Unable to register my own names correctly in the system profile. Who can help to put this right?

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Hi Charles, nice to meet you.  I hope I can help.

Right now your profile name is "Charles Bodman Rae".

Are you trying to change this to something else?
Sorry Keith, I didn't see your reply when I was making my response, Had to get the help page URL!!!
My profile name is shown on different pages in different (incorrect) permutations, and I have been unable to correct the errors. I have received several replies to my query, but none of them have been helpful. Sorry !

Hi Charles,

On your profile page you can click "edit" located top-center of the screen.

On the edit-page, you can enter the names you wish for "first name", "middle", "preferred", and "nicknames".

In different places on WikiTree it will show more or less of your name.

The page-link Dorothy provided explains it all in detail:  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Name_Displayshttps://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Name_Displays

There are people here who know the answers and can solve your problem.  We just need to figure out what exactly you wish to do :)

The more clearly we can state the problem the closer we are to the solution :)

Are you able to provide links to where it is showing incorrectly and describe what you wish it to show?
I entered my first name (John), and my second name (Charles) and my double surname (Bodman Rae). But on different pages I am shown as Professor Charles C Bodman Rae or Professor John Charles Charles Bodman Rae. All I want is to show the correct names in the correct order !
Super... that should be easy to fix.  Sounds like it should read "Professor John C Bodman Rae" or "Professor John Charles Bodman Rae" where applicable.

In the prefix field you can leave "Professor" if you want it shown.

In the first-name field it should say "John".

In the preferred-name field it should say "John"

In the middle-name field it should say "Charles".

Nothing in the nickname field.

Nothing in other last names field.


This should do it; let me know how it goes please :)


(If it is still not displaying correctly somewhere, share the link here)
I could change the preferred name to John if necessary, but the preferred name is Charles (ie my second name).
I understand sir; I too go by my middle name.

I set mine up as described to you above with "Keith" as the preferred name.  

My name is Robert Keith Hathaway.  In most places it says "Keith Hathaway" plus whatever titles if I'm using them at the time.  On my profile on top it says "Keith Hathaway" then lower it says "Robert Keith (Keith) Hathaway".  

I expect if you put Charles in the preferred name field it would show exactly as mine does.  It should show on the top of your profile and in most places as "Charles Bodman Rae" and lower on the profile and in some other places as "John Charles (Charles) Bodman Rae.

I hope that is acceptable and works for you.  I find mine showing odd once in a while but usually it is just fine.
Thank you, Keith, for your time and comments. Most kind. The only solution I have managed to achieve is to delete altogether my first name. This has the disadvantage of meaning that the record is not accurate, but it seems to circumvent the frustration that has been driving me insane.
If it sets the mind and heart at ease, then it will work.

I would just note the difference in your biography section; that would keep things right in the future.

I enjoy helping.  Hit me up anytime for assistance!

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Have you checked out this help page yet: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Name_Displays

My observation would be to ask if  "Bodman" is a middle name or do you have two last names at birth (maybe one was biological and the other adopted?) Because both appear as LNAB.  (Bodman Rae-1)

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry
My problem is not with the double surname. It is with the first and second names, which are shown incorrectly in two permutations on the system. I have received several replies to my query, but none of them have been helpful. Sorry !
What do you want it to show?
Charles, the link that Dorothy points to in her answer explains the rationale for the somewhat different name displays on different pages.  Can you be specific about what is being improperly displayed on which page and what you want to be displayed instead?

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