Puritan Great Migration Project (PGM). Want to Join? [closed]

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Do you have ancestors who immigrated to New England between 1621 and 1640?

At WikiTree, this time period is covered by the Puritan Great Migration Project (PGM), although not everyone who immigrated during the time frame was a Puritan.

There are several ways to be part of the PGM Project.

A. Acknowledge. Do you simply want to acknowledge that you have ancestors who immigrated 1621-1640? There is a template to place on your profile.  Add the following to your profile {{PGM Descendant|[[WikiTree-ID|PGM Ancestor Name]]}}. (Replace the highlighted area with your ancestor's information.)

B. Be Informed. Do you want to know what’s going on with the project? Are you new, but think you might want to join the project in the future? Read the Project page. Follow the tag  pgm .

C. Contribute Do you enjoy research? Then you might want to actively participate in the improvement of PGM profiles. As common ancestors to so many generations, these profiles often have duplicates needing merging, and some have incorrect data.  These need research,  and correction.  If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please read the Project page to find out more details.  Follow the tag  pgm , ask to join the Google Group, and request the badge by posting an answer to this question.

Thank you

Puritan Great Migration Project

Want to Join Click Here for the New Post

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asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Anne B G2G6 Pilot (955k points)
closed by Anne B
Susan copy and paste this. {{PGM Descendant|[[Ward-112|William Ward]]}}
[Apologies; I meant to answer rather than to comment.]

Hi Penny, please go to the new post, read the directions there (specifically: Please include a link to a profile you've created or edited that demonstrates your understanding of WikiTree editing generally, and PGM guidelines, research and sourcing), then post an answer. Thank you.

I'm going to need a little more guidance, please.  This page is difficult to understand.  I have completed A., B., and believed C.  Was the link I posted above not what you requested?  "Post and answer" to what question? I click on the link, and it takes me back to the same page with A., B., C.
Penny, I'm sending you a message.
Hello! I would love to join the great migration project! A profile I have edited is Keeler-508 which is for Daniel Keeler. I LOVE genealogy and and excited to learn more!
Hi Shelly, sending you a note.
I have about 30 PGM ancestors and would like to join the project.

Bret, The new join post is here. Please read the post and the project page, before posting an answer.

56 Answers

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I would like to join this project. I have many ancestors that immigrated from 1620 to about 1635. I love researching this time frame too...
answered by Doris Smith G2G1 (1.1k points)

Hi, Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration project. I see we have some common ancestors. I made some changes to Hill-22886 to give you some ideas how to make your source citations better.

+3 votes
My Lawrence line came to this country around 1630. I would like a PGM badge. Thanx
answered by Stan Baldwin G2G1 (1.4k points)
reshown by Stan Baldwin
Hi Stan, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Have you read the Project page and it's linked pages thoroughly? If you want just to acknowledge that you have PGM ancestors add the sticker, mentioned in the question, to your profile. Adequate Wikitree experience is a necessity in working with our shared PGM ancestors
My records show me being a descendant of John Lawrence (Lawrence-293) who arrived from England sometime before 1635 as this is the date given for his marriage to Elizabeth Waters. I have been doing research for about 30 years now and have more time since I retired.
Welcome to Puritan Great Migration Project. I love being retired.
+4 votes
I have PGM ancestors on the paternal side of my family and have been active in working with them on WikiTree. I would like to join the project.
answered by Ronald Crowell G2G Crew (510 points)
Greetings Ronald and Welcome to Wikitree. I'm sending you a private message.
+4 votes
Hi.  I would like to be included in the Puritan Great Migration project.  I love learning about the history of our ancestors and would like to contribute.
answered by Caryl Ruckert G2G6 Mach 4 (46.1k points)
Thank you Caryl, for joining the Puritan Great Migration Project.
+4 votes
I have several ancestors that came over during the PGM. I would like to become a member of the project.
answered by John Stephenson G2G3 (3.4k points)
+4 votes
I believe I have some ancestors who came to America from England during the Great Migration. I would like to be better informed and I hope to contribute information as well.

Duane Merritt
answered by Duane Merritt G2G Crew (930 points)
Welcome to the Puritan great migration project.
+3 votes

I'd like to join please. I think I have completed the necessary steps. My ancestor I'm most curious about is (Whiting-33) William Whiting

