Are you a Frazier, Frazer, or Frasher?

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I'm looking for Fraziers and others with a variant of the name to collaborate in a One Name Study.  The goal is to work together, in order to create a clearer picture of the different groups of people called Frazier and to determine where they came from and who they came from.  Please reply here if you are interested or leave a comment below if you have any questions.  

WikiTree profile: Space:Frazier_Name_Study
asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Edie Kohutek G2G6 Mach 5 (51.8k points)
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My maiden name is Frazier, the branch in southwest Virginia. Many migrated from there to Michigan in about 1915-1920.  Were coalminers and farmers. Very tangled with McConnells who migrated there from PA.
That is very interesting, Melanie. I don't think I have had a reply detailing a history similar to yours. Welcome to the Frazier Name Study! It is still in beginning stages. As you spend time on WikiTree, you will learn what we do here and what may be possible on the study. Your suggestions and assistance will be welcome.

Edie K
I have a group of Fraziers in my Hancock Co. Maine database but have not added them to WikiTree but could if they are of interest.  BTW this particular clan is found as Freese in some records.
Please add them to WikiTree and add {{Category:Frazier Name Study}} to the top of their profile. The goal is to gather all Fraziers in on location and then track the different family groups as they migrate.   There are so many different spellings of Frazier.  I believe they all originated as Fraser in the UK, but but we recognize they have the same genesis.  Thanks for your interest!.
My brick wall is Presley Frazier born in South Carolina and moved to Tennessee and married Sarah Binyan and they moved to Indiana where they had my great grandfather Alfred Kelly Frazier.
I see you have your Fraziers on the tree. Feel free to add the Category:Frazier Name Study to each of their profiles. If you need assistance, I will be happy to do help. Hopefully this study will help you break through that brick wall!

How do you do that?  I saw this somewhere and added it to the profile of Presley Frazier but I don't see that it took....[[Category:Frazier Name Study]]

I am of a Frazier line; However, I'm unsure that my family line will be of any assistance. I do not have much information past a few generations and I don't know how we came to be "Frazier". My great, great, great maternal grandfather is the furthest I have been able to trace back. I am unsure if they just took the name Frazier during the time of the cultural transformation of my ancestors or if Frazier made its way in here naturally. I do know because of a dna test through 23andme that I, myself am in large part Irish/British, and 17% Native American (most of which I know to be Choctaw and my family is enrolled as Choctaw on the Dawes Rolls) but as far as I know for sure, the Irish or British lineage travels along the parts of my family that aren't Frazier.

I have hit a really HARD brick wall as far as this family line goes. This may be just lack of information overall, or because my Native American Ancestry doesn't quite have documentation back any further. Or possibly even because no one spelled Choctaw names correctly and many Choctaws could not read or write english during that time (based on census data, etc. my Choctaw lines could not read or write english nearer the time of 1838 when the Trail of Tears was occurring). It could also be that a relative before this point may not have had an English name and was instead only Native American. Either way, here is some info that I do know (starting before my mother's generation):


Edgar Warren Frazier (born Rattan, OK) (1919 - 2015) (Choctaw)

married Stella Louaine Harmon (1924 - 2006) (Non Indian)

(3 children, including my mother)


Benjamin Wheeler Frazier (born Indian Territory, OK) (1891 - 1965)

married Martha Lettie Musgrave (1888 - 1947) (both claim full Choctaw)

(around 7 children, including EWF above)


Simon "Sumplin" Frazier (born Indian Territory, OK) (1873 - 1904)

married Rhoda Lewells Tasahiya (both claim full Choctaw)

(1 child, including BWF above)


Lewis Frazier? (no birth or death info) (no nationality known)

married to Atuklantema? (abt. 1824 - 1902) (full choctaw)

(1 child known based on very limited information; Sumplin, above.)


