An inactive manager's profiles need to be merged, what is the best way to request that the profiles be opened?

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Opening profiles of inactive managers helps everyone on Wikitree.  Active managers can then make the merges that are needed.

While it is best to start merges from the oldest profile, requesting that profiles be opened is best done from the most recent person, with a request to open all ancestors.

When making the request be sure to reference the oldest profile and the evidence that the manger has not been responsive.  This method can reduce the number of requests and open more profiles faster.

in WikiTree Tech by Philip Smith G2G6 Pilot (288k points)
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I agree with this to a point.  I feel we need to make sure we do the extra research to ensure all the ancestor profiles are managed by the same inactive manager.

Now that you mention inactive manager - there is specific criteria that determines when a manager is determined to be inactive and what actions are taken - I believe they are removed from the profiles as the manager.

I would hate to have their profiles taken away because they are "inactive" when they are off serving their country for 6 months or so... These managers can't just post on their profile  "Hey -- I'm still here just temporarily off in IRAQ or Afghanastan.. I would imagine they would have touched base with Chris to ensure no negative action occured on wiki-tree cause they were "not active" for a period of time.

Is there than an avenue that can be used to share who those folks are and not compromise them or their missions? or how about temporarily opening their profiles then having them restored once the merge is complete with the profile manager still intact?

What do you mean by specific evidence.  Let's clarify this process and get it in place so that we have a guideline that everyone has agreed upon.



The process for identification and handling of an Unresponsive manger has been well handled.  

The message above is for the case where the manager is unresponsive as defined here Unresponsive.

Evidence is just the material you have showing you have followed the process.




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I have to side with Terri Rick on this one.  Sure it's a great idea to open profiles of inactive managers, along with probably all that they manage.  But, being cautious lets:

  • Clarify the length of time of inactivity.  Is it 2 months, or 3 years and everything in between?
  • Does it have any other "qualifier" like a dump and run profile or was the manager fairly active until a point in the past where they just dropped off (could have internet access or food,  a computer or their house, .... you get the idea--the world has been and in some areas still going through a critical financial crisis)  maybe because no one reached out to help them with merges or just basic assistance.
  • Do we make every attempt (multiple requests explaining what will happen if they don't respond within a certain timeframe), do we test to see if their email is still active?   The information contained within their profiles is something that that manager worked hard on to accumulate and acquire and then whether manually or by uploaded, shared on Wiki Tree.

I know we arborist's would love this.  But, we really have to look at the health of Wiki Tree.  And genealogists, professional and the part time family historian have a way with words, and word of mouth can make or break a reputation.  Ours should be guarded with very defined and structured guidelines that are known to all and observed by all those who participate. (Oh, that was Eutopia, sorry).

Perhaps it is time that we put at the top of the honor code what these guidelines are and that each point in the honor code has a place where one must sign.  Break it up into multiple mini-signature-screens, similiar to an online survey or test.  If you agree with this statement:  Yes No .  Traditional attention spans for disclaimer pages which is what our Honor Code resembles is a quick click and go, and as this rambles on, so does this.

Closing:  Let's get something specific to work with in regards to opening profiles.   I know if I went away for a few weeks, and came back and my work was all open, I would then have a stroke and be down for many months to come.

by Nae X G2G6 Mach 5 (54.6k points)
selected by Keith Baker
I think an email should be sent to them saying that we will be opening their profiles since they have been inactive for over a year.  This gives them a chance to respond and become active again, if they wish.
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Good idea ,Phil !
by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (882k points)
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2nd the great idea, Phil, especially opening all the ancestor files.
by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (211k points)
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Great Idea Phil.
by Michelle Hartley G2G6 Pilot (153k points)

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