answered by Trisha Dearing G2G Rookie (290 points)
Welcome Trisha
+3 votes
I would like to join the project.  I am pre-1700 certified.  I am the 7th great grandson of Edward Perry (Perry-760).  His father immigrated to MA in 1637, but his WT identity and parentage are different than our family records and I would like to research.  Thank you.
answered by Chuck Biggs G2G1 (1.3k points)
Well Edward's profile is certainly empty enough and could use sources and a biography. And it wouldn't surprise me if Ezra's, alleged father, is wrong, especially since Ezra didn't leave Edward anything in his will. Please if you need help or advice on anything ask. Remember to source everything you add/change. And if you're going to do something major like change his parents, give the manager's a chance to weigh in by leaving a message on the profile.
+3 votes
Anne, I would like to join the project. I have many relatives that are already listed and have more that I would like to add.
answered by Bill Cole G2G1 (1.7k points)
Thank you Bill for joining PGM
+3 votes
I'm brand new to WikiTree this week, but would love to join this group once I get the hang of things.  I'm a professional historian/archaeologist and am excited to dive into researching my ancestors and others that arrived in New England in the early 1600s.
answered by Jennifer Stropes G2G Rookie (290 points)
Jennifer, let me know when you get up to speed with the ins and outs of Wikitree and are ready to join. If you have questions along the way, you can ask here in the G2G or I'm pretty good with answers. Thank you.
+3 votes

I have at least 1 ancestor listed within PGM (he is also listed as one of the founders of Hartford, CT): William Phillips (Phillips-3054), who is my 12th great-grandfather through my great-grandmother Omey Phillips. I would love to join the PGM project!
answered by Mellissa Miller G2G Crew (760 points)

Hi Melissa, Welcome to Wikitree. I see you've only been a member of Wikitree for a few days. The Puritan Great Migration Project recommends that people have a good working knowledge of Wikitree before they join PGM. It is important that you're familiar with what sources to use, good source citation and inline citations used on Wikitree profiles. Give yourself a little time to learn what Wikitree is about, before committing yourself to this project.

In the meantime, I did notice that Phillips-3054 profile could use some help. For instance, he may not have had children, which would make it hard for him to be your ancestor. I've actually left a list of some sources under Research Notes, that you can consult. You may have others. If you want help please ask.


+3 votes
Would like to join the Puritan Great Migration Project.  Have been a member of NEHGS (AmericanAncestors.com) for years and concur with those who recommend their resources on early New England settlers (and also the Canadian Maritimes).
answered by GR Gordon G2G3 (3.2k points)
edited by GR Gordon
+2 votes
I discovered today that I'm a descendant of Robert Royce (Royce-35). I would like to join this group to follow its progress and learn more about the Great Migration, as I'm new to this branch of my family and this era of history.

Also, if you could be so kind, could you explain what a G2G is? Sorry for what is probably a very basic question but I'm still figuring out the jargon. I don't know what "Add pgm to your list of followed tags on G2G" means. Thanks so much for your help.
answered by Stacey Hopkins G2G Crew (400 points)

G2G means Genealogist to Genealogist. It's this forum, where you posted this answer. If you scroll to the top of the page, there is a tab that says G2G help, that explains some items about this forum.

On your profile, at the top on the right hand side is a section labeled Followed Tags. They have a rather bright green box around them. Your first followed tag is Ekstrom. Scroll to the bottom of the section where you can click on "edit tags and tag comments". Find the section that says "add new tags" and type in PGM  When you get your daily genealogy feed in the morning, all the questions that get asked about PGM will be on the list, (usually about one a day) but it skips days.

Looks like we're related since Robert Royce-35 is my ancestor also. When you get to know your way around wikitree better, come back and join the project.

+2 votes
I have a few PGM ancestors such as original Plymouth Plantationer Deacon Samuel [[Edson-14]] and would love to join the project. :)
answered by Wynd Castle G2G2 (2.2k points)
Welcome to Puritan Great Migration Project
+2 votes
I'd like to be added to the PGM. Thanks! Victoria
answered by Victoria English G2G6 Mach 1 (18.9k points)
Thank you for joining
+1 vote
Hi!  Have discovered many ancestors involved with PGM and would love to join project.  Thanks, Roberta
answered by Roberta Johnson G2G Rookie (230 points)

Hi Roberta, sorry, I seem to have missed you. Have you read the project page? Have you been on Wikitree long enough to understand the basic style guidelines? Have you learned how to create inline citations? Are you ready to be actively involved improving Puritan Great Migration profiles?

Hi - Sorry for the delay in responding.  Yes, I have read the project page, and thank you for the links to the style guidelines and the inline citation guidance.  I will check those out now.  Yes, thanks I am ready.  I have been very surprised to find that 5 of my 8 great grandparents all trace back to early New England.

I do have a question for you - I have lots of documentation linked in my Ancestry tree - early new england records, census records, find-a-grave, etc.  Some of these are easy to link directly on Wikitree, but some seem more difficult to find directly online, without going through the Ancestry account.  Is it alright to provide a link to a document on the Ancestry account?  Those will only be accessible to Ancestry members, right?
Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration Project. I would like to invite you to join the google group. Would you send me a private message. Thank you.