**Atuklantema is listed as widowed on the Choctaw Roll and full Choctaw. Both her mother (Pisatima) and father (Tunola) are listed there as well, as deceased. I have no 100% confirmation that this is fact, but the Rolls lead me to believe this information. Atuklantema was said to be born in Mississippi and the timing and recorded facts lead me to believe that she was one of my ancestors who survived the Trail of Tears (abt 1838). I do not find any information related to what happened to her husband at all or any of "Lewis Frazier" relatives beyond Sumplin. It is possible that Lewis was her husband and that he was not Choctaw at all, despite "100% choctaw" claims of her child, due to Choctaw matrilineality. Lewis Frazier could possibly be my family's first introduction of non-indian blood and I have no way of finding out.


So, I doubt that any of this is helpful at all, but there you have it. I have restricted from listing all children from each coupling simply due to the fact that I'm not sure our Choctaw line helps at all in this situation.
It took, Janice. That is how it is supposed to look. If you go to the Frazier Name Study page, then click on the link for the category page, you will see his name listed.
Thank you, Lori, for the information.  You are a Frazier and so your line back is of interest.  You are not the only Frazier who appears to have ancestors who married into Native American tribes.  Please feel free to add the Category:Frazier Name Study surrounded by double brackets on each Frazier profile.  Eventually we may be able to answer the questions you have about your family!

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Hello, I have a Frazer in my family tree.  Rebecca Frazer (b. 1760).

Living in Pennsylvania and either a Quaker or related.

answered by Erik Granstrom G2G6 Mach 1 (16.6k points)
That is awesome, Eric. I will tag her profile with the Frazer Category. I have been doing research in Quaker records recently, so I will look for her name. Do you want to join the project: Frazier Name Study?
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Frazier, at least to early 1800's. I think after Culloden many Frasers may have changed their spelling :)


I'm looking for more info if any has any of the following Frazier ancestors:
?N. Ireland to America,
John 7/7/1725 -
wife unknown - possibly Jane MacIntyre
son Stephen D. Frazier b. 3/8/1773 Kingston,RI
dau Kathrine B. 11 Jun 1767
1788 settled       John F.              RICHMONDVILLE
- The Town of Richmondville was formed from Cobleskill,NY
1790 John in Canajoharie census
Frazier, John--1-1-1-0-*
12/26/1797 married Stephen D. Frazier and Ruth Torrey       Williamstown, Berkshire, MA
They had lots of kids:
Weighty FRAZIER       1798-1839 b Williamstown Dec. 8 died jan 10 1839
Stephen FRAZIER       1800-1800
Martha FRAZIER       1801-1842 m Ambrose Green 3/23/1820 born in Schodak?
Samuel FRAZIER       1802-1860 m. Lydia A. YOUNG 15 Jun 1823 Lydia b. 1805
Sarah FRAZIER       1804-1842 m Samuel GARDNER2 Jan 1834
Minerva FRAZIER       1805-1840 m. George KAYNER 19 Sep 1824
       d. 5/29/1840 b 11/29/1805
Elizabeth FRAZIERm.July 25 1847 Roswell Morgan, Winfield, 49 Elizabeth Fraz, Germ Flatts, age 40 1807-1873 (still there in 1880 census)
Moses FRAZIER        1809-1809
Asenath FRAZIER       4/18/1810-8/4/1892 Watson?
Clarrisa FRAZIER       3/22/1812-?       m. Conklin W. PAYNE3 Nov 1842
Stephen Frazier              baker in Boston              
6/8/1802       born       Samuel Frazier       Cobleskill,NY              LDS says Williamstown, MA              
9/10/1802       died       John Frazier              Middlefield,NY Otsego Co.
12/9/1804 Stephen Frazier moved to German Flatts
1820 census lived Stephen German Flatts, Herkimer Co.
6/15/1823       married       Samuel Frazier              Lydia Ann Young (1805-1880)                     
settled       Samuel Frazier              Scriba,NY Oswego Co.
1824       march 18       born        Rhoda Jane Frazier da. Of Samuel and Lydia in Herkimer Co.
she married George Hawkins White 8/27/1850, moved to Sublette,Ill.
18?? born William C. Frazier       son Of Samuel and Lydia in Herkimer Co.
1828       original member SamFree-Communion Baptist Church,N. Scriba       
1830 census       lived       Sam Scriba,NY Oswego Co.       
1/11/1826       born       Marcus L. Frazier       son Of Samuel and Lydia in Scriba,Oswego Co.
              moved       Samuel Frazier              Royalton Twp. Niagara Co. NY              
1835 Samuel Frazier       Chicago       land speculator?              
1836 moved Samuel Frazier Salem,MI Washtenaw Co.                     bought land       
1840 Census Stephen in German Flatts
1844 (about) Rhoda marries Vinson Gideon Perkins
              In Hudson, Lenawee
1844 moved       Samuel Frazier       traded farm for another in Hudson,MI              
later        moved       Samuel Frazier              sold the farm, moved to Goshen,In. Dairy Cheesemaker        (elkhart twp?) (elkhart co?)                                                               
3/11/1845 died       Stephen Frazier       German Flatts, NY Herkimer Co.              
5/5/1850 married Marcus L. Frazier       Sarah E. Green
1850        Rhoda marries George Hawkins White                            
5/5/1851       moved       Marcus L. Frazier              Sarah E. Green              to Mi              
//1852              moved       Marcus L. Frazier              Sarah E. Green       to NY bought the Green farm       
1855              on 1855 map Marion County       Samuel Frazier (Pike township) (wrong county?)
1857       died       Ruth Torrey Frazier        German Flatts                                   
3/27/1861 born       Elmer Frazier       Adrian,Mi Lenawee Co.                            
9/07/1860       died       Samuel Frazier              Goshen,Indiana
Elkhart County, Indiana CRIMP Project Index
Elkhart Probate RecordsF       
Film NameNo VaultExtra - Names and Information       
66 Frazier, Samuel95 D-6Wife Lydia died before Samuel              
//1861              died       Marcus L. Frazier              Hudson,MI Lenawee Co.                     
//1865       ?       moved       Marcus L. Frazier              Sarah E. Green       to Mi       bought Samuel's farm       
//1870              burned       Marcus L.'s home              replaced with brick                            
6/30/1884       bought       Elmer Frazier    SE28/121-N 65-W No 5th PM SDBrown  160 acres in New Hope, Brown Co. SD (sod house, depression in the ground now)              
10/29/1884       married       Elmer Frazier              Harriet L. Tracy       

