SUGGESTION: Changing the Way WikiTree Manages Events

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This is related to another question/thread linked here.
I know that this would be a bit of work but it would be so useful I have to suggest it...
If Events could be stored (behind the scenes) independently of profiles but then allow association with profiles this would add considerable flexibility to WikiTree and the manner in which profiles are presented.
A similar strategy to that outlined below is used by offline software (Family Historian) I use, and it is incredibly useful - below is how it could be implemented for WikiTree.
Events are stored as either individual (e.g. birth) or multiple (e.g. marriage) and there are primary and secondary associations available:
primary = the profile(s) (person or people) the event happened to (some events may have a limit of 1 or 2 primary profiles); or
secondary = the profile(s) (people or things) who are associated with the event (witnessed / reported / etc) that can be used for ships associated with an emigration event, a witness or minister at a wedding, etc.
Event attributes would be relatively generic to allow maximum flexibility, and would simply not be populated if they were not appropriate for a specific event.  The event would have a list of primary and secondary associated profile(s).
I would envisage generic event attributes of: Source (supporting an url), Verb (defined when event type created for use in bio sentences), Date, Location (or Origin), Destination, Arrival (2nd date), Cause, and Note (just text).  Possibly other attributes like Age may be considered.
Each Event's attributes (that define the event) can then be referred to in biographies using "reserved words / codes" and biography content can default to particular sentence structures for events that have been defined for the profile.
For example the following code references could be rendered in a biography as a readable sentence...
Example Code:
>>E11497.Primary<< >>E11497.Verb<< from >>E11497.Origin<< on >>E11497.Date<<, arriving >>E11497.Destination<< on >>E11497.Arrival<<. >>E11497.Note<< - >>E11497.Source<<
Example Bio Sentence:
Harold emigrated from Hamburg, Germany on 4-Sep-1869, arriving Ellis Island, New York, USA on 16-Nov-1869.  Siblings and parents travelled together with Miriam meeting her future husband onboard. -
(not a real link just an example of what's intended)
in Genealogy Help by Wombat Allen G2G6 Mach 2 (22.2k points)
edited by Wombat Allen

I think my suggestion today would be to see if there can be any common form between this wiki and the evolving Gedcom X standard

Version 1.0 is supposed to be around half a year out, but they already have trial conversion routines between Gedcom and Gedcom X. I'm not convinced that X is going anywhere, but at least the process seems to be transparent, and the specification will be unencumbered. So, if they have a model for events like marriages, arrivals, and witnesses that can be understood and makes sense in a wiki context, that is what I would welcome. 

If Gedcom X is on the wrong track on event types under discussion, perhaps there is still time to propose improvements. --BK McDonald



It would be "a bit of work," Wombat? :-)
Thanks guys.
I didn't want to underestimate the calibre of the wikitree development team :))
Exactly, we only bring up these suggestions because we know yall can do it ;)

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Hi Wombat!

Just posting here because I'm working on closing out unanswered questions. Also because I like wombats.

Have a good one!
by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)
So we can look forward to the imminent implementation ! - thats great stuff.


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