Yes it is ok to link to documents on Ancestry. Only ancestry members will be able to see them, which is one of the reason it's very important to create full citations (who, what, where, when and why) not just links.
+2 votes
I'd like to join the project.
answered by Natalie Gardner G2G2 (2.1k points)
I've sent you a message in response to your other message. Let's work on Brown.
+3 votes
I have family that came over on the Mayflower and I'd like to join and learn more and help.

answered by Tammy Davis G2G1 (1.2k points)

Hi Tammy, Mayflower passengers are covered by a different project. See Mayflower Project and follow the directions there to join. Thank you for your interest

+2 votes
May I please "Join You" so I can have the Easy click locative {{Puritan Great Migration}}/Template/Aka "PGM Project Member Badge"? I find these Templates useful in navigation in this website Thx =). And Yes I also contribute as much as possible.XD
answered by Troy Smith G2G6 Mach 5 (52.6k points)
Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration Project
+2 votes
I'm interested, for sure.  Not for myself, but for my kids.  I'm an American oddity - pure blooded north German (Prussian) down every line as far back as I can trace.  My ancestors came to the US in the early 1850's or later.

So I'm not sure if I formally qualify.  I would be interested in helping, though, especially along the lines that my kids are descended from ...

-- About a month ago I finally started digging into the ancestry on their mother's side and have encountered vast landscapes of history!  There are several possible ancestors who seem to have been part of the PGM, including Mayflower passenger Peter Browne.  I've sent in preliminary info to the Mayflower Society and am waiting to hear from them.

Through them I'm 24 degrees from Queen Elizabeth II.  I've only been on WikiTree for a month but did extensive genealogy on my side of the family pre-internet using microfilm from LDS Family History library.  At this point I'm getting up to speed, just taking in this vast landscape of ancestors that has opened up to me.  I've found and tweaked some mistaken connections but mostly I'm just scanning through everything.
answered by Peter Wetzel G2G1 (1.5k points)

Hi Peter it's very nice to see sources on profiles created by a relative newbie. Thank you. Have you figured out how to create inline citations yet?

Ha, it's who you want to research, not who you're descended from -- and you join a fine tradition of genealogists researching not their own line, but the most convenient and interesting.

For instance, my great-aunt Jean, researching my father's mother's ancestors -- that is, Jean's brother's dead first wife's family. Granted, she was helping raise my father at the time -- and later was more of a grandmother to me and my sister than a great-aunt.

But also -- there she was in Western Massachusetts, very handy to all the records and graveyards and old churches, as my grandmother Doris was a Hadley Dickson -- while Jean's own 100% Scottish ancestry required traveling to Scotland.
Very well said Patricia. I enjoy the research so I'll research anyones ancestors these days. I raise my glass to you great-aunt Jean.
Anne - before about a month ago I did not know what a GEDCOM was, and I am still entirely befuddled by that 'code'.  Obviously I do not have any genealogy software.  Honestly, I do not even know what 'inline citation' means, or what distinguishes it from copying and pasting a source, which is what I did.  At this point I have a great deal of stuff to learn, but I also have to have a reason to learn it (such as saving time).  Happy to continue this discussion ...
Patricia -  I do get great pleasure out of making/finding/helping to sleuth out connections even if they're not my own.  After all, in the larger sense of our 'World Tree' all connections come around to each of us, eventually.  What has always attracted me to genealogy is the joy of finding documentable connections with apparent strangers being able to write (or email or message on a site like this) someone and say "Hey, Cousin! I'm related to your G-G-G-so-and-so!" :-)

I got exactly such a letter about 15 years ago from a distant cousin in Germany who had just retired and was getting into Genealogy and managed to track me down from old obsolete contact information.  His aggressive research has helped move back the 'Todt Punct' (dead point - Brick Wall as they call it here) of a common ancestor.  His German skills and proximity to important archives was invaluable.
Peter you will learn as time goes by. In the meantime copy/pasting sources is fine. Play around with the drop down menus in the top right corner. There's lots of information. Read the questions in G2G that you think might help. Ask questions. There are lots of people who know lots about a lot of things. Give yourself a couple of months to learn how to "Wikitree" then come back and ask for the badge again. In the meantime, work the connections from your children, back to the PGM ancestors. If you want to work on a PGM profile, you can let me know or put a message on the profile. Most PGM ancestors are already here. Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm

Excellent.  Thank you, Anne.  I'm continuing to do just that - play around with features and learn about this place.  Today I tried uploading a photo.  It looks like the 'Create Source' button is what you were talking about regarding inline citations, right?  In other words, making them footnotes.  This page http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Sources ... (Okay, why can't I make the words 'This page' the hot link???  Do I have to hand-type the raw html???  This comment box seems terribly clunky, at least the 'add a link' button is.) ... was more basic and therefore more my speed, compared to the link you so expertly inserted in your comment for inline citations.

Yes the Create source button takes the source (placed right after a fact) and turns it into a footnote.

G2G (here) has different software than Wikitree profiles. So what works there doesn't usually work there.

For instance to create a hotlink on a profile type [url this is a hotlink] =bracket followed by url [url space(just one) Description of url] bracket

In G2G you would type   This is a hotlink > highlight it > click on the thing that sor of looks like a chain link (just below the word fonts in the formatting section) . a new box pops up where you insert the url

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