and on to modern times...
Any info appreciated! Bob
answered by
Thanks, Bob. Are all these ancestors on Wikitree yet?
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I am a Frazier by birth.  Tracing my Frazier family has been challenging due to the numerous spellings.  I'd love to join the Frazier Name Study Project.

I have numerous Frazier profiles in my Family Tree.  Feel free to take a look.

answered by Amy W G2G6 Mach 1 (15.8k points)
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Yes, I have FRAZIER (FRAZER) in my lineage.  SOWELL FRAZIER was born 9 April 1764 in Bertie, NC (info from pension record).  Moved to Granville, NC at 6 mos. of age;  married at 19 (1793) to Temperance Hester.   In 1784, moved to Surry, now Stokes Co., NC.  After first wife died, married Sarah Davis.  Sowell Frazier(Frazer) died on 18 March 1851 in Forsyth Co., NC.

  My 4th great-gm, Charity Frazier, born December 19, 1790 m. Charles Barham in Stokes Co., NC.on May 2, 1806.
answered by Sandra Loridans G2G Rookie (260 points)

Welcome to the Frazier Name Study!  Curiously, I think I have been recently researching your branch of Fraziers.  I hope to post some of this research on the Frazier Name Study page soon.  I will be interested to look at your Frazier branch.  As you become familiar with WikiTree and the One Name Studies, I hope you will participate in collaboration on our Frazier research.

