Who are the parents of Lars Nilsson (1664 - 1724)?

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Geni has a Nils Nilson (circa 1640) listed as his father.

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Do you have any way to contact the Geni manager for Lars Nilsson and ask where his very precise birth date comes from? And the year of death, too for that matter.

The first household record for Pite lf starts in 1720, and then there is only the eldest son, Nils Larsson and his family living in Blåsmark. Aged parents would have been listed as well, usually below the head of household and his family - but there are none. So he should have died before 1720.

There IS a birth book for Pite lf spanning 1658-1713, that does include 1664, but in the beginning, up to the middle of 1677, the name of the child isn't in the book, only the father by name and village and how much was paid. One may be able to get used to the handwriting, but the lines run together. It's no smooth reading.

In 1664, 31 January - not 31 March - a child (B for barn=child) of a Nils Nilsson was baptized, the village may be intended as Blåsmark; I think it might look like Blåsan; they MAY have called it that and there doesn't seem to be any similar name in the parish. But why 1664 in the first place? You'd really have to do an in-depth study of the parish in those years to get a grip on the population. I'm not prepared to do that.

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Hi Eva,

Thanks for your research!  I can imagine the old handwriting can get tricky to read! Most people of my generation can't even read english cursive very well!  And then it's a scan of a 300 year old book!

I did send a message to the geni profile manager and asked about the dates and if he had a source.  He does have a myhertiage link on the geni profile but I could not access the page correctly.  

The profile manager is a 9th cousin of mine so hopefully he will give us a few clues on the sources.  



Hello, I heard back from the manager of the geni.com profile.  He said that several people have Lars Nilsson -> Nils Nilsson in their MyHeritage family trees.  

He also said that the information was from the cadastre, which is an older register than the Church books.  

Nice. Hearing back is about 50-50, or lower, in my experience.

Well, I have to say this: if one tree on Myheritage has Lars Nilsson -> Nils Nilsson, then there WILL be several trees with the same info. Falsities spread as easily as truths.

Cadastre? I had to look that one up. I guess it is what I call the taxation records. They are available at Riksarkivet SVAR from 1642 and on, covering more or less every year (and Piteå does not seem to be a "gappy" parish, so that's good). The usual format is a list of the heads of household, with columns for tickmarking the members of the household: head,wife, number of sons over 16, number of daughters over 16, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, and possibly a few more. No names for anyone but the head of household, no birth dates. (If you are lucky there may be more informative variants, but that will be later in time and far from all parishes).

The exact birth date given for Lars Nilsson probably derives from the birth book I described above. He is not in the first household record, so it cannot be from there.

When you research the taxation records, you basically have to map the households in the village, and draw conclusions from the differences between the years. I suppose/hope somebody has done that.

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