1857, appears to say Dower. I've not begun to research her prior to this marriage. Neither the marriage bond or register has a title for her so I have no idea if this was a second marriage. Has anyone seen that before?


Tip of the week: Did you know you can add tags to the scratch pad on your Nav Home Page? For instance, I've used it to add a fast link to the Weekend Chat posts. The format is {{Tag Link|Weekend_Chat}}. Why would I do that?

  • Only 20 tags can be followed
  • Followed tags are included in our Wiki Genealogy Feed on our Nav Home Page and in the emails that go out
  • I wanted to have easy access to some tags but I didn't need them in my feed.

Thanks to Chris Whitten for that tip to me a couple of months ago. It's made my feed cleaner and enhanced my ability to find things.

by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (340k points)
Thanks for the tip Debi. Thanks to Chris Whitten as well.
Hi Debi,

We had a nice week so far as for temperature however I believe there is schedule to be sometimes it close to 90 degrees. Happy Birthday to your Great great Grandmother :)

Thanks for being apart of this weekends g2g chat.
Oh, Debi!  What a great idea!  I have so many family profiles that I want to improve, and now you've given me a way to decide.  Happy birthday or anniversary, dear relative - I'll be spending some time on your profile and thinking of you.
LOL It's gotten out of control, Star. I decided that I needed to add her children from the 1880 Census record which was already on her profile so got started on that. But now I've fallen down the rabbit hole with her son who is in my direct line. I've discovered he had a fourth wife that I didn't know about. What?!?!?!
I love those What?!?!?! moments, Debi!  Definitely keeps that spark alive.
Thanks Chris and Debbi for that tip. I certainly will try that.
+21 votes
Hi All. Hot and humid here in NW Mississippi. I've been working on emptying some categories the aren't in the true purpose of categories. I'm waiting on a PDF from NEHGS of a manuscript that MIGHT help me find the parents of Daniel Kinnaston, my 3G-gf. Anybody out there a K*N*ST*N. Always on the lookout for possible cousins. Also, still doing the sourcing, connecting, bio writing, and integrating.
by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (220k points)
Hi Bob,

Enjoy the weather :)

Keep up the great work and thanks for participating in this weekends g2g chat
Thank you Bob, for your hard work in sourcing, connecting and biography writing!  And of course... integrating!!!!!
You must be an expert at beating the heat to survive down there Bob, I live not much more than miles south of the Canadian border and I can hardly bear it here sometimes.  Good luck on the cousins, that is always a pleasure.  Thanks for all you do.

Thanks, Keith.
My birthday is in August. That makes me a summer. Love the warm, not a fan of the cold. Grew up in New England and 30 years in the vicinity of Chicago. Brrrrrrrr.
It is definitely true that beating the cold is an issue.  I have a thin frame so I don't retain heat well without a good plan.
I never thought about birth month as a predictor of one's favorite season, Bob, but I think you are onto something.  I was born in the spring, which is my favorite season.  I asked my husband, born in September, and his favorite season is autumn. (He wondered what my question had to do with genealogy.  I guess I need to talk to him about other topics occasionally.)

I wonder how many other Weekend Chatters were born duringt heir favorite season?
Hi Bob. Good to see you hear. I left a couple messages on this profile you manage. Would love to hear from you:

How do you ever keep up with everything you do on WikiTree, Bob?  No matter where I go on this site, you are there!
Star, With no plan in mind, it's what grabs me by the throat on any given day. Might be sources or connections or any of the other fun things to do on WT. Never a dull moment.
I was born in July, and in California or Europe in July, I'm happy. But living in Arizona for 43 yrs, I really dislike July and August. Even September doesn't get cool.
+21 votes
Hi! I live in Tucson, Arizona, where the expected high is 109°F.

This has been a great genealogy week for me. I've found or been contacted by three new cousins, which has helped me to extend the lines connecting us. One of them was totally due to DNA, and although we haven't found our exact connection, we think we've narrowed down the place and surnames that connect us.

I'm also planning for a visit this fall from some second cousins I've been in touch with but never met. Two will be flying in, then we'll be taking a road trip to visit our oldest living relative and meet a few more cousins. All of them are close enough that they have known each other since childhood, but I never knew about them until genealogy brought us together.

I hope everyone else has had some genealogy fun recently, too!
by Pamela Lloyd G2G6 Mach 3 (39.6k points)
Hi Pamela,

That is neat I do plan on getting dna tested soon I keep putting it off I reckon I will be able to break a few brick walls on my biological side when that happens.