Edie K
Edie, My branch was fairly easy to trace using clues from Sowell Frazier (Frazer)'s DAR Patriot lineage, combined with the Will of his father, William Frazier I.   His Will indicates that he had 3 wives; 2 had last name SOWELL and were sisters and I believe the last wife, Mary, was also a SOWELL.  He had 10 children (my Sowell Frazier was one) and named them all in the Will, just didn't indicate which child belonged to which mother!  (Note:  One of the children was CHARITY, namesake of my 3rd ggm, dtr. of Sowell). William I (or Sr) was son of Daniel Frazier & Margaret Dawson;  Daniel was son of John B. Frazier II and I think the "B" stood for Bernard m Mary Margaret Faulkner, etc. etc..  I also used info from which proved to be fairly accurate.  I was able to trace this line to their Royal line to Edward I (Longshanks) & II; Henry II, King John, Henry III and stopped at 1:30 AM because this ran into my Barham (Charity F's husband)'s line.  Of course, this was only one Royal line.  If you have any trouble tracing this line, let me know.  I think it is fairly solid.  I have not had a chance to see if one of these Fraziers, Faulkners, Abbotts, Offley names have documentation w/Colonial Dames.  If so, the Royal line would be unquestionable.. Good luck, Sandra McKinnon Loridans
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I am a Frazier by birth. I am interested in learning more about Fraziers, Frasers, etc.
answered by
That is wonderful! Hopefully, one day we will have all Fraziers connected.
Dean, do you have a profile yet?  Drop me a comment when you do.

Thanks, Edie
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I have no Frazier's in my line as far as I know (worked with a Fraser in Montreal!), but wanted to mention a possible resource, not mentioned anywhere else here as far as I could see.

   Free DNA Tests - ISOGG

I can't guarantee its availability, and she does have a condition, but it sure sounds very inclusive.

answered by Rob Jacobson G2G6 Pilot (103k points)
Thanks for the info,  Rob! I checked out the site. She is offering a free Y-37 to any Fraser or Frazer who can prove a Scottish birth during the last 200 years. I assume she means an ancestor with a Scottish birth within the last 200 years.  That could be great for those who qualify.
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I will join your Frazier name study.  My Maternal Grandfather was Henry Howard Frazier from Knox County, Indiana.  He was a coal miner and died young, in 1940.
answered by Lynn Shahnazi G2G Rookie (260 points)
Wonderful!  I will add your name to the project and send you more information tomorrow. We can add the Frazier Name Study category to your grandfather's profile.
Lynn, I have added your name as a project participant on the Frazier Name Study.  Visit the Frazier Name Study page at  There is a link on the top of that page that goes to the category page which lists the Frazier profiles that we presently have added to the study.  Please feel free to add the category to each of your Frazier profiles.  There is an explanation of the project's goals and the page will give you an idea of where we are and how you can join in.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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I have Frazier ancestors in my Ballard line. John V. Frazier married Martha Irby in Greene county, Georgia 18 Nov. 1841. He was born in South Carolina. They had a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Frazier 22 Sept 1844 in Greene county and then moved to Texas. She married, first, Francis B. Burns and second, John Benjamin Ballard. John is my 2x great grandfather.

Would love to join the name study.
answered by Thressa Paplanus G2G2 (3k points)

Welcome to the Frazier Name Study!  I will add your name to the participants in the study.  I would suggest that you study the Name Study Page at Space:Frazier_Name_Study and look at the various projects.  A good place to start work is to add the category to each profile with [[Category:Frazier Name Study]] and the birth and death locations of each profile with [[Category:State, Frazier Name Study]].  Those profiles are then listed on the category page.  For the ancestors who migrated from Europe to the New World, I consider those our main profiles of interest and I like to put the Frazier Name Study template on those.  You can see how that is added on the space page.  If  you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Edie K
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I'm happy to help research Frasers who lived in Québec.  My brother-in-law descends from Peter Fraser, who helped settle Green Isle (now Île Verte, Québec) circa 1800.

answered by Greg Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (161k points)
Greg, thank you so much for your offer to research Frasers who lived in Quebec.  I have run into Fraser lines who migrated to Canada and would appreciate help with those lines.  Please feel free to add the category [[Category:Frazer Name Study]] to any of those profiles.  Also, I guess we need to start a new category for Canada profiles.  Please feel free to set up that category in the Frazier Name Study, or I will as I have the time.


Edie K
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My mother's maiden name is Frazier
answered by Kristina Scruggs G2G Crew (320 points)

Welcome to the Frazier Name Study!  We are looking forward to you adding to your Frazier line.  Make sure you look for those people who are already on the tree, so that you can join the WikiTree family.  The instructions for adding your Frazier family members to the study are on the page;Frazier_Name_Study.  If you have any problems with it, message me.

Edie K

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