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Hi All,

I've started a new Free Space Project: Seventh Day Baptists

From a genealogical perspective, there are many families who were Seventh Day Baptists (SDB) that intermarried over time. I keep running into a lot of the same last names over and over throughout these families.

They also seem to keep track of their family information. There are a number of genealogical resources that are also common to SDB families.

Also, many of these families have a long history in the United States, going back to very early colonies on the East Coast.

I'm nowhere near an expert on SDB or SDB families. This is just some of what I've learned by doing normal genealogical research on some lines. I keep running into them over and over again, so I thought I would take my collection of notes and put them on a page where others might find them and hopefully find them useful.

This project page is nowhere near complete. If anyone wishes to help out on this project, that would be great. Or if not help out directly, any suggestions are definitely welcomed. 

WikiTree profile: Space:Seventh_Day_Baptist
in The Tree House by Eric Weddington G2G6 Pilot (243k points)
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Is a Seventh Day Baptist the same as a Seventh Day Adventist or are they two different doctrines?
Wikipedia is your friend. They are different.
Thanks for the link Steven.  I Had run across this term before.  Now I know the difference :-)
Pleased to see the SDB Project started as I am a direct descendant of Richard Maxson who is an ancestor to all of the SDB Maxsons in this country. Excited to see what develops.

I also am a direct descendent of Richard Maxson.  If any one has any info on Richard's father I would like to hear from you.

Hi Ron,

I'm not sure if anyone here has any more information on Richard Maxson, the progenitor of the family in the US.

However, I have your line connected up now. I'm waiting for a merge to go through on this Nathan Maxson, and then you'll be connected all the way to Richard.

So very glad to have found this.  I too have repeated names that all trace to the SDB church, including several 1st cousins marrying each other.   Is this project something you become a member of?  Or simply reap the benefit of all the hard work and add to it whenever possible?

Kind Regards,

Glad it's of some help! No, it's a Free Space Project, so it's not an official project of any sort. We don't have stickers. "No stinkin' badges", or anything of that sort. Feel free to add to it as it makes sense. For me, it was just a place to house sources, materials and make some sense of it all.
Wow - so much work you have done, and so much thankfulness from me!  Love this community that goes above and beyond.  I've spent a couple of years on this line of my family and the SDB Church that was such an integral part of their lives.  And I have just now found your well sourced research (only been a member of WikiTree since April), and once again voice my appreciation.

No worries! It started off as a bit of a curiosity, when I noticed a pattern. I started keeping notes on my Scratch Pad. I found sources, common locations, and kept adding to my notes. Finally it got big enough, I thought that surely someone else might need this information too. So that's why I created the project.

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My family were Seventh Day Baptists and searching for them I have visited many communities and cemeteries. Alfred University in Alfred, NY was founded by the Baptists
by David Greene G2G Crew (750 points)
Excellent! Feel free to help out if you can.
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Good initiative, Eric! A good way to help us track some of our common families: Davis, Maxson, Sutton, Fitz Randolphs...
by Thomas Randolph G2G2 (2.6k points)
And more importantly, I hope it's a way that we can start better sourcing the existing profiles that are on here. There are going to be similar sources that are going to be used over and over again. I hope that we start getting some consistency on these SDB related profiles.

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