I hope you enjoy the trip and turn your ac up :)

Thanks for joining this weekends g2g chat
Pam, my Dad's brother was a Loyd, but with one L.  His father left my grandmother while she was pregnant. There is an old wive's tale about children who have never seen their father's being endowed with the ability to heal.

I'm glad to hear that you will soon have the opportunity to meet some cousins you never knew until genealogy brought you together (I love that phrase).

I always click on the biography page of Weekend Chatters to learn a little more about them, and I'm so glad I clicked on yours, Pamela!  For those who haven't read Pamela's "short version" bio, please let me know if you can resist reading the "Comments about the short version" afterwards.

118° today down here in Phoenix, Pamela!
Spent  several years in Tucson, don't miss the temperatures. It was way to hot for me.
+21 votes

I love the energy level with the new & improved Weekend Chat! Kudos Keith et al!

I spent my short week doing a little G2G & playing with my new landscape design software ( I got a new computer this week).

Of course I've been enjoying my flowers & taking photos...pics to come later.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday!

Image may contain: stripes, tree, sky and outdoor

by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
Hi Doug,

I agree Keith is doing a swell job at the g2g chat a new graphic plus he takes the time to work out his post ahead of time with some grand pictures.

I look forward to seeing these pictures

Thanks for joining this weekends g2g chat

Baja daylily...on of my favorites



Keith has done a great job of enlisting help and organizing things.  

Kudos to Keith!
Doug, the daylily is pretty, but that Butterfly is AWESOME!!
Great picture of the daylilly! Thank you Doug for your participation in the weekend Chat and all your contributions to WikiTree.
I agree with Lynette - what a perfect picture of that butterfly, captured with a full wingspread.
You always takes amazing photo Doug the photo are really wonderful and a treat to look at thank you how is your bird in the house you build to them.

Amazing flowers thank you for sharing
Wow   I love the photos.  Thank you for sharing added  a smile to my day
Ditto what David said Doug.

Here is a Monarch at Happy Hour!


Simply beautiful!  Thanks for sharing!
+22 votes


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                Positive Score:   3,698


Source:  Weekend Chat 30 June - 2 July 2017

by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (607k points)
Hi Keith,

Thank you for getting the results from last weekends chat :)
That was amazing that we didn't just beat the previous weeks score, but we totally smashed it. Can we keep doing it? I think we should keep trying each week to push the score up.

Keith, what has been the highest total reached during a G2G Chat weekend?

I say we aim for "4000"....
This is our highest so far.  Sky is the limit!
Wow, that is amazing!!!! Thanks to everyone who participated!!
Hey Dean, you can help raise the score!  Up-vote every answer on the Chat this weekend, and add your comments to each answer.  We can meet (and exceed!) your goal of 4,000.
Can "Favorite Answer" be added to this list as well?   It would be fun to see how many got to the top.
Nicole that is a great idea... I'll figure how we can keep track of it easily.

Keith Ditto to what Dean, Nicole and Star. Nicole that is a great idea. Keith We can beat that and go pass 4000. I have faith we can.
+22 votes
I had a good week-weather was beautiful on the 4th of July and most of the remainder of the week.  I spent Independence Day with family out on the Isles of Shoals (specifically, Star Island in Rye, New Hampshire).   I'm surprised that we never thought to go out there when I was a kid, but it's never too late to discover nice places to visit locally.

As for my experience on WikiTree, I started doing some digging around the site for notables in the past week and found that some (i.e., Sir Isaac Newton) weren't tagged as such.  I added notability status to some and also added applicable categories for others.  I also added and connected the oldest verified Canadian on record, Marie-Louise (Chassé) Meilleur-turns out she's my fifth cousin, three times removed.
by Greg Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (336k points)
Nice job Greg!
I'm sure we can do a better job adding tags for notables.  Thanks for your work on this, Greg, and for bringing it to our attention.
That's cool to find you were related.  Nice work Greg!
I think I need to visit Star Island in Rye!
Hi Greg,

Welcome to the weekend chat. Yes we always seemed to go distance to as a child. But as I get older I been realizing how much neat stuff is very local.
Hi Greg

Ditto to what Steven said.
+19 votes
Hey everyone!

Would have updated on my long vacation last Friday but ended up in bed early with some medicine due to allergies.

