I am a newbie here, added both my GEDCOM and DNA info 2 days ago, but still not showing on my profile.

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I thought the DNA was updated once a day, I have trouble believing that I have NO DNA matches of any kind here.  I have hundreds on Ancestry and GEDMATCH.  I'm not sure how long it takes for my GEDCOM to be approved, but I am getting frustrated just waiting.
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Hi Margaret,

It may take few days depending on the size of the gedcom and depending on how far they are behind on the review. Each gedcom is manually reviewed by a volunteer. If you have further question on your gedcom feel free to contact info @ wikitree.com (no spaces) There is an excellent help tutorial with loads of information on wikitree you can find it here DNA Matches I believe it may be of help for understanding how to use dna on wikitree.

Best regards

You currently have DNA matches to your 2 children, Margaret, so we know your test has been entered properly.

Unless I am mistaken, your test can only connect to profiles that are connected to your branch of the tree (and who have DNA matches, more or less); currently your branch only contains your children (matches) and your husband (not a match).

Once your GEDCOM is approved and is connected to your profile, your DNA test can propagate to those profiles. To connect beyond your GEDCOM, you need to be connected to other member's branches and, eventually, to the main tree.

At least, that's my understanding of the processes involved!!
Thank you both for your responses.  They say patience is a virtue....

Lindy, I'm not sure that my DNA match to my children is accurate, as neither of them have been DNA tested.  So while I agree that what you say is correct, it can't really be an indicator that the test has been entered properly.  I suppose it is all dependent on the GEDCOM, and once that has been approved, I can tell if the DNA is correctly entered.

Thanks again.
Certain matches are presumed by the connections we indicate, such as the matches to your children. Because you have connected them as your children (and not marked your connections as non-biological), they are presumed to be genetically matched to you.

If DNA tests for them were to be uploaded to their profiles, their matches would be confirmed (presuming they are not adopted).

When your GEDCOM is added to your tree, other presumed matches will emerge, such as your parents, grandparents, etc. For any matched profile that doesn't have a corresponding DNA test attached, that match is presumed. You can only TRULY confirm the DNA connections to others who have added their DNA test data.

As I previously stated, that's my understanding of how DNA connections work!!
Margaret, On WikiTree when you see someone's DNA test information on a profile that does not mean that there is a match of their DNA. It simply means that there may be a match, and that you need to compare the DNA of test-takers to determine if they do actually match. WikiTree does not have any DNA, just the information that DNA tests have been taken. Please read this information about using DNA on WikiTree: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:How_to_Get_Started_with_DNA
Thanks for correcting my choice of words, Kay. You will probably have to correct me again!

What I meant was that Margaret's DNA test data had propagated to her children's profile, as we would normally expect for parent-child relationships. To me, that indicated that the entry of her DNA test data had been successfully completed.

As you state, that does not constitute an actual match, just a presumed match. The children would need to be tested and have their test data entered and propagated to confirm an actual match. It would be the same for anyone else in Margaret's tree, as well as her fellow WikiTreers (once her branch is connected to the main tree).

Unless I am missing a logic or information step, I think I get the gist of WikiTree's DNA test comparison capabilities.
I just want to be sure that you understand that WikiTree doesn't have the ability to see if anyone matches. That has to be done on GEDmatch or Ancestry or 23andMe, etc. If you test and your children test, WikiTree will display on your children's profile that you've been tested, and on your profile that they've been tested. But you need to determine outside of WikiTree whether or not you and your children share the expected amount of DNA before you can make the statement that your relationship is confirmed with DNA. Just having their DNA test information propagated to your profile does not 'confirm an actual match' as you've stated. I know it can sound kind of strange when you're talking about your own children, but say your DNA test information is displayed on your 2nd great grandfather's profile. And on his profile you see that another person's DNA test information also appears. That in itself doesn't confirm anything. If that other person is also his 2nd great grandchild and your third cousin, you and your third cousin would need to share approximately 53 cM of auDNA before you could mark your relationship up to your grandfather 'confirmed with DNA'. That can't be determined on WikiTree because WikiTree doesn't have any of your DNA to evaluate. See this ISOGG table to understand the approximate amount of DNA that is shared at various relationship levels: https://isogg.org/wiki/autosomal_%20DNA_statistics#Table

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Hi Margaret,  while waiting for the WikiTree gedcom upload you can run the One to Many report on GedMatch which you said you have done in the past.

On the left side there is now a column that says wiki if another member of wikitree has matched you!  I found a cousin this way recently and it has been a great find.  We are adding 5 to 8 generation to a tree!  

I would suggest looking for wiki in the field that shows ged sometimes for those with gedcoms and contact those prospective cousins.
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