My first full day (Saturday) I enjoyed a great day with my Clontz cousins that I never met before. Charlie had agreed to do a DNA test or me a year or two ago. His son actually looked like a twin to my first cousin!

Second day (Sunday), mom & I saw the area where an old mill use to be. Then we went to two wineries. Saw Crewe, VA where her mother was born. Finished the day with dinner at edleweiss German restaurant.

Monday we went to the Green Valley Book Fair then off to the Cedar Creek & Belle Grove NHS and then made our way to Uniontown, PA for the night. Making our way there we weren't sure which state we were in: PA, WV, MD.

Tuesday we went to the WV State Pen to do a tour. Afterwards we did a quick jaunt over the bridge into Ohio to say we've been there! LOL Although next Shockey reunion will be in Ohio. :) We then went to two more wineries, Friendship NHS, and Fort Necessity NHP.

Wednesday was a bit of an easy day.. went to this Coaches & Horses Tea Room which we loved in Winchester, VA. Both mom and I went through 2 pots of tea each. I ended up at a archive library while waiting for our room to be ready. Got laundry done & ran into one of the cousins and chatted a bit.

Thurs... mom, Kaylene and I left by 4a to head to Washington, DC to beat the heat and hopefully sunrise shots on the monuments. By the time we got there via the Metro the sun has risen but made nice shadows on the monuments. This was Kaylene's first time so we made sure to visit the main group.. & even got to see the front of the White House. The new things for me was eating lunch at The Castle and seeing inside the Thomas Jefferson Building that housed the beautiful section of the Library of Congress. We made it back to our hotel by 2 or 3p worn out! I ended up in the conference room with the other cousins that made it in.. to hang out and to photograph the photo albums.. got all but 4 done.

Friday, we 3 went to Baltimore to the Hamilton NHS, tried to do the farmer's market down by the BMI but apparently that's only on Sat when I thought it said Fri too. Oh well.. we checked out Little Havana which had good food. Next was battling I-70 traffic going up to Waynesboro, PA to get Kaylene this book and chatted with the editor of it and pre-purchased the next volume before getting stuck in I-81 traffic going back to Winchester. Met quite a few more cousins via Facebook in person for a bit before bed.

Sat... short tour.. Kaylene, Mom and I only went as far as John Aaron's cabin to do the group photo before mom headed back to the hotel and K & I went back to that library I went to Wed. At some point we went to this Tropical cafe that had spicy Caribbean food that sorta helped with the cold temps of the library. LOL We headed back about 5p and joined a few cousins for dinner. That night was the best wine night since I started doing them at the reunions. Think it brought a lot of us together more to just randomly chat about anything and everything.

Sun... Church at the Shockeysville Church, lunch, general meeting, and group photo. The quilt several of us cousins created raised $185! Another wonderful wine night.

Mon... long tour up to our Ancestor's original homestead & land, a mill, a barn (part of underground railroad), Shockey Gang's possible cave, Jacob's house (always had a descendant living in it), ice cream and the Meeting Hall. Then another good wine night!

Tues ...drove home & had dinner with my aunt, Dave, and rest of my family before I was soo happy to be home to my kitties.

This was just a quick run through of my vacation... I can't wait to just chill this weekend to rest up from my vacation. LOL

Hope everyone had a great July 4th!
by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (947k points)
I want a magnum!!
Thanks Steven! It was certainly fun filled. :)

Magnum of what Lynette? :)

OH... btw, I got two of my cousins signed up while at the reunion, too and hope to get a few more :)
Kiss the Devil wine of 30 hot peppers!!!  Most of the pepper sauces I find are too vinegary.  I would rather have Louisiana Red over Tabasco, less vinegar taste to LA Red therefore a hotter flavor. And then there is this one chinese chili paste that I absolutely love. And I can't remember the name of it. but I use it in very small amounts, its that good!
LOL They don't sell it in that large of a bottle. LOL But WAY too hot for me. :)

Oh & it comes in two diff bottles of course 2nd one is more expensive..


That plate of food is making me hungry! What's for supper?
Sounds like you had a wonderful time.  Hope you are rested up some
LoL Some! :)

Just knocked out some shirts for myself, my mom's bday present & my brother's birthday present.
Charlotte, a tip on eating hot peppers, drink hot coffee afterwards. Washes away the oils from the mouth.

Of course, pepper wine might be another story.
Hmmm.. don't like coffee though. LOL Wonder if the coffee wine would have helped. LOL :)
+22 votes

Wow some great photos in chat today!! Thanks Keith, Doug, and Dorothy for sharing!!! I did watch the video of the fireworks in Nashville. Awesome, what a large crowd. Glad it didn't ran on their parade lol. I like the doggie photos too (Susan and Dorothy). 

Not the greatest 4th of July for us in the Myrtle Beach area. We had afternoon thundershowers, and it was humid with lots of clouds! Not the best for fireworks!!! 

Grateful to be back home in South Carolina!! Came home on the 5th. Worked a little on editing and correcting database errors. Will do more tomorrow no doubt!!  

by Sandra Davidson G2G6 Pilot (179k points)
Hi Sandra,

Yes I cease to be amazed at the photos Kieth comes up with also Doug has great pictures I look forward to them each week.

Thanks for doing the DB errors and thanks for joining the weekend chat
Tanks for all the work you do as a Data Doctor, Sandra.  And thanks for taking time from your other WikiTree activities to particiate in this weekend's chat.
Thanks Steven and Star for your comments!!! Keep up the great work on the Weekend Chat project you guys work on each week!!
Ditto to every ones comments on this section. Welcome to the chat everyone.
+20 votes
This month was a slow start for me on WikiTree, I actually spent some time away from the computer, outside, enjoying sunshine, what a phenomenon!  I am trying to do the Connectors Challenge this month for the second time.  I think I had beginners luck last month because i cannot seem to find connectable profiles this month.  I love doing sourcing so at the same time i look to see if I can connect, or correct errors.  It takes a bit more time, but i try to do what I can.

Wishing everyone a good weekend
by Nicole Boorse G2G6 Pilot (851k points)
Have a nice weekend Nicole, and thanks for being a Connector :)
Nicole, that's the way my month started in June. I've rebounded some what already for July.

Enjoy the weekend
Hi Nicole

Thanks for joining this weekend g2g chat. I think it is great that your attempting to source and connect and clean up errors keep up the great work and thanks for choosing wikitree

I joined the Connectors Challenge this month, too, Nicole, and I'm having the same luck as you.  I was able to improve the profiles, but no luck connecting - at least not yet! Since I only worked on it last Saturday, and I added sources to unsourced profiles, I also recorded my work in last week's Saturday Sourcing Sprint.

Star - It can be so frustrating, I am hoping I will do at least one connection before the end of the month.

I haven't done the sprint yet, maybe that will be a "winter" challenge.
For me the best time for me is during the late fall, winter and early spring and rest of the time I can't do much for trying to do a lot of outside work for my parents and inside also.
+21 votes


I wanted to share some pictures I took tonight at the Bethlehem Steel plant in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, Great place to come learn about the steel industry while getting to see some of the history

Here is picture of one of the steel stacks. I have some more pictures that I hope to put up on my website when I get them all together

I realize they not good quality they taken by a cellphone camera.

So they not gonna be a doug lockwood quality





Here is a picture of one of the train cars that hauled the ore these things was electric ran


I was able to walk along the top of the elevated track and you can look down into some of the old pits and you can still see some steel ore.


More pictures to come tomorrow night some time :)

If you have some time there a video put on Youtube by one of the local TV producers in the area you can check it out here

by Steve McCabe G2G6 Pilot (363k points)
My photos were not very good before my sister bought me a new camera for my birth day a year ago.
Thanks so much for the pictures and the YouTube link, Steven.  I had relatives who worked at that Bethlehem Steel plant.
Yeah I never knew all the history it's sad so many families got robbed by the Executives.
Keep up the work Doug and thanks for being on the chat.
+20 votes
Hello Weekend Chat!  I am doing a "deep dive" into family history this weekend with one of my cousins.  We are having a fabulous time digging into old trunks, going through family photos, and reading old letters.  So much fun!
by Crispin Reedy G2G6 Mach 4 (42.4k points)
Hi Crispin

Welcome to this weekends g2g if you have any photos your willing to share we would sure love to see them

Have a great weekend.
Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend, Crispin. Enjoy!

here is a pic of my mother , I think it is old school picture , she went to a country school in Middle Tennessee in White County for a period of time 


Ditto to what Steven said. And thanks to Janine for her picture of her mother.
I wish more of my cousins would get involved, it would help doing the research a little easier. Plus it would make for more fun when we would find something new about